Photo Assignment #10 :: Positive and Negative Space in Photography Composition

What is Up everybody in This Video we’re Going to Talk About Photo assignment Number ten Which Is going to be Exploring Relationships Between Positive and negative Elements in A visual Composition what the heck does That even Mean Well Typically positive Elements of A Composition or positive Space is where you want the viewers eye to go? On the Photograph and I think the most Obvious example this is let’s Say? You’re Shooting a Portrait that you want the eye to go to the Person in the Portrait that Is the most important Object in the Composition Now Anything Else That exists in That Photograph it Simply Referred to as negative Space and when this is done Successfully You want to Eliminate? Distracting Objects That don’t need to be There that are not Supporting The Composition You want everything in that negative Space to support the positive Space so this is Easier Said Than done in The Studio Situation you Can do something that’s very Minimal That’s very Perfect and very Classical in Terms of that you Can Shoot a head Shot against A flat color or Pure Black or A pure White and you have A very Minimalistic Relationship Between Positive and negative Space the Only Thing that’s being Utilized is the positive Space and The negative Space has no choice but to Support That Because it’s Just solid Black White color Whatever it is now that’s a studio Situation but how Does That Relate to something like Documentation or Photography or street Photography or Photojournalism Or something Is a little bit Different that’s more Improvised Well Sometimes you Can Have more Than one Subject in your Composition you Can Have Multiple People you Can Have multiple Different items that all? Create the Story Or that are Trying to support what you’re Trying to Communicate and the Negative Space Is all the other Stuff and how Does that support it and that’s what I want to Look at Today and we’re Going to look at the Work by two Different Photographers That I think did This Really Well The first Person I’m going to Talk About Is irving penn Now Irving penn did This in A very conservative Manner but he Was an Amazing Photographer he Spent his Career at Vogue Magazine Photographed A Lot of Celebrities A lot of Fashion Shoots and Has Influenced Generations of Photographers and I think the World of irving penn and he, was A Huge Influence on Me and Today We’re Going to look just at the Portrait Work Because I think the the the beauty in This Is in the Subtleties? These Are Pretty much straight on Headshots of Celebrities Typically and if You look at something like the Miles Davis Picture this is A Classic Example of positive Versus negative Space The negative Space Completely Supports The Subject to his Miles Davis in this Case now Miles Davis This, was Shot in The 80s? Was A bit of A mysterious somewhat Enigmatic Individual and I think This Photograph Underlines That someone if You look at the way he’s lit and This is where I think Lighting Plays an Essential Role in This Relationship Is that Basically he’s Shot with one Light from above That Puts A real Big Highlight on Those Cheekbones so it’s Almost like al Hirschfeld or somebody who Was doing Characters and you look at when he was able to Draw a Certain line and it Kind of suggested A celebrity Pin Is not trying to be Funny With this but what pin Does. Is he’s suggesting Miles Davis You’re getting Almost a character he’s Accentuating Facial Features of Miles That Make him very Distinctive Looking and I think This is Really beautifully Done Another One That I really like that again it’s in The Subtleties and This Is a portrait of Another Photography this is Helmut Newton and It’s a pretty Conventional Portrait Whose head is Resting on his Hand but if you Look at What’s going on in The Background you actually Have Contrasts That Play against each other in Kind of This? Opposing Checkerboard Type Fashion of Black and White in Certain Areas But These support the Composition They support the Head and They Also support the Hand and again Notice how he’s lit the Cheekbone Now Another Thing that I think is Really Interesting that Penn Began to do is a concept that people Typically refer to as Deconstruction of the image now Penn Shot in The Vogue Studios and They were Typically done on Platforms with These built Backdrops and What he Would start to do Is Pull the Camera back a little bit to Expose the lines of the set so you see the Boundaries That Go Into It and This has A lot of Implications To it it Was kind of A radical Thing for penn to do but What’s Interesting is Visually? That Becomes The negative Space you see the Elements of the side of the Backdrop or the the way the platform Is sitting Up and? The Person Standing on it but They don’t distract They Still support No pun Intended or maybe pun Intended but They Still support The subject of the Photograph and so I think that’s the Takeaway I think Penn is A classic Photographer to look at because He’s very Conservative in his Approach to this but Positive and negative Space Always Must exist for a reason and then When They become most Successful Is when They have a play Where the negative Space Supports What’s Positive in the Composition now Another Photographer that I want to look at who is Another one of my Favorites Is Harry Callahan and no we’re not Talking About the Clint Eastwood Character There was a Photographer Named Harry Callahan who Was Wonderful Harry IS an Amazing Photographer and I think one of the most impressive Things About Harry’s Work is the rain? That He’s Capable of you See everything from Still life to Botanical Studies To Nature Studies With the Famous Picture of the Trees in the snow you see abstracts you See Multi-Layered Multi Exposure Shots You See Portraits you see Street Photography You See our Contextual Photography he Really Ran the gamut and he did it in A way where you could kind of Always tell It was Harry Callahan and I think that he Really put a stamp on it But what’s interesting to me Is to See how he Did a Certain play With Things and he Has a ton of Pictures that he Took, of his wife Eleanor and Sometimes Hid Their Daughter Barber, was in These as, well but These Portraits end Up being very Interesting to me Because Typically When We think of Portraits We Think of an Approach in A classical sense like what were V penn Was doing where the subject Is close Up to the Camera and They Dominate the Composition and A lot of These Shots With Eleanor in Them She’s not dominating the Composition her Figure is Actually very Small in Terms of Placement and it Could be something like you know This Wonderful Use of Water in This Picture Where you see them and There’s Even A Third Subject Over The Side but Nothing is distracting the way the light Works again it’s Important in Everything this Is very Minimalist Supports The Subject of the Composition Which, Is his wife and Daughter Another one That’s very Interesting as Well is this One That has Kind of an Architectural Portrait Feel To it now this is not Exactly A minimalist Background There’s A lot of Shapes and A lot of Geometry But first of all if You look at where They’re Placed in the Conversation Which is dead Center so your eye will be Automatically Sort of Drawn There but the way that the Shapes and The lines and Even The Three Dimensionality of Architecture Leads your eye in and They’re not Distracted it Also helps that There’s no other People in The Shot so again A lot of Times With Positive and negative Space We are Looking at contrasts and that can be Contrast of light Can be Contrasts of subjects it could be? Anything That Would be Opposite of One But There’s Sometimes color Plays Into This Too in Fact Speaking of Color There’s Another Great Photo that I love that Carrie Callahan took and it’s it’s the back of A woman walking but the way the Composition is Divided Up and What is the Positive in The negative Space in Here Because I think at first glance our eyes Are Drawn to the red Dress It’s Obviously Red it’s very Vibrant in color it is Contrasting to the blue Sky that you Barely See on the Upper right Hand Side But then I think She’s more Dividing the Composition the more you look at it you realize that What is the Point of Focus Here? Is that the car Is that the Sky is it her Is it the dress is it the Pattern There’s no Right Or wrong answer but the way the Contrasts all Work Together It Creates That Interest and I think This Is an extreme example of positive versus Negative Space so that is Two Different Photographers Approaches to Positive and negative Space and This is something that We’re Going to talk about a little more over the next couple Weeks I’m going to give you a full two Weeks to do this assignment at least and We’ll see Where everybody is because I think This One Requires a little bit of Thought and This is one of Those that I really think Needs to be One that that you want to push Yourself Outside of what you’re used to doing and Think a little bit Differently Really put Some Effort Into This and Put Some Thought Into it Because I think it’s a really Important thing and the thing that I love About this whole concept of? Positive and negative Space is Essentially what, we’re Doing Is we’re Just Looking at the? Relationship of Objects Individual Composition and so if You’re The kind of Person who Does not Really subscribe to rule of Thirds or rule of Odds of Dynamic Symmetry Or Geometry or Anything that is a proscribed Mathematical Method for where Things need to be Placed in the Composition you don’t need to Worry About it because Positive and negative Space is Simply Exploring Those Relationships and it has There’s no right Or wrong way to do it there’s Just More Successful Ways to do it than Others and that’s what We’re Looking Into on this so Anyway you guys are all encouraged to Participate if You have no idea what I’m Talking about what the Heck Are Photos sent These are These things that We do Pretty much kind of Every Two Weeks and They’re These Bi-Weekly Photo Challenges and They are designed To Improve our creative Thinking and Our skills as Photographers and if You want to know how to Submit now to Participate in All that Stuff A Dental Video Just for you I will link to it up here I will Also put links in the Show notes so Feel free to check them out we’ve done nine of These so far and This Has Become One of the Favorite things that I do on this show it’s a chance for me to get to connect with you Guys Through Photographs The Work Gets Better and Better Every Week and it’s Just A lot of fun we’ve we’ve had A? Really Good Time doing this so i encourage People if You’re New to participate as Well and Go Check out the other Video will Show you exactly how you Can Submit your Work if you have Any Questions on this Please Leave Them in The Comments and I will do my best to respond This Stuff Is a little bit Different if You’ve Never Approached kind of A formal Method Towards Visual Composition and There Could be Questions There Could Be thoughts I’m sure They’re gonna be A Lot of Opinions There Always Are and so if you’ve Enjoyed this Video Please Remember to like it share it subscribe To the Art of Photography for more Videos We’ll see you guys in the next One until then Later you


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