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Hello everyone, Mermaid Iona here- and in this video today I’m going to show you some of my photo editing skills. Recently several mermaids have suggested that I make photo editing services available on commission, and I decided follow their suggestions. A lot of mermaids, especially professional mermaids, want professional looking images for their business, but may not know how to edit photos themselves, or just want better quality editing for things like their business cards. So in this video I’m going show you some of my work and ability. First I’ll give an overview with some before-and-after’s, and then later I’m going to go on into greater detail of my edits. If you’re interested in commissioning me for editing, my rates are going to be in the description box below. First I’m going to show you some more simple edits, and then we’re gonna work our way forward to some more complicated ones. So for this one can see just a few simple edits. And I’m sorry about the arrow, I hope it’s not too distracting, but this is the best program I can use to show you full screen. So, anyway, so just a few simple edits you can see mostly the heels right here and little around face. There was some redness all in here, and just a bit debris and bubbles. That’s pretty simple. Next one- little more complicated. So this was taken with a GoPro. Pretty good-quality but amp’ed it up a little bit. You can see the biggest change here is the tiles in the pool and the lights that were completely removed. This one’s more of a general one. There’s a lot more work here then you can probably see. But we’ll go into more detail about that kind of stuff later. Mostly it was, this photo was taken after the sun had gone down, and there wasn’t much light… so there was a lot of of bringing the light back, and the contrast. This one was much the same. There’s a lot more work going on here. I’ll go into more detail on this picture later. And in the end I also rotated and cropped it, so the horizon wasn’t off. More general editing. You can see if you look, on my hair on the front and Raina’s hair on the back- I fixed those. As well as some slight issues on the tails- nothing too major. But we all know how bothersome tail wrinkles can be. I’ll get into more that here in a minute as well. So for this one the biggest things I did was the pool tile again. And also my necklace had floated up and tangled in some of my hair and it didn’t look that great in the photo- so I removed it. And as always a little highlighting a little darkening on some of the facial features. We’ll get more into that later as well. This one was a lovely picture. But of course since the sun was behind us, we were backlit. And even though the photographer had used flash to help us come out a little bit more, it was still very in shadow. And one of the major fixes here was getting us all nice and bright and leaving the sky it was in the background. That lovely sky, we didn’t want to take away from that. And here we have: noise removal! Lots of noise from- I had two flashlights, because the pool did not have any lighting in it. So the flash- sorry- the flashlights created quite a bit of noise in the water. And I had to remove that- there’s no easy way to fix that- that was one by one I removed the noise. And so here we have a couple of different issues. First of all of the tail bunching up. Again, those gosh tail wrinkles! Every time. Well not every time, but sometimes. And also I originally the model’s top was red. The abalones were red, and it had been previously edited to make them blue. But as you can see that there was quite a bit of color burning and leaching- there’s red residue on the plant, uh, on the fake plants. All around the shells. And the neon pink color burns. So in there I fixed all that and it was quite a bit harder to fix that than if I gotten the original photo. Also the tail wrinkles are lessened or gone. And a little fix in her makeup as well. Same kind of deal here. The tail wasn’t precisely right. Wasn’t put on the best. You know we all have those days where we don’t get our tail on right. Taking out all the tails wrinkles and crinkles and bagginess. Her top again was fixed to be the blue. And her makeup as well- her lipstick, her eyeliner, eyebrows, all that. This one’s a little bit more complicated- much in the same of the noise thing. But this time it’s sand! Sand being not very pretty and it was a very muddy kind of sand. You can see I have muddy sand all over my tail, all on my my butt, and a bit on my fluke- and just all the way down. So here, I fixed all of that. And again no easy way to fix this. I don’t use any brushes or anything like that because I think they can look a little too fake. So this was me patching one area after another by hand. Patching the scales and tail, by hand. Little bit of root touch up, little bit of highlighting and softening the shadows on my face. Did make the fluke a little bigger- just cause I thought it looked better that way. I wish this one showed up bigger, but oh well. This one is just an example of removing people or objects to… you know if you like the photo, but obviously some other people were exactly ready for the camera. So here all that is reconstructed. It’s not perfect- the tile is a little wobbly in a couple spots. But considering it was a lo-res image I was working with, it was pretty well done. Here, this is mostly general editing with the models, right. Fixing some of the underwater issues that you come across when shooting. Especially with shadows making the face look unflattering, and the make up fading and whatnot. But mostly, if I can draw your attention to my face in the center.. those are tons of tiny little bubbles. And they’re all over the models too.. and yeah I, I was like… I can’t have that. So I went in, one by one, and took out all those tiny little bubbles. I left the ones above my head alone. I was like, that’s not worth it. But all the ones on my face, and on their arms, and some scattered across- all taken out. And this is an example of unflattering lighting. You can see the lighting was just not flattering it all on my face. It was a great shot- very dynamic in my opinion. And I, I couldn’t… usually whenever I edit, I like to try and reserve as much realism as possible, and avoid the airbrushed look. