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1 exhibition. 5 galleries. 2 professional photographers. 2 toy cameras. And 30 minutes on the clock. It’s not going well.
And 30 minutes on the clock. It’s not going well. I know lah. You’re not a photographer leh. It’s so difficult to do this challenge. Where’s my model? Who has the best photo ah? Me ah. It’s anybody’s game. Who will conquer all odds and prove themselves
to be the ultimate photographer champion? I’m John. And I’m Huy. And today, we’re here at ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands to check out 10 new artworks in
Singapore’s largest digital art exhibition. Have you been to FutureWorld?
– No, I have not. So, today, we’re going to
check out Futureworld – where art meets science. Let’s go.
– Let’s go… And our producers have challenged us
photographers to capture the amazing blend of the interactive and digital artworks
in this museum using only a toy camera. Yeah, that’s right. So we’re going to get a random toy camera, a random model… And as if shooting at the
dark is not hard enough right, they’re going to give us a time limit of 30 minutes. I don’t know, man.
Let’s see our cameras. Oh, my god. What is this thing? Your camera. This is our camera? Is it even functional? I mean, I’m glad that it says Kidizoom. So I’m guessing we can zoom, maybe. High-end display. LCD, LED doesn’t matter. Two megapixels. I think we’ve got equal chance to win this challenge. But in the end, I hope I will win. I just hope that I can match up to him, but given the low-light conditions being the great equalizer that it is, it’s anybody’s game basically.
Anybody’s game. Don’t need faster lah. The challenge is tougher than I thought it would be. Really down to taking shots, you know? And then, not thinking so much
about the technical aspect of things lah. Let’s go to the paddy fields.
– Okay. Oh, my God. This guy got to go. Press lah…
– This is not going well. It’s okay. It’s okay.
Don’t lose hope. So I think the timing thing was
a little bit difficult and scary for me. So when we were in the Transcending Boundaries,
checking out all the artworks and trying to get the shots, and the
crowds was not cooperating right, it took me half the time that I need. So means like, I used up 15 minutes just in there, you know? And it was really worrying because after that we had to like rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. Get one or two shots here and there. This is by far, right, the brightest that this one has been, so I hope we don’t miss it. [Huy] Okay, how about not lying down? You look dead now. [Zhin laughs] I feel that I’ll work over there. It must be the Transcending Boundaries. Very interactive when, you know, you step into the scene as well. And I think I got a pretty good shot over there. [Huy] Pretend that you’re cold. Grrrr… It’s so cold. [Huy] Aiyo.
– Eh! There’s a kid behind you. Eh, faster.
– Okay. Okay. Turn to me, turn to me. A little bit. Yep. So we’re going to start using some of the props. I’m getting her to put on the sunglasses to see what works. You know what? If all else fails, I’m just going to use the CD cover. [John’s sounds] Let’s move. Argh, 10 minutes! Wear your glasses again. Glasses.
– Yep. Okay. Eh, Zhin. Can you take out the mirror? Maybe we can do something cool with it. [Zhin] Okay, okay. Okay. So just put it right at your face. There we’ll see the reflection inside. Wah. Now got finally light. In Sanctuary, I thought that that was the most challenging room for me. It’s kind of like an isolated space. It felt like a little bit like a sensory deprivation kind of thing, but at the same time,
you got to enjoy the moving displays. And I really liked that room. You know Chinese? Ya… Yi dian dian. I just hope that Zhin will click on the right word that will give me the right effect ’cause we have no clue about Chinese. Eh that’s so nice.
– I know, right? I got an idea, but this will require sick timing. Wah, this is a test of my Chinese. Oh, no. There’s a lot of people. Aw, damn. There’s too many people. Oh, sorry. Let’s look at this one.
– This one? Yeah. Wah! So when we were at Crystal Universe,
which was, I think, the most aesthetically pleasing. Trying to work with the crowd, work with the timing, And then, like the lights change every single time. And I got a really nice shot that I wanted to shoot off Sam, but Huy… For good fun, he stuck his hand into my frame. [John] Hey! We’ve missed the shot. Luckily, I managed to get one frame
with like his hand not in it. Yeah. Which really like kind of irked me a little. This guy was playing dirty! The time is up. Dayum… I guess that’s it. Are they not out yet? Wah, seh. They already here. See, I tell you. No need to take already just now. Still want to go and… Just take lah. Got nice photo, what? Okay. So we’re back in the studio. Before we review our photos, let me introduce a very special judge who will help us decide who’s the
ultimate winner for this challenge. No other than our creative colleague… Peps! She also takes photos. She also on the Gram. She also got a lot of Instagram followers. Yeah, more followers. That’s why. That’s why she more credible than us. May the best man win. I had fun. I still love you all both also. Okay. Sure, sure, whatever…
– Who you love more? No hard… Eh, stop! Woah. Actually, A ah… can really see the grandness of the space. But right, in terms of overall photos, I think B did it better. Eh, both photos are nice eh. The use of space right, can tell that you all are being very creative in terms of
where you put the subject. Overall artistic impression…
are being very creative in terms of
where you put the subject. Overall artistic impression… Okay, I give B. This is the most finicky judge…
– Yeah. [Screaming] [Mouth sounds] Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I then don’t want to look any of them leh. Nerve-wrecking! I think you’re making me nervous…
– Ya! [Screaming sounds] Even more nervous.
– Okay, okay, okay. Wow. In terms of space, I give it to A because like, it really showed how it looks like, how big it is as compared to a normal human being there. But then for B, it focused more
on the details of the artwork. Yeah. Artistic impression, I think B. Overall… I think A. A really incorporated the whole space thing well. ‘Cause it sketch people and animals.
Then she sketching. It makes more sense. For B, right, it doesn’t really tell me anything about the exhibit. A represented this exhibit better. Okay. The artistic direction for this right, on point. Whoever shot this made Zhin interact
with the background and with the artwork. But this is a big screen with Chinese words falling down, and you have to touch to activate them. The way you touch, and they will show a visual of the meaning of the word. With the explanation, I can understand why A did it that way. Yeah, I prefer B. I liked how B creatively used the disc. But I think in terms of
showing how Crystal Universe is like using human, it’s a better gauge
on how the size is actually is. In terms of representing the artwork,
A did it better. Okay. So who is who? I’m team A. I’m team B. So we tabulated the scores and everything. The winner is… Team… B! [All cheering] Good job, my friend. Good job, my friend. And it was just by one point only. You should not be thinking that your gear is restricting you. Always explore and always aim to have fun. And let your vision carry you forward even though there are limitations. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that, er.. I’m more aware of the environment that I have to shoot with. And I also learned about how sharp Zhin’s jawline is. Now that the contestants have experienced shooting with the challenging toy camera, let’s see what other kinds of magic they can create with their professional cameras. Thank you for watching another episode of TSL Vlogs. And thank you, ArtScience Museum
in Marina Bay Sands for having us today. And if you like this video, remember
to like, share and subscribe. And watch our other videos over there! Bye…

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