Photoshop Fail Challenge!

What going on guys! I am Matthias and today we are doing a Photoshop Challenge Brian has thought of this challenge and decided that “Hey!” Since I judge all of your Photoshop fails , maybe I need to be judged myself So he has told me to tweet out this thing right here: “What two things should I Photoshop together?” and go and use the #MattsPhotoFails Now I’m gonna go into the hashtag, but before I do when I see one that I like I’m gonna have only 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes to do this Photoshop, and then I’m gonna tweet it out And you guys are gonna decide whether it’s a win or a fail, ok So this is the Photoshop Fail Challenge “A cat who is your dad and j Fred who is a turkey playing a NES game with Amanda laughing in the background” That is oddly specific Memely*laughs* I’m gonna pass on that one “Potatoes and Sunglasses” That seems too easy “Amanda and a butterfly!” Too easy Potatoes and glasses, again ? Oh it’s the same person*laughs* That person really wants Potatoes and Glasses “You should use the Terminator and cake” I’m not seeing these in my mind you what I mean “A cat and jacksepticeye” ok, A cat and jacksepticeye That is what we would use The cat and jacksepticeye, alright I’m ready Gooo! ok, jacksepticeye Images we ‘re gonna use this one, ’cause this one looks like it’s a good quality image and it’s jacksepticeye Now we gotta look at a cat, a cat did it say kitten or a cat? Ah, should’ve read it closer Where it go? A cat, ok So any cat, any cat, any cat I say this guy ’cause it’s got green eyes Alright jacksepticeye I’m about to turn you into a cat, my friend And you have nothing you can say about it, that will ever stop me! Idk how I’m gonna do this This is gonna be really difficult All the judgin’ that you’ve been doing All the judgin’ , all the judgin’ that I’ve been doing but here’s what we’re gonna do I gonna put, I gonna give jacksepticeye the cat eyes and everything like that, that’s I think that’s gonna work So , what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take this eraser tool and I’m gonna try do my best to blend I wanna keep most of the stuff omg Idk if I’m gonna be able to do this I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to separate most of the things So I’m gonna have to download other assets of like, of like ah potentially, what you call it whiskers? No no, no no no undo, ok This is working out perfect Great, great, great, great, great That looks pretty good, that looks pretty good Where is my… where is it? open up chrome! ok Cat whiskers cat whis-keeerrrrss that’s not how you spell whiskers, png *laughs* some of these will have to work *makes buzzing sound* you’re taking way too long I know, trying to find where is this this is gonna have to work No, that’s too small What time.. how much time left?! How much time..?! What, Dan on film(I didn’t understand)*laughs* Twooo minutes Two minutes two minutes, oh my word Two minutes, ok That looks pretty good Ok, great One more thing Cat ears Why are there no pngs? Don’t make me cut out cat ears! *gasps* Cat ears, I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to settle for anime be a png, thank you, thank you thank you so much Whoa, so big so big! You’re running out of time and you’re messing around with ears No, no, no I can do this There’s a, there’s a awkward sized, awkward sized We’re just gonna have put this apart copy and paste back to here, delete You see this, you see how fast you see how fast you see how fast i’m movin’ baby One minuuuutte One, one minute-s Dang son I think I’m gonna finish this.., with time to spare Let’s do a Hugh thing, where’s Hugh, where’s Hugh We’re gonna do a slight shift to green, because he’s jacksepticeye no do whatever you want , I’ll I’ll save my judgin’ for after Fifteen secooonds I can do it, I can do it I can do this shift to green Yes! Yes! Sí! YEEESS! Export to desktop! Jackie! Two! One! Yeess! Whoo! Ok, here I go tweet I tweeted it Let’s see what people are saying I wanna be the first to vote What are you voting for? You have to tell me though FAIL! You voted for fail?! Ok, so what are your critiques? Why did you vote fail? You were good until you made the fur green, his face isn’t green, you should left it that brownish color which have matched his color tone a lot better and he still would have had the green hair; his trademark green hair that would’ve been more realistic Wow, idk I think this was a win, I if you ask me, watch I think people are gonna think it’s a win HO! WHOO! I won! This is a win baby! 90, there 90 Whoa, Wow! That’s going up! Whoohoohoohoo! I feel good about myself right now! Now let’s read some mentions here “Wow!” *laughs* “Win!” “I love it!” “It’s so fabulous! I love it” “omg you did the one I asked!” Yes, that was you, friend, that was you “anything with Sean is a win” Maybe I cheated then “total win” “you are a special child” *laughs* “should be a badger” “110% total win!” “ a fail but not.. idk *laughs* “i feel like this should really be what two things should never be Photoshopped together” *laughs* “that would make an awesome t-shirt” *laughs* Look at that! Look at all those wins! Guys, thank you so much! I can’t describe how good it feels to win *laughs* “jacksepticeye liked your tweet” Oh geez, senpai noticed me! Senpai noticed me! You made the cat green *laughs* Yeah ’cause jacksepticeyes’ green obviously his face isn’t green though Obviously it was a good choice ’cause look at that number We’re up to 300 votes and 81% think it’s a win Jacksepticeye liked the tweet I win Let us know down in the comments below(that rhymes) Did I do a good job here? Did I make this a win? Actually there´s a poll right there if you click on that poll, you can actually vote if this is a fail or a win And, let me know down in the comments below What two things should I Photoshop together next time in the next Photoshop Challenge And we will see you next time High Five!


  1. Oskar Steinsland November 2, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    NICE you are gooDDDDDDDD

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  3. jack stigall November 4, 2018 at 4:27 am

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  4. Scooby Playz November 4, 2018 at 12:51 pm

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  10. Nisha Ali November 6, 2018 at 12:15 am

    I LOVE jacksepticeye!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Share the love1324 November 8, 2018 at 2:08 am

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  12. Claire Tippens November 8, 2018 at 3:16 am

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  13. Alexa Barnaby November 8, 2018 at 9:54 am

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  14. Cammy Riffe November 9, 2018 at 2:00 am

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  15. Jordan Dowd November 9, 2018 at 2:19 am

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  90. Denae King July 30, 2019 at 3:32 am

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