Photoshop Tutorial How To Make A Photo Stencil to be Used For Etching Mirrors And Glass Surfaces

guys today I want to show you how to
make a photo stencil in Photoshop this is a stencil that I had already made
before I figured out how to use this screen recording software so give me a
moment and I’ll show you a fresh photo and how to make the stencil just a few
more seconds okay here we go so we’ll do this photo
and we’ll make it into one of these so that you can so first we’re going to go
to image it’s very easy adjustment poster eyes level four is okay but you
could play around with the levels and I think I went down to the level two hit
okay go back to image adjustments threshold this time and this is what you
get this is basically your arm stem so you play around with it and try to get
some of the dark spots out as much as you can and when you got to the way you
want it you simply hit okay and there you go you save it as a JPEG and you use
whatever program you’re going to use to cut it in I use brother scan and cut too
so I’m gonna have to go to another program which is gonna be on canvas
creation workspace and I’ll show you that in a minute as soon as I finished
saving this JPEG oh I’m sorry first I after I save it I have to convert it to
an SVG I’m actually going online to the online SVG image converter and here you
can convert different things to different things JPEGs P and J’s gifts
TIFF so you choose your file open it up let it upload and then you start your
conversion down low and say now I’m going to my program that
I’m going to actually put it in and save it into another file so that I can put
it on mine I’m using canvas vertex praise my brother and since I’ve already
converted it to a SVG I can go right over here and just grab it SVG import my
SVG because I’m have to save it as a SWV file or something like that just so
that I can put it on my arm in my on my flash drive and put it into my canvas oh
here okay it comes out individual see every little piece is individual but
what you have to do is I’m gonna go back so I can get it back together grab the
whole image with all the little pieces all to see all the little pieces
individual we’re gonna go to layer I’m going to group this image and make it
one image so that we can move it around without all the pieces moving you can
make it as big as you want four by four or five by seven eight by ten and you
can um you know make different sizes copy paste duplicate duplicate it and
then I’m gonna save it under two different formats one of them so I can
come back and edit if I want to ungroup it or add some things to us I’m gonna
file actually I thought I wasn’t gonna save this but I’m gonna save it later
first I’m just gonna actually import export so that I can get it to a films
FCM file and get it onto my flash drive and then I can stick that into my actual
cutter which is the brother scan and cut pro two and once I cut it I can cut it
and put it on glass put some glass etching cream on and etch that baby I
have a video online also and it’s called glass etching on larger surfaces where I
actually etch three of these images and like an 8 by 10 onto a long mirror that
I bought from Walmart I probably paid about 20 bucks for the
mirror and me priceless art so this is how I did and I’m sorry my photo my
video is kind of bootleg this is my first time using this captured thing I
hope I did it right I had actually record on a separate on a separate
program but thank you so much for watching like share subscribe right

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  1. Carolyn Young *Creative Carolyn* December 6, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    I was asked by a viewer to make a video on how I make a photo stencil to etch photos onto mirrors and other glass surfaces.

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