Photography: iPhone vs Canon DSLR PLUS Composition Ideas PLUS Daily Life – s1e211

I’m Bill Snodgrass, and in this episode we’re gonna do something a little different. It’s gonna be a little different in… in
several ways. I’m gonna do this photography tutorial slash equipment
check, but we’re going to kind of do it in the in the style of my daily episodes, my daily
motivational life lesson episodes, so let’s see how this works out. I think
that this will be enjoyable to to everyone. So the question is— I have my
photography club— I’ll tell you what the question is in a second… So I have this
photography club, and a lot of kids… like… the only thing they have is there’s their camera
phones, and we talked a lot about it’s not about the equipment it’s how you use
the equipment, so in this video what I want to do is I’m gonna compare pictures
I take on my my iPhone—it’s an 8 plus— and on my DSLR, which is a Canon 77D, so we’re gonna… I’m going to take the same picture on both cameras and try to make
them match up as much as I can, and what we want to do is we want to see—can
can’t we get quality pictures off of a camera that we carry around in our
pocket, and my prediction is yes we can. I’ve been telling my photography kids
from the very beginning you don’t have to go out and buy a six thousand dollar
camera or a six hundred dollar camera to take good pictures. You have to know how
to compose a picture to take a good picture, and you need to know how to use
your equipment whatever equipment you have, but you can take good pictures
without a huge investment. In order to kind of make it a fair… a fair comparison
I’m going to put the camera on program mode and I want to set the ISO to
automatic and now that’s what sort of the… uh… the iPhone will be doing is …is
the automatic. I’m going to using the native camera app on the iPhone and most
of the time I’m probably going to use the 2x lens probably, unless I’m doing some
like super close-up stuff, in which case I’ll you know use the appropriate lens. On the DSLR I’m going to use my video lens. I have an 18-55 IS. It’s an EF-S 18 to
55 and it has the STM focus on it so it’s it’s a good lens. I don’t want the
comparison to be…you know… Can I… can I roll the aperture down to 1.8… 1.4… 2.2 and get you know… That’s not a fair
comparison so… so I’m going to use basically the kit lens that came with
the camera and obviously the lens that came with the phone. We’re trying to do some so
comparisons. Alright, ready for picture one! Here we go! I was walking up to the
building a little bit before 7:00 like 6:45 so like that and it’s all the
lighting on the wall and low light low light so it’s kind of a low light
architecture picture and here are the two pictures. First this one and in this
one composition wise can’t really say have a lot about the composition on
these pictures I try to make the composition to be the same I liked the
way the the light fell off of the lamp onto the wall you know the window I
think I would crop this as a square and not have that run off to the to the side
I just like the way the the shadows in the light flight so and I thought it was
a good low-light test so which is which this is here we go
there’s your answer so yeah I feel like I feel like the DSLR did a little bit
better in that extremely low light and like I said it was real it was you know
before sunrise before anything else all right next picture gonna do I’m
gonna we’re gonna do we’re gonna do a still of the coffee up those of you who
come to the channel I you see the coffee cup a lot lately this is you can get
even get your own those longer has YouTube channel coffee cup from my cafe
press store if if that was on your on your mind to do so
alright let’s set this picture up and let’s let’s get a picture
alright flight I’ve got this one it’s a household LED light I’m gonna try to
bring it in overhead I’ll see what else we need to make this more interesting get in there I think lens because you
know every everyone keeps a everyone keeps up 50 millimeter lens by their
laptop that’s my white pole alright big part of a good composition is dealing
with the things that you don’t want in the picture so there’s your there’s your
first photography tip make sure you don’t take pictures of things that you
don’t want to take pictures of and I don’t want to take a picture of that
pole so I’m gonna get something and alright I I’ve rigged up so I have this
all my camera gear is over here and where this what this looks like
so I also had a mic stand and add these curtain panels so so I grabbed a mic
stand and grabbed a curtain panel and so what I’ve done is I have
put the mic stand behind the scene so that when I get down this is kind of the
shot I’m going to take and it’ll just have the curtain panel in it and caught
use what you’ve got to do what you need to do there’s there’s another that’s a
life lesson if if you need something I don’t have a
backdrop or a macro studio but I did have this mic stand which don’t ask and
the curtain panel I have the the backdrop set I have a lot of different
curtain panels so I just grab one curtain panels threw it up now let’s go
back to let’s go ahead and take the picture all right there was the iPhone
picture I’m gonna break this down and take the DSLR picture see how that looks
alright let’s have a look at these two pictures we took this is first up here’s
one and here is the other one I think they’re both pretty good pictures and
there’s subtle differences between the two so I’m not gonna be the judge I’ll
let you be the judge which one you like best
I tend to be kind of like art is in the eye of the beholder and art is also a
form of expression of the photographer so the photographer may be trying to say
something with art and just because I don’t understand what they’re saying
doesn’t make it a bad picture it’s made me it may be a picture that I don’t
understand alright so here we go this one this is the iPhone boom
that’s the iPhone picture and this is the there you go boom DSLR picture
obviously all right there you have it there you have it alright let’s move on
let’s move on all right that that segment is done I know what a couple of
you are thinking I got a hair on my microphone I know what a couple your
thinking is what’s Bill eating today oatmeal let’s oatmeal day
and coffee of course you may I thought you saw me my company trying something
different I’m trying something different with the oatmeal today instead of going
instead of going the microwave which isn’t a couple rooms away
