Photoshop Sand Text : Photoshop: Sand Text Final Touches

Now, let’s go ahead and enter our adjustments
here and finish up with our project. What we’ve got here is in our bevel and emboss.
We’re going to go ahead and we’re going to leave our style at inner bevel, and we’re
going to leave our technique at smooth. Let’s go ahead and bring our depth, let’s bring
it up a bit. Let’s take it to 171, like so. Our direction, we’re going to keep it up.
Let’s go ahead and take our size per pixels down to two, just a little bit, not too heavy.
And, of course, our altitude at 30, which is fine. We’re going to check our anti-aliased,
like so. And we’re going to leave our gloss contour the way it is. Let’s go down here
and hit Screen. For this one, let’s go ahead and select this color, here. We’re going to
move back over here. You’ll, of course, select the colors we’ve been using. Hit OK, like
so. And of course, 75 looks good on that. Multiply, let’s click here. And of course,
let’s pick our background color, like so. Hit OK. There we go. It’s not looking so bad.
And we’re going to go ahead and hit OK on here. And there you have it. Actually, you
know what, let’s click in here. Let’s readjust these colors. See what happens if I adjust
to background. Hit OK. And let’s adjust this one to the foreground. And hit OK. Oh well.
It’s the same effect. Well, it’s pretty close to what we’re looking for, here, a sandy text
we’ve written in the sand with our finger width. And of course, you can adjust this.
It probably would have looked better had I adjusted this into a bigger file, but we’ll
leave it there for now, and play around with it. Have fun. Enjoy.

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  1. manomama7 January 3, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    You SERIOUSLY rock dude!!! Thanks for the post!

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