Off Camera Secrets | Dark Souls III – Boundary Break

Hey there! Welcome to episode 37 of an ongoing series where we basically take the camera anywhere we want, and we try to find secrets and new discoveries to some of our favorite games. With that said, let’s get going. So first up is the firekeeper in Firelink Shrine and naturally when any character’s face is hidden in any game it drives me nuts, I need to know whether or not they have a face underneath. And most of the time the answer is no, but in this case the firekeeper does have a face, and she has gray eyes. And y’know what, let’s continue this subject. The shrine handmaid also has eyeballs, which is unusual because if you look at many of the character models in this game characters can go without eyeballs; like, they can just have eyesockets But for some reason the shrine handmaid does have eyes and they look… well, uh, they look rotten I guess. I don’t know how to describe this! But these eyes are unique to this character alone, I’ve checked a lot of eyeballs in this game, and none look this grotesque. And now it’s time to look at some fun memory saving aspects of Dark Souls III. Did you know that when you turn your camera away from any person or enemy the game drastically lowers their frames per second, so that many characters, objects, and environments can all exist in a cohesive world at any given time. And it almost looks like the animation from the LEGO Movie… Geez, there’s a lot to cover in Firelink Shrine… anyways, what’s underneath Firelink Shrine? Well, interestingly enough, there’s a pair of gravestones; they’re just underneath the map. Now, some of you more tech savvy players out there might be thinking that this is just an object in an unloaded area I did make sure that is not the case, and as for why these gravestones are left underneath the map, we’ll never know. And also the most iconic bonfire in the game used to be more than just a fire pit; if you take the camera below the surface you can see actually see that it was at one point a stone vessel, and the developers decided just to merge it underground. So if you watched my Dark Souls 1 episode you can see that a lot of environments in the distance are actually fully rendered, and sometimes to a ridiculous degree. It’s insane how important detail is to the world of Dark Souls. However, the most interesting thing in Dark Souls III is that there is a hidden village way off into the distance far beyond the viewscope of the player. Now, to give you an idea of just how away this is, we have cut through at least five layers of clouds. And the camera right now is moving 20x faster than the running speed of a player. Now, it looks really similar to the undead settlement, but the only thing is that it’s geographically inaccurate which is usually important in the world of Dark Souls. I swear, I was taken aback many times while looking at this area there’s little details you’d never expect to see. Like, behind this building there’s a horse stable. You know, it’s incredible to imagine that when you’re peeking off a balcony, or off the top of a roof that land so far in the distance you can’t possibly reach really does exist! Or in this case, when you can’t even see… You know, what’s funny is that I love and hate the archer guy. I hate him, because at the start he kills you so many times I mean, if you’re really good you probably didn’t die at all but I love him, because it’s such a clever idea, it’s such an imaginative idea; a giant, shooting arrows from a tower, landing into a specific spot in the world of Dark Souls III. Now, what’s interesting is that when I put thought into it, I honestly thought that the arrows were just dropping down from the sky and they weren’t really coming from the giant itself. But perhaps I’m becoming too much of a cynic from doing these series for so long because if we take the camera over to the giant you can see that right from the very start he shoots the arrow, the arrow goes through a trajectory, and lands in the spot that he aimed for. So whether he’s for or against you, your character’s going through these tiny little skirmishes off in the distance, all the meanwhile this giant’s shooting huge bolts that eventually land in your position. So one thing I never addressed in the Dark Souls 1 episode was I never found out what’s exactly behind the fog walls at any given moment. Now, it’s different from boss to boss, but in most cases, all the bosses are waiting in the room in anticipation for your fight with them. And some bosses have some very interesting results; now let’s be honest, there is one guy running the show here but this boss is called the Deacons of the Deep. And that one guy you need to kill in order to finish this boss fight doesn’t come out right away when you start the boss battle. But what’s really cool, and I found this completely by accident if you look inside the large stone structure that centers the arena in which you fight, you can actually find the real boss waiting in the center. Look, I’m not gonna be coy here, the only reason why I thought to check this is because I watched that DidYouKnowGaming episode where they covered this already. But it’s still very cool to see it from a boundary breaking perspective; it is said that the giant eyeballs on the basilisks are a fake; they’re a phony. The real eyeballs are these tiny little things right above the mouth. So if we take the camera over to this creature and zoom it in we can see that to be true! In fact, we can get a great look at these tiny little eyeballs that they actually own. Although who’s to say they don’t have four eyeballs? Hey, you know what, speaking of eyeballs, let’s talk about the black knight. Now with the black knights, I’ve always wanted to know if they had a face and apparently, they don’t. But they do have eyeballs, for whatever reason, and their eyeballs don’t have retinas or pupils. It’s just a metallic sphere to represent the eyeballs. Now I took a close look at how this looked in-game and this is not a graphical error, they just simply don’t have faces, they only these weird metallic orbs for eyes. Now we’ve got our first viewer request! This request comes from Milch Klass from Twitter and he requests a look around in the Wolnir’s Area. And this was a good idea, because for this area you have to get warped to it it’s very unclear where you are at the moment but if we zoom the camera out we can actually see that we’re very close to a very familiar area to Dark Souls fans, and that place is Anor Londo. To save on memory and loading times they made this area very close to the vicinity in which you activate it. Which, coincidentally, is near Anor Londo. Now here is the most beautiful area in the game with the hardest name to pronounce, Irithyll of Boreal Valley. Please send your most disgusting comment now. But of all the zoom-outs I wanted to do for this game, this one makes the most amount of sense; it’s such an elaborate