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to avoid that in this edit, but it still came out pretty nice in the end. Some people aren’t a fan of that look- they think it’s too shopped, doesn’t look realistic enough… but, in some cases I think it can be rather artistic looking, in my opinion. This one is an example of “photo stitching” is what I call it. It’s whenever I put two or more photos together to make one good photo. This one, it’s a pretty good picture. I liked what I was doing with my upper body, but my lower body wasn’t so great. But in another picture- see, that’s the final one- but in another picture, I liked how my lower body was going. But the upper body.. I liked the other one better. So I was like, like you know what- I’m going to put them together. So that’s what I did. So upper body from that, lower body from that. I did little reconstruction on the fluke, by blending the two flakes together, actually. So a little bit of the fluke is one picture, a little bit of the fluke is the other. Definitely a change in the color of the water, because it was very brown and I wanted to make it look little bit more tropical, little bit more blue. Then other general editing work as well. This is another example of picture stitching. I liked this one of me quite a bit better. Also the angle, and the seaweed, the exposure- things like that. But Raina, the other model in the photo, wasn’t exactly ready for the shot I like this one of her better, so I thought I will put the two together. We’ll get into this one a little bit more later. This is the final result of that. I took her from one photo and put her in another. I’ve done this quite a few times, with multiple models or people. Because especially in group shots, maybe one model is doing her thing looking real great, and the other one isn’t. Then in the next shot it’s reversed, or however many… and I’ve put as many as five pictures together. That was for a birthday party with kids- because you know kids and them not having a great attention span. So I’ve done quite a bit of that to make one good photo in the end. So that’s it for the overview! Stick around for the more in-depth! To show you some more in-depth editing, and what my process is, I’m bringing you to the Photoshop file here. Unfortunately, I can only show some of my more recent works, because usually after I’m done with the photo, I save my edits and I get rid of the Photoshop file. So these are some more recent ones I have, where you can see the breakdown of all the kind of work that I do on these pictures. We’re gonna hide… all this… so here’s the start. I usually start with curves- which is, this bit complicated up here. It basically balances out some of the shadows and highlights and colors. Then usually I’ll go to some brightness and contrasting. Little bit there, little bit here. Some vibrance. Most of it is here- see this is whenever I went in and did some manual adjustments to the shadows and highlights. You can see that’s quite a bit of difference. It took quite a bit of toying around with it, but very much worth it, as you can see. Here we have some up close on the faces. This layer is just kind of softening this bit right here. Here we have the dodge and burn, which is highlighting in darkening. You can see that can make quite a difference in how things go. Little bit of hue and saturation. So that one was pretty simple. Nothing too crazy. This one is a bit more complicated. Here’s the starting photo- this is before I had stitched Raina in from the the other photo I was telling you about earlier. This was the layer that I put her into this photo. There’s a little bit right there- let me just change this- a little bit right here, that I overlooked but I ended up fixing that later. So then we adjusted the Curves. And a little brightness and contrast. However you can see a lot of this- the exposure on the brighter areas was burning out the colors a bit. We’ll get to that in a bit, but for the moment we’ll go in order. Here is a little bit of taking away some spots on her face. This is… essentially, she been talking to me about how in some of the photos of her, her face can look really round. She said that she was bothered by how unflattering it was, and in a lot of the other photos that angle was great. So the angles worked with her face, and it was very nice and flattering. But in this particular one, it wasn’t. I was like, well I could try and stitch her face in from another photo, but that’s just more work than it’s worth. So I’m just going to try and touch up a bit myself. I thinned out the face a little bit, got rid of these bits- some shadow issues. And this, again with just the angle.. making her neck a little thinner. I usually don’t like to do much of this, but every once in a while I’ll do it. Especially with the other photos, it looked very similar, and this one photo was more of a outlier than anything else. This one was a bit on my face, just a little bit of those under bags. The next layer was highlights. In this one I toned down all the highlights. You can see there was a lot of kind of kind of overexposure on the rock, on my skin, on her. I just toned those down. This is the layer where I fix this bit- excuse me- this bit. This was another thing with the highlights- her being a little bit over exposed. Mostly on the scales, little bit on the chest. I fixed that. The next layer was my tail. See, my tail is very beautiful- it has a lot of different colors, and it… .. sad thing is, it doesn’t really photograph well in terms of showing those colors. So I’ve learned to edit it to get back to what it really looks like in real life. Rather than just being blue, right. You have the lighter blues, and the darker blues, and the purples. Up here, as well. Whenever I am not in the photo editing, when I end up posting it online, the purple can end up dulling down a lot- so I usually put in a little bit of a layer mask to just make the purple pop a bit more. Brightness and contrast for the seaweed. We have all this lovely seaweed, all this kelp and everything else. Before that layer, it was all just kind of… like it was there, but it is needed more attention for how beautiful was, in my opinion. So I brighten it up- you can see here there’s a lot of gray. That means that it wasn’t just putting in it or not putting it in, there was a lot of in between to fade in and out correctly so that way it looked realistic, as well. Same with this- bringing out that seaweed a little bit more. Here we have just a little bit of contrast, brightness. Little saturation for my abalone, because it’s a lot more vibrant in person, I kind of like for that to reflect in the photos. On the faces we have a little bit of dodge and burn- again, see just the eyeliner, and the eyebrows. Same with her face. You can see a little bit of the make up… her lipstick doesn’t like to stay on, it’s just one of those things that doesn’t like to hold color. And a little bit of the eyeshadow, and her eyebrows as well- whenever they get what they tend to kind of fall out of place. All that’s just touched up. Then a final vibrance layer, