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Are you in the field of digital marketing? either you do blogging or create pdf files or whatever you create! and you need graphics which you can create by yourself and if you create graphics in Photoshop? Then Adobe Photoshop is time taking, right? Today, I’m gonna show you an alternative of it which will help you to create graphics quickly instead of wasting time in adobe photoshop So, let’s start!! So my name is Gursharan Singh and you are watching easy digital marketing and do subscribe so I can tell you more tips like this. So, guys this adobe photoshop it is little hard to use for some people because of options of this software are so much here and there. That’s why it takes time to edit a photo. Today I’m going to give you this thing Canva Canva is so amazing and strong software. It has a drag and drop system. You can create graphics in it. You will get readymade templates in it. And, you can edit the text in it. You can change the color of the image and text. it means you can create any type of qualitative graphic. Your time won’t get wasted, it will get ready quickly, and I’m not saying that it will become so ordinary. If your creativity and imagination is good. And, if you are innovative then definitely you should use Canva. So, guys, I will take something new and amazing with me in my next video and I will tell everything quickly so your time will not get wasted so I could tell you something good in talking cut to cut style. So, the thing could help you in your digital marketing career. So, till the next video thank you and bye.

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