Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus | What’s new?

Hey there! It’s me, Daria from Movavi. I wanna tell you what’s up with the latest
version of Movavi Video Editor Plus. Let’s go! A new timeline, the ability to work with 4K
files, intro videos, and more. Video Editor will help you create incredible
videos from multiple elements. We’ve got everything you could possibly
want to help you turn your ideas into reality. Animation, titles, stickers, transitions,
filters, and much, much more. But what’s so special about this 15th version? An even more useful timeline for a start. You can add as many tracks as you need – sound,
video or titles. But the coolest thing is that you no longer
have to place components one after another – now you can move them around freely. Oh yeah! I’ve been wanting this for quite a while. And in the new Plus version, you can now edit
files shot in 4K. How do you like that? Yep. It’s gotten that advanced now. Fast track HD is what will help you out here,
because it creates reduced-size copies of files for ease of editing, but ensures only original high-quality files
are exported. Can you really rely on visual estimates? I sorta do, but I like to check. So, I was thrilled the minute I learnt our
developers have added a guideline feature which will help you when adding titles, stickers,
callouts, and frames for tools like Animation, Pan and Zoom and others. Check out how easy it is! Now it’s all exact and precise. Just the way I like it. Well-well. What else? Oh, this! In the new version there are intro videos. That’s just fabulous news for those of us
who already have a YouTube channel or are considering getting one. You can compose your own original intro and
outro with your own words, music, and stickers. And there’s no need to recreate them over
and over again while editing each video, cuz you can save them as templates for using again
in the future. And that’s not everything! If you’ve used Movavi Video Editor before,
you know that in addition to the full-feature mode, you can pick the easy mode by using
the Montage Wizard. And guess what? It’s now even easier to use. Now you’re free to choose a theme for your
video, and Montage Wizard will offer you transitions, music and titles using that theme. By the way! I nearly forgot about titles. Now you can add titles at the beginning and
at the end of your video without staying in full-feature editing mode. And you know what? Even that’s not all. But if I were you, I’d much rather see all
this great new stuff for myself. So, what are you waiting for? Click here right now and download a trial
version of Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus. Leave a comment about any other improvements
you’ve noticed over previous versions. If it’s your first Movavi Editor, tell us
what you liked best! Bye-bye!

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