On | Mountain Hut Episode 3 | Photographer & Explorer Chris Burkard

When I’m in a place where
I know the Milky Way’s out, and the stars are glistening above, I just want to soak up every last second. I think that’s the greatest gift you can
give back to the places that you love. There’s probably no mountain
range in the world that has a better trail system,
a better hut system. And just the ability to go
from town to up-high, and being exposed to wild places, I think that’s what
draws me to Switzerland, and it’s certainly the thing that
makes me miss it when I leave. There’s something to be said for kind
of paring down the things you need, just like the raw essentials. When you walk in the hut,
you really realize that the point of it is to connect you as close
as you can to the outdoors. There’s nothing extra. And it’s really like
the perfect amount of space. You’re really just there to find shelter,
find a place to reconnect, and ultimately, to get you outside. I aim to be out and experience
the visceral conditions of the wilderness, and I kind of expect my equipment
to do the same. The more time I spend outside,
the more I appreciate quality.

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