Most Hilarious Photoshop Troll Is Back!

He’s back The one the only ultimate poop troll the best of the best on the Internet Jamie Friedman guys We all knd so many videos in the past about this amazing Photoshop troll. He’s Twitter famous Let’s play some clips back. Can you erase the trash can from the picture sure where the trash oh? He spilled it all over the floor Jamie. Can you take the girl in th poopye violet skirt out please so James said? I took her out, and we had fun. Yes. He’s here Hi, Jamie, someone told me that this picture looks like we’re on sever a steep part movie Can you put some dinosaurs in the picture please? No no you don’t want Jamie to do that oh? Here you go guys. Oh No Guys this is why you need to be very very very very very Specific when you ask Jamie to Photoshop you even when you’re super specific He’s gonna find a way to troll you, but how’s it going everybody and welcome to reaction time and today? We’re continuing the series of the hilarious Photoshop troll but before we begin that if you guys want to take an attempt at Photoshopping me in the funny suede maker follow me on my Instagram That’s all fishman. I’ve been pretty active on there And I’m thinking of doing a fall asleep very soon on there So make sure to follow me, and I’ll announce the fall spree, but that was just a side note Let’s jump right into the compilation. Hope you guys enjoy so now not only does Jamie only Photoshop photos He actually video edits them and makes them even that much funnier, so we gotta follow the left the girl taking a selfie And she’s saying hey James. What’s in my belly button are you sure you want Jim yes? I want to know what’s in my belly your I’m not sure that you wanna know I really want to know if Jamie giving it. Yeah, what’s in my belly button? Oh, okay and Jamie actually added his are What are you pulling on Jamie? What’s in her belly, but he’ll hello. Why does it look so eight sock okay? That was weird well there’s more Your keys are in your belt Jesus Christ. Oh my god But Nana peel this is not end What is that is that? What was that? Oh, my god get her out of a pause? She’s better than any magician. I’ve ever seen all thanks to Jamie hi James Could you make it look like my boyfriend is actually paying the Ducks? He would be so happy. Thanks a bunch You sure you want to do that. Oh, my god. Well get out of the water, bud You don’t need to be in the water to pet the Ducks. It’s okay. You got what you wanted. Hey Can you please make this picture look less awkward and edit out the wet floor sign, thanks sure They slipped on the wet floor. Don’t worry There was nowhere for sight anymore so uh? They pretty much slipped because they asked him to take out the one floor sighs so how would they know hi James? Can you make it so we are not looking in the same direction? Thanks, man One direction and then there was the two direction, and if you zoom in to his eyes you see that Yeah, we looking at all kind of directions ah that really hurt my eyes, how does this guy doing it? Oh? This is like james version too cuz he edits videos now hi James Can you maybe crop out or remove this guy from this photo and please don’t mock me as you do with all those funny Photoshopped pictures on Instagram, so don’t worry. He’s not gonna mock you with Photoshop. Okay? He’s gonna mock you with video editing instead and Goodbye, now imagine me on there Jennifer Jennifer help that is so beautiful Are you tired or are you just singing because I’m a good singer so if you can match my high notes We got some competition hey, Jamie could you crop the girl out and replace with some wifey material they’ll do for you Is that a blow-up doll that’s your wifey material bud wait who’s that in the photo is that look at the cake? They got the blob doll on the cake – this guy’s pure genius Hi, James, so I want to post this prom photo of me my friend But he’s dabbing could you photoshop it so that he’s not dabbing anymore. Thanks, okay? I guess your problem will be solved in three two one. He’s not dabbing anymore Hello, James. Can you please close my girlfriend’s eyes in this picture? Thank you, not a lie the eyes. Do look a bit creepy just a bit. She’s just like Hey, so Jamie has a solution for you. He says hope this helps Is that is that Jamie covering her eyes just like the arm comes in out of nowhere? Oh? Well, I can’t see what the yo, Jamie. Help me and guys. Hope you enjoyed this compilation Don’t follow Jamie on Twitter is james fridman He is the best of the best and thank you all so much for watching. Go check out some more videos in the meantime That’s gonna wrap it up for the video. Hope this made you laugh Hope you really enjoyed his Photoshop edits And I’ll see you guys soon with some more episodes in the meantime check out my second channel. Hope you guys are gonna Have a great one in peace out!


  1. Wolf pack Gaming and challenges February 13, 2019 at 7:16 pm

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  2. Galaxygamer girl February 15, 2019 at 2:36 am

    1:05 there's a mouth on ur shoulder

  3. Adeena Zakariya February 15, 2019 at 8:11 am

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  13. April Shepperson February 23, 2019 at 11:17 pm

    Did anyone notice the random mouth at 1:07 it was to the left when his Instagram name came up

  14. Screaming Books February 24, 2019 at 7:07 am

    Pause at 1:07 ITS A FLOTING MOUTH!

  15. Jenna Foglesong February 24, 2019 at 3:57 pm

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  17. Fiona Yi March 2, 2019 at 6:03 pm

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  18. NR SJ March 5, 2019 at 2:46 pm

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