NOW with Dave Brown: Dave’s first on-camera experience

Announcer: AMI host Dave Brown
Dave: The first time I ever went on camera – this might be a
little too much information – but I was wearing a suit. And thank
gosh I was wearing a suit because when I got home that day
my dress shirt was just dripping in sweat from being on camera.
It just was not for me. I didn’t think that I had the
charisma or the personality or the looks or whatever it was to
be on TV. But, as the years have gone on and I kept doing radio,
but I just kept a toe in the TV waters. All of a sudden I’m
thinking to myself ‘Oh, maybe there’s a different skill set
that I have here that could actually be pretty valuable.’
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  1. Tem March 23, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    nice video keep it up

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