Photoshop: How To Split Images For Instagram’s Multi-Post Seamless Panoramas [Free PSD]

In this video, I’m going to show you how you
can use Photoshop to create a multi-post seamless panorama on Instagram. Hi, welcome back to the
Photoshop Training I’m Jesús Ramirez. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to create
a Photoshop template that will allow you to make seamless panoramas in Instagram. You probably have seen those posts before, they’re those posts on Instagram
that show you a seamless pano. In reality, those are multiple images that
were sliced up by Photoshop or another app. Of course, in this video, we’re going to use
Photoshop to slice those images up, but not just that, I’m also going to show you how
to make a template, that way this process becomes really easy. And, I’m also gonna provide you with the template
that I create that you can just download and start using right away. Just like every other tutorial here at the, you’re gonna learn a whole bunch of new techniques and
tricks, including how to work with the Slice Tool, the Content- Aware scale,
and many more tips and tricks. And stick around until the end of the tutorial, where I will show you how to use
the template that I’m providing. Okay, lets get started. So, this is the pano that we’re going to
work with, but before we even start cutting it up, we need to create the template that
we’re gonna use for this tutorial. So, I’m gonna go into File, and New, and this
is a new document window in Photoshop CC. If you’re in an older version, it may look
a little different, but that’s okay. Make sure that you enter a width of 1,080
pixels and a height of 1,080 pixels. And the reason we’re using 1080 x 1080 is
because that’s what Instagram recommends. And, a color profile of sRGB, which is the color profile that Instagram will use
when it displays it online. Click on create, and this creates a white
box, and this is gonna be the basis for our template. As you know, Instagram uses square images,
you could also use portrait if you’d like. I’m gonna focus on the square version of photos
on Instagram in this tutorial. However, the template I’m gonna provide to
you at the end of the tutorial will have the capability of using portrait images, as well. So, this is what we’re working with. Now we have to think about how many images
we want to use to slice up this image, and I want to use four. So, I’m going to go into Image, Canvas Size,
then click on this center arrow pointing to the left, which will create a space on the
right side. That means that whatever width we enter on
here will expand the canvas to the right. Now we have to think about how wide we want
this to be. We don’t have to do any math, because we can
change pixels to percent, and then just type in the percentage that we want. You want 400%, because we want it to be four times as large,
so that we could have four different images. Press OK, and I’m going to double click on
the Hand Tool to fit everything to screen, and there it is. Then I’m gonna go into View, New Guide Layout,
and under Columns, just type four. Make sure that nothing else is selected, except
for maybe clear existing guides, which will remove any guides that you have on your canvas,
and press Okay. So now we have these guides that tell us where
each individual image will be. Now, if you’re in an older version of Photoshop, you will not have access to the
New Guide Layout option. Instead, I would recommend
right-clicking on the rulers. If you don’t see the rulers, you can press
Ctrl R, Command R on the Mac
to enable and disable the rulers. Then right click and select Percent, and just add a guide under
25%, 50%, and 75%, and that will divide your canvas onto four boxes. So, you can do either method. And now we’re going to use a tool that you
probably haven’t used before. This tool is used heavily in web design, and
that is the Slice Tool, which is nested under the Crop Tool, so right here. This Tool, the Slice Tool allows you to create
slices. So I can click and drag, and create a slice
out of the that first box. Slices allow you to save multiple documents
out of one image. So we can cut up the image into multiple pieces, and each of those pieces will become a new document. So we just cut up this slice here. Notice that we have one as the label, and
two as the label here. The user generated slices are in blue, and
the Photoshop generated slices are in gray. So we can click and drag to create another
slice here for the second image. Notice now that we have on number two here,
and it’s in blue, and number three is this big rectangle, and its’ in gray. So we can just keep making slices, ’til wehave four different slices, and I can also click on the Slice Select Tool, and I can double-click on any slice
to bring up the slice options. And I can name my slice. So I can call it Instagram Seamless Pano 01, and I can also copy that, so I’m gonna highlight it, press Ctrl C, Command C on the
Mac to copy, and press OK. Then I can double-click on the second slice
to bring up the Slice Options and just press Ctrl V, Command V to paste, and change the
number to number 2. And the reason that we’re naming slices is
because the name that we give the slice will be the name of the file when it’s exported. So I’m going to quickly rename
the remaining two slices. And there we go. So, now our template is pretty much complete, all we need to do is drag the image in, and make it fit on those four boxes. So, I’m gonna go into the original image that I was working with. I’m gonna click on the move Tool to select
it, then I’m gonna click and drag, hover over the tab that I’m working with, and then just
release. If you hold shift while you release, it’ll
place the image right in the center. Now, I’m gonna zoom out, and if I press Ctrl T, Command T
to transform, you’ll see the bounding box, that’s how large the image is. If I want to fit both the opera house and the bridge onto that space,
I won’t be able to, because the image is way too wide, and
I’m obviously squishing all those pixels. However, Photoshop offers a Tool that we can
use to fix this problem. So I’m going to press the Escape key to cancel
