Photoshop Compositing Tutorial – Photo Manipulation – Moonlight

Let’s start! Create a new file with dimensions on the screen. Select a color for the background. Use the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” to select the bottom area of the image. Scale the image using the Free Transform tool (Edit>Free Transform or Ctrl + T). If you feel tutorial too fast, adjust the speed of the YouTube player. ^^ Add a Mask, use soft Brush to remove edges, feels more realistic horizon. Original photo with the sky bored, so I replaced it. Create the sky. Characteristics of the category “photo manipulation” is the sky is cloudy. Use a layer Mask to remove the edges. Limiting big drag photos larger than the original size, this makes the image loses sharpness. This step, I will increase the speed to save time. I copy multiple layers, rotate, move to fill the space above. I adjusted the contrast and brightness to the background have better results. Always use the adjustment layer, you can easily modify at any time. The horizon need to blur a bit, feeling of near and far. Sampling the color of clouds, using the “Brush” to draw a line from left to right. Looking better already! ^^ Create a Glowing effect. Note the settings for a similar effect. Use the “Brush tool” painted a dark color layer to emphasize the light effects on the ground. Create light effects reflected on the ground. I fix a few wrong place. When combined image, note the light source, it is critical to have a good work! Adjust the brightness and contrast for girl. Create a drop shadow on the ground. Draw a little… Add lighting effects, using the Brush tool and Pen tool. Behind the girl, you can use the “Burn Tool” for extra darkness, just a little. I will highlight the effects of light, it is the highlight. Moon need more elements to become more dreamy. I decided to use the “Brush Tool” combines glowing effect. Select the “Brush Tool,” and press F5 to appear table settings for Brush. Note the parameters to get the same result as tutorial. Feeling the Moon is moving, look more vivid. The last step, I adjust color, contrast and improve sharpness. I fix a few wrong place. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to comment for me. ^^


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    I have watched a lot of tutorial and I have to say your has been the best. Your tutorial was very clear and explanatory on why and what you were doing. You were great at labeling your layers to help me stay clear as well. I loved the arrows and the red box's when showing something you had to go back and fix. It was just an awesome tutorial. GREAT JOB!!!!!

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    I like the concept just the light angle from the moon looks like the moon should be more to the right… A lot of her back is lit up as she doesn't appear to be turned that far towards the left. Other than that i like it a lot. I'm new to photo shop but the lighting bothered me. Sorry.

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