I just ran water out of the coffee maker see and it it’s kind of kind of watery
we’ll see give us a couple more minutes to do whatever Old Mill does when you
put hot water on it rehydrate I guess is the word
to rehydrate I’m sure it was fully cooked before they put it in the
microwave bag that was fun the next thing I wanna do I need to find
someone a person that I can take a picture of so I’ll try to do that and I
want to get a landscape ie I don’t know not maybe with the kit lens but I’m
inclined to think that the DSLR is gonna outperform the phone on a landscape
picture and then obviously we want to get an on an on pitchblack architectural
picture as well alright a lot to do today a lot of pictures to take a lot of
things to talk about and of segments alright so all of these other
shenanigans shenanigans such a great word shenanigans my coffee is cold it’s
like right on the brink of gag me cold not quite there yet so this but you know
she knows she’s not shooting stills but now have to pay the price of having
almost gag me cold coffee for my breakfast I am done here so a student
just asked me if I wanted a doughnut I told him I don’t want a doughnut I want
all of your doughnuts but I did not take any of the doughnuts because
you know calories alright next next we’re gonna look at a portrait we’re
gonna look at a portrait I took this is one of my associate photographers from
bill Snodgrass photography that went in and this is Emma Emma is modeling for me
I’m so a man I’m opposed this was there the two pictures that that I took one
was with the iPhone a put it in portrait mode I did use the portrait mode on it
because I’m just and I set it on natural light and then the second pictures kit
lens off of the EOS 77 D so you can see the two pictures side by side and you
may have formed an opinion as to which is which so here we go time for the big
reveal so one of the one of the things about
using your iPhone for portraits for people pictures is you almost have to
get uncomfortably close you you have to you have to get to a distance where they
can they can fill the frame and if you if you leave it on the 1x a lot of
people gonna be like why are you so close to me with that camera so if you
have the ability to do the 2x that the the pluses have do that and then you
know frame it up fill the frame make a good composition I said we have come to
the end of the school day I am gonna go out now I’m gonna look for an
architectural picture and a landscape and to this camera comparison all right
I’m I got this this building over here on the house shoot what one of the
things with architectural photography is lighting lighting is so important in any
kind of photography because it is you know riding with light the photographic
and and then trying to get interesting light so it’s about an an hour and a
half before sunset so this is kind of given a low angle light that’s coming in
it’s going to be raking across the building and I’ll shoot a little bit
video so you can see what what the whole thing is and then I’m going to try to
compose a couple pictures so so here’s what
usually the whole scene looks like what I’m interested in is the the texture of
the old bricks on the and then the shadows across the back of this of this
looks like a newer addition all right so I think I got a very
similar composition with the two cameras I did put the iPhone on the 2x that the
Plus that the pluses have and all right so those were your architecture pictures here they are side by side and you can
see again I worked really hard to make a very similar composition get the angles
very similar can you tell the difference which is which let’s find out
this here’s your R key here is your DSLR picture and that means that the other
one this one is your iPhone picture so very similar composition very similar
quality in the picture so let’s go take this landscape picture all right so we
can do out here there’s a very very lovely tree I’m gonna go shoot that and
we’ll compare and see what tell you how it looks
remember you don’t want to have to shoot with the Sun at your back but that’s
that’s kind of a tried-and-true if you know if you’re if you’re unsure about
how to do the lighting getting the that low angle Sun coming in this time I
think this Suns gonna be sort of like 45 into my into my composition something
like it’s gonna be quite so we’ll see how that looks
maybe that’ll be a little bit different so I I’m not I don’t want to just take a
picture of this tree I want to tell a story I want I want there to be
something it’s not just a picture it’s a story and I want to do something with
that bench the bench that’s over there so that it’s more of a more of a
complete picture than just hey here’s a tree so that’s what I’m gonna try to do
with my composition is some hand I’ll include that bench and the tree which
very nice tree right and so here are the pictures here’s the future
I took and any answer might I ask what what what is the story
yeah I’m so I’m so adamant about call it a story with the pictures so I don’t
know I’m I feel like there’s a little bit of a forewarning that winter’s
coming you got the empty Park Bench with the leaves having fallen down and it’s
kind of foreshadowing the loneliness of winter that’s going to come the empty
bitch I may be stretching but that’s it so here the there were the pictures I
showed you the pictures just now now it’s reveal let us reveal which pictures
were on pictures and which were DSLR pictures so then here we go phone
picture ESL our own DSLR um very similar compositions very
similar quality and so can you use your phone can you use your phone to take
quality pictures yes you just may have to be thoughtful as you compose you may
have to get closer if you don’t have the 2x on the like the pluses have you
certainly may have to get closer and there may be limitations to what you can
do composition wise but using good composition techniques and good
photography techniques and working with the light that you have to work with you
can still take a quality picture the the cameras in and any kind of current
technology a smartphone is going to be better than any camera that when they
first started switch over to digital I hope this video has been has been
helpful I’ll enjoyed it I’ve enjoyed making it a lot of funds kind of
challenge to try to work but if you did enjoy it please click the like button
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question that’s all I have for this one I’ll see you you

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