Photograph Silky Smooth Waterfalls | Mesa Falls, Idaho (How to)

Okay so you don’t want to come to a
10-story tall waterfall and not be prepared to take some really cool silky
smooth blurred waterfall shots right? So the first thing you want to do is bring
your tripod, you cannot do it without a tripod. So get yourself a good
tripod. You’re gonna get set up, you’re gonna get composed, it’s going to be
helpful on a bright day like this, if you have a polarizer or a neutral density
filter. For my photo nerds that’s gonna cut down on the light that’s going in (the camera). So
you can get that slow shutter speed. So on a waterfall you can shoot at a
sixtieth of a second and get blur, but the longer you go from there thirtieth, fifteenth, eighth,
it’s gonna give you lots of blur. So if you got a little bit of light, a little
filter to cut down some of the light, you’re gonna get a lot of blur. And then
the main thing you’re gonna wanna make sure is usually pump your iris or your
aperture up to 22 or 16 so you can get that light cut down. And then make sure your
ISO is the lowest it will go, so 64 or 100, and then fire away.

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