oohh! Im a little dot Yess.. Woooww This is cool Im gunna eat all of ’em Uhhh! No kill it! kill it! Wow Those are giants how did they become so– uh lag Zephanie stop it, don’t knock it down Im just gonna eat all this and like eat everyone that i can They can’t see your screen zephanie they wont pay any attention to what your saying Zeph: i don’t care I don’t care either No teams Noo! he ate my part Zeph: I don’t care What have you done to me! Zeph: You deserve it. What! i didn’t! I don’t deserve it! (British accent) Zeph: Ya you dah WHY Zeph: I dunno What’s wrong with you i dunno uuhhh haaggh OH wow! that’s a giant! I wonder it got to– t’wis position posishon posison Pohshishon Yeah, Poshish *Lame Beat Boxing* OHH THAT beat box DIE !:d Stop feeding yourself to someone, oh no im gonna be trapped if i go there He probably doesn’t know that (B) Im vulnerable.. Zepha Shut up! *Zepha keeps talking* In your manyland?- In manyland? *chatting* WHAT? *keeps chatting with me* Zepha my audience cannot know what your trying to say Because they’re focusing on what– — on what im doing Oh no more people to eat! Zeph: Eww in this game IN THE GAME! *chatting* Zepha that’s not funny it’s an insult to the game *disgust* *Zepha chats* JUH! im SO– such a noob Im gunna bait him Im gunna bait him, (repeats) if he gives everything to me yess He baited me! *moans* Oh thank you for watching please Leave a like if you want to, I don’t care, just joking i do care.. *plays iconic sad violin music*

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