Move 2 Sliders to Create Dreamy Fog in Photoshop!

In Adobe Camera Raw, there is this slider
which is made to remove haze. And that’s probably why we call it Dehaze. Now, the Dehaze slider can go to the right
hand side, however, do keep in mind that it can also go to the left hand side. See where we’re going with this? So today I’m going to show you how you can
use just two sliders to create a very realistic foggy effect in Photoshop in no time. So without any further ado, let’s get started. Back in the magical world of Photoshop, and
if your image even has the slightest clue of a fog, this technique will work great. First of all, with the Background layer selected
or the Image layer selected, press Ctrl or Command + J to make a copy. You always want to have a backup. Now, in this layer name, let’s double click
on the layer name, and let’s name it Fog. Simple? And with this layer selected, we’re going
to apply Camera Raw, and before applying Camera Raw, what do we do? We simply convert that into a Smart Object. So with the Fog layer selected, let’s go to
Filter and then Convert for Smart Filters and hit OK. Why do we do this, again? To be able to change the values of the Camera
Raw or any filter that we apply later. Alright, so once this has been converted into
a Smart Object, as you can tell by the logo right here, let’s go to Filter and then Camera
Raw Filter. Now Dehaze, if moving to the right, removes
the fog. If it moves to the left, it adds the fog or
the haze. So, let’s scroll down in the Basic panel right
there, just scroll down, you will find Dehaze. Let’s just take it to the left. And as you do that, have a look, the fog keeps
on increasing. Now, I’m going to go a little over the board
to show you the extreme foggy effect. You can, of course, dim it down. So, let’s go ahead and take it all the way
to the left. Now the second slider, which is very important
here to complement the effect is Contrast. Let’s just scroll up and you will find Contrast. Take it to the right hand side. I’m going to take it about at about 79-80%,
that’s okay. And hit OK. And you’re pretty much done. Now you can go ahead and mask it out, do whatever
you want. So, what I’m going to do is simply create
a mask by clicking on the Mask button. Now, when it comes to haze or fog, do keep
in mind, the closer the things are, the clearer it’s going to be and the further things are
going to be foggy. Simple, right. So with the Mask selected, click on the Gradient
tool right there. And we’re going to make a gradient from black
to white. Just make sure the Gradient – Black to White
is chosen and hit OK. And then we’re going to make a Gradient from
here and go from there. Now, just the opposite happened. We didn’t want that. So let’s reverse the Gradient by clicking
on Reverse. It’s now Black to White. So we’re going to do that again. There we are. See, the closer land is clearer and as it’s
getting further, it’s becoming more and more foggy. And that’s how fog works. Now to show off the clouds, let’s take the
fog away a little bit from the top. So with the Masks still selected, and this
time Black to White will not work, you will have to use Foreground to Transparent. So, make sure that the foreground color is
black by pressing X to toggle between the foreground and the background. And then, click on the Gradient and this time,
choose Foreground to Transparent and hit OK. And we’re going to take it from the top. Now, just uncheck Reverse because it was Transparent
to Black, we don’t want that. We want Black to Transparent. So there we are. Let’s try it one more time. That’s better. And there you have it. Now, if you want less fog, you can always
go ahead and decrease the Opacity from here. If you want more fog, you can just double
click on the Camera Raw filter and then just take the values to the extreme. If the values are already extreme, I’m going
to show you what to do. So here’s the Camera Raw filter, the Dehaze
is already extreme, the Contrast is kind of extreme, hit OK; just duplicate the Smart
filter. No problem there. So, hold the Alt key or the Option key, click
and drag the Camera Raw filter and drop it just above it, right there. Any fog will be doubled. It’s the Harry Potter movie all over again. All you need is a Color Lookup table. Click on the Adjustment layer icon, choose
Color Lookup and then let’s choose NightFromDay. There you go. The Harry Potter scene. Not quite right there, but I had a thought. But anyway, that’s how you duplicate the filter. And now, you can of course decrease the Opacity
accordingly. But I’m going to keep it to 1 the way it was
and then keep the Opacity at 100. That was my taste. And that’s how you simply add fog to your
photo. I hope this tutorial made sense to you and
if it did, do make sure to give us a like and also don’t forget to subscribe and not
just subscribe, ring the bell so that you, my friend, don’t miss any other future tips,
tricks or tutorials. And before we go, just a quick little recap. All you have to do, make a duplicate of the
Background layer, convert that into a Smart Object so that we can change the values later
and then simply apply the Camera Raw filter, decrease the Dehaze to the left hand side
and increase, what, the Contrast and then you can use Masks to fine tune it. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys in my next one. Till then, stay tuned and make sure that you
keep creating.


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