that transformation. So what I’m gonna do is press Control T, Command
T to transform, once again. I’m gonna hold Alt, Shift, Option Shift on
the Mac, click on the corner handles to scale that in, and try to get as much of the detail
as I can. Once I have enough, I could also use this
amazing Tool, if I go under edit, I can select Content-Aware, and I can scale with Content-Aware. So, notice how I’m scaling the image, but I’m not really distorting it, because now Photoshop is aware of the content of the image,
and it’s only collapsing the pixels
that don’t have a lot of detail. So, a lot of the sky, and the water, and mountains
in this area are going to collapse, so that way we can fit both the opera house and the
bridge. Then I can hit Enter when I’m done, then I
can press V on the keyboard, and reposition the image if I need to, but I don’t think
I do in this case. And by the way, if you want to find out more about
how Content-Aware works, not only with the Content-Aware scale, but with all
the Tools that use Content-Aware, then look down below in the description. I posted a link to a playlist that I created
that covers all the Tools with Content-Aware. So check that out. And now we’re ready to save. All I need to do is go into File, Export,
Save for Web. If you’re using an older version of Photoshop,
Save for Web won’t be under Export, it will actually be here, where the Export Menu is,
Save for Web. But in Photoshop CC, you have to go into the
Export Menu, and click on Save for Web. This is going to bring up this window, and
all you need to do is make sure you have JPEG selected, and you can select a quality, I’m
gonna go for the maximum quality. And then click on Save. Then from the Save Optimize As, make sure
that under Slices, you have all slices selected. You can also select User Slices, those are
the slices that you generate, and not the ones that Photoshop generates, or you can select slices from the previous screen, and only save those out. I’m going to select all slices,
and then click on Save. If I bring up the folder where those slices
were saved, you can see that we’re gonna have an Images folder, and if I double click on
that, you will see the four images that are gonna be used to save into Instagram. At this point, all that you need to do is
take these photos and upload ’em onto your phone so that you can post them onto Instagram. I like using Dropbox to get my photos onto
my phone, but you can use Google photos, or you can even connect your phone straight into
your computer, and drag those in there. Doesn’t really matter how you get ’em in there,
as long as they’re in your phone. Once the photos are in your phone, you can
open Instagram, and click on the plus icon to create a new post. Then click on the multi-post icon, and select
the four photos from your phone. Tap Next, and you’ll be able to
preview the pano. It’s not seamless here, but that’s okay. Click on Next, then create your post, and
click on the Share button. Once the post is loaded onto Instagram, you
will be able to see the seamless post. You can scroll to the left, and you will see
that there’s no seam in the post. What I wanna talk to you about now is the
free template that I’m including for you guys. It’s basically the same as what you just saw
me make, but it has a few extra features. Number one is, it has up to 10 images. At the moment, Instagram allows you to upload
up to 10 images in one post. So, this template is optimized for that, and
also, each box is longer vertically, so that you can upload portrait photos if you like
to create your pano. And the way that you would use this template
is by simply selecting the Crop Tool, and clicking and dragging to each corresponding
guide, depending on the number of images that you want to use. So, if you only want to use four photos like
we did in the previous example, then crop over to the fourth slice, like you see here. And then just click on the check box, or hit
Enter, or Return on the Mac. And this will give you four slices that you
can use for your photos, and this is a vertical photo. If you wanted to use the square photos, then
click on the Crop Tool and drag up to this point, and then hit Enter, Return on the Mac. And notice that once you do, the slices are
updated, and they will only save this square. And we can verify it by selecting the Slice
Select Tool, and notice that when I click on each individual slide, they were also crop
along side the image. And by the way, I would like to point out
that the file I’m providing is a PSDT, that is a Photoshop template file. So, when I double click on that file, notice
that it opens up in a new tab, but this is an untitled tab. That means that I cannot edit this original
version, so I can’t override it. So if you make any changes and save the file,
you’ll be saving a separate instance of this file. It’s also very important to note that if you
are not on Photoshop CC, you will not be able to use this template file. So, if you’re in an older version of Photoshop,
simply right click on the file, select Rename, and remove the T from the file type. Click on Yes, and that turns it into a regular
Photoshop file, a regular PSD. If I double-click on that file, it will open
up on a new tab. However, notice that the new tab reads Instagram-Pano-Template.psd. So, if you save this PSD, you will override
the template, and if you wanna find out more about how Photoshop templates work, then check
out my tutorial titled Three Photoshop Hacks That You Probably Don’t Know. The first hack that I talk about is Photoshop
template, and I’ll post the link to that video down below in the description. And by the way, don’t forget to check me out
on Instagram @JRfromPTC. You can find the post that I use for this
tutorial, the Sydney panorama, and leave a comment down below in the description. You can even tag me @JRfromPTC, if you decide
to create your own seamless post, that way I can check it out. Or you can use the #ptcvids, and of course,
don’t forget to subscribe here on YouTube, click on that Subscribe and Notification buttons. Thank you so much for watching, and I will
see you at the next tutorial.


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