city it’s set up in such a way that it’s supposed to take your breath away the moment you see it for the first time. And when I zoom the camera out I’m happy to say I remain breathless in such a great looking area. And for the third game in a row, the developers prove that they really care about making a beautiful world; one that feels more like a reward and not so much a hurdle. Here’s Aldrich, devourer of gods, and we’re looking at him today for two reasons: one is that we get a better look at his face and the other is to point out an interesting fact that when your character is not near a boss, they make noises you’d never be able to hear while they anticipate your arrival. I believe this is the first time we’ve ever sound while boundary breaking. Here’s a zoom out of a large contraption used to elevate yourself in Anor Londo. Now it looks so natural that it almost looks like a cutscene is playing out right now, but if you’re in-game, you never get to see it at this scope. Instead, all you get to see is what your character is able to see while you’re in play. Well gee, this sure looks familiar now doesn’t it. You know, since I did a zoom out of this room in the last Dark Souls episode I figured I’d do another one in Dark Souls III to give you a comparison. And believe it or not, it doesn’t look that much different. Especially since I cast the last one in eternal twilight. Now, I don’t need to educate the most astute Dark Souls fans that the geography for Anor Londo is much different than it was from Dark Souls 1, but at least it got the placement of the room right. Y’know, speaking of geography, I feel like I haven’t been doing enough zoom outs of areas in general. And I say this because every time I do a zoom out it’s always amazing to me how much of the geography is in one load of Dark Souls. I think what’s refreshing about Dark Souls is my show removes the illusion of game worlds yet no matter where I take the camera, this game always reminds me it’s there. This next request comes from Jono and he asks: “What’s inside a sleeping mimic?” But hey, thanks for the request man, it was a really good one! See, when we take the camera inside the box the first thing you’ll see is that the teeth are there and they are lined up around the edges and you may notice a whole mess of stuff behind it. Over in the back, we have the tongue rolled up backwards and the limbs scrunched in as well. And it may look really cramped in here, but believe it or not the entire body’s not in this box. No, in fact, if we take the camera below the surface every mimic has its body underneath the ground. And when the player activates the fight with the mimic, you can actually see it pull its body out. And here’s how the rat tunnels work. Unfortunately Dark Souls autosaves its progress so I wasn’t able to hit record just in time but what you’re seeing is the tail end of how the loading works. Essentially, the second that the rats start moving towards your character another rat immediately loads into place so it can wait for its turn to get through the tunnel. Really quick I just wanted to show you a different perspective of man vs. giant. How could I leave out my favorite character from the Dark Souls series, the catarina knights. So Agarillobob asks if I can take the camera into the well while Siegward of Catarina is stuck in there. And I’m very happy to, but here’s not down there. He isn’t in the well, but I think this scene is salvageable by the idea that we can see the depth of the well. …Or just having the certainty of knowing that the developers never intended for you to see Siegward during this part of the sidequest. Now that hardly counts to me as including Siegward into the episode so let’s do a zoom in behind his helmet to see what Siegward looks like. And it turns out the lovable oaf looks exactly like Ken Bone! Couldn’t be more perfect. Here’s a nice zoom out of the painted world, now unfortunately you’re not really able to see everything that this area has to offer because there’s so much snow and haze obscuring our vision when we zoom the camera out. But a nice spin around is not so bad. So here you go, a three for one deal One: you get to see a zoom-out of a boss fight, which is always cool but two, this is a very unique arena for this boss. If we take the camera out, we can see that this one area has 2D texture backdrops to save on memory. Now, you may be wondering to yourself, “well what’s number 3?” Well number 3 I found out: the boss fight music has parameters for triggering it. So if we take the camera outside of those parameters, the boss music will stop. And when we take the camera back to the boss fight, it trips over a flag and reactivates the song. It restarts it, actually. “It’s a giant worm! They’re sinking cities with a giant worm!” Sorry, it’s not often I’m able to use that quote from Gears of War 2. Anyways, this request is for the giant worm in Smoldering Lake, and they want to know what it looks like when the worm is underground. And this was easily the best suggestion… it was also the first, but the best suggestion. Because Dark Souls has been really really good about keeping out silly technical stuff out of all its cutscenes, or whatever else. But here, we get at least a small taste of one of the funny things the game developers do when they move a character model outside of the player’s view. And now we’re taking a look at the end of the game: Kiln of the First Flame And it’s a really cool area. All the buildings in the background kinda remind you of Inception almost; they’re almost collapsing in on themselves. And I don’t think I could state this enough, despite the fact that there’s so many buildings here so much going on, the game runs perfectly fine and we have a beautiful landscape. Hey, so… alright, that was Dark Souls III! I hope you guys enjoyed it, I had a ton of fun making it of course, it was a long time coming. And this week, we’re not going to be doing a vote for the next week’s episode, because I’m going to be doing a collaboration with two–probably one–but maybe two very important people. One is A+Start who you may know from Son of a Glitch and the other is I haven’t to about yet but I know that he wants to do a collaboration so I thought he might be down. Beta64, if you’re down for this collaboration I’d love to have you on. The game that we’re going to be covering is Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It’s plural, with a bad fur day. Pat: Wouldn’t it be posessive? Shesez: Could be. I dunno, I failed English. Anyway, guys, I’ll see you next week! Take care. Pat: Doodles! Shesez: Bye. [Captions provided by The Ninjadillo]


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    Boundary break allows the user to fly through space, going further than the limitations of the world. The stand has no form, thus allowing the user to move through solid objects themselves.

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