Minecraft: Pi Edition – Survival Mode & Python Scripts

Survival mode Is one of the mods available
for Minecraft: Pi Edition. It has the same mobs and blocks as pocket
edition version 0.6.1 (alpha) Because that’s what the game was ported from. What you are seeing right now is not survival
mode, but creative mode on a survival map. There are slight variations in the gameplay
when switching between versions, the mode you are in , and the map’s gametype. Now here are some python scripts i created using the Minecraft: Pi Edition’s API. In this edition of minecraft, you cant create
mobs at your will. This script goes through the entities and
moves them to a spot near you and then back to their original location unless the glass
block is no longer there. This next script uses the entities IDs as
well, and it puts all of them except the player in the same spot. This script chooses a random direction, checks
if 2 blocks away in that direction is air, if it is, it goes in that direction, and it repeats. This next script is similar to the first script
where you choose a mob, except after you choose one, the mob gets stuck to you and makes you
walk, swim, and fly faster, although controlling your direction may be harder. This next script uses a graphic user interface
program called tkinter. The camera is set to a fixed position when
you start the script. When you move across the plane, you move
the camera, and when you zoom in or out you are moving the camera up or down. This script makes a layer of blocks in the
sky, blocking all the light. The last script in this video is a shield. There are 8 blocks of lava around you and
when you move, they disappear from where they were and reappear to surround you. Also, there is a block of water in the center
if you get burnt Skyfoogle

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