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[Greeting] Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Traning My Name is Muhammad Aamir and you are watching Smart Teacher YouTube Channel Today we have Class 1 of Photoshop and in this complete training we will discuss almost every topic of Photoshop that you can use in your daily life and you can expect from Photoshop In this training series, we will discuss Photoshop tools, Photoshop Filters, Menus, Layer Panels, Adjustment layers, Masking Blending Modes and some basics and advanced techniques Photo Retouching, Designing, Editing, and Product Retouching and some photoshop basics and advanced techniques will be discussed in this complete series So let’s start today’s Class [Intro] Okay I have opened default photoshop Let me quickly reset the Essential workspace When you open photoshop 2018 first time you will see the smiler view of Photoshop First of all, you have set up your workflow that you need to work The workflow that I use, I just close Learn and library because I never use these options so today first we discuss the tools the first tool you have called move tool and in Photoshop 2018 the best option is when you hover over the mouse to any tool you will see a small window that shows how this tool works like you can click and drag for this, we will make a new file here and how you can make this we will discuss later but for now, we create a file and let me choose a nice color from here
Okay [fast forward] now we have 2 text layer and one background layer when you create a new document you have a looked background now the work of move tool is started V is the short key of Move Tool you will understand the meaning of Move tool by his name that you can move the things with this tool any layer that you have currently have selected in the layer panel that can be moved currently I have select my background layer Photoshop tells me Could not use the move tool because the layer is looked now you have to remember if you looked the layers you can’t use the move tool and the rest of the layers like SmartTeacher you can click and drag and move wherever you want to move inside or outside of the document you can move and here is the 2nd layer you can move the same as before Okay now let discuss a bit more here is auto select option If you have check auto select layer and you click on any layer in Document will be selected automatically but make sure you click on the top of that layer that you want to select but if you click outside nothing will be selected because we have looked background and you can’t select lock objects click on this and this layer you can see the layers will be selected in the layer panel This is one of the options ahead of Layers and groups when you work within the grouping you can select layer or group from here usually, I keep this on layer and show transform controller if this option is selected then every layer that you have select in layer penal a box will be visible around the object mostly people use this option and it’s very handy you can scale right from here You don’t need to use Free transform tool, but I don’t use this and also can’t use autoselect anyways I need to tell these 2 options still here since we have seelct move tool these some option not available to use if you click on any button nothing will be happen so it’s means you need to select more than one layer to use these options let me unlock the background as well if you click on the lock icon background will be unlocked Okay, now you can see these option work with more than 2 layers if you select 2 layers these options will not available for you but these options will use to subdivide the space and distribution you can divide the distance for more than 2 layers from here this option also for the distribution and these for align they will not visible for a single layer but if you select more than one layer this option will start working this option for align center it means this option will center these 2 objects in the same midpoint if you move one layer away from the center and select both layers and press this option now both layers will be centralized to the midpoint of both layers


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    Very helpful

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    Bro aapka Topic To Ni BuT Plz Seo K Mutalik Koi Acha Sa Channel Bta Dain

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    Thanxx a lot Sir. I am from Afghanistan and your channel and videos got my attention on youtube. I am very impressed. What a great work you are doing. Keep it up. Inshallah your channel will grow very quickly.

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