Photography Studio Flashes & Modifiers : Photography: Using Different Size Softboxes

In this segment we’re going to talk about
the size of the Softbox. As you can see, this is an extra small Softbox, and you can see
the light is very harsh. It’s not bad, but you can see the shadows are very strong. You
know, it actually doesn’t look too bad when you get in close. It’s actually a nice light,
but is a lot harsher than the medium and the large Softbox. This is actually a, as you
can see this is a actually a medium Chimera Brand Softbox, and as you can see, it’s actually
the largest one I’m showing you. And as you can see, the light is a lot softer, and as
you get in it really wraps nicely as you get closer, and you can see that it has a great
effect on the shadows around the nose. It’s still a good contrast, and it’s a nice, very
soft light; kind of illuminates the entire body, and you can see when you pull it out
you have a little bit, it doesn’t have as big effect as far as you go out. You know,
it’s definitely quite a bit softer than the other two Softboxes I’ve shown you, so these
are actually really nice. I tend to use these ones a little bit more for my portraiture,
or as big a Softbox as I can get usually; depending on what I’m going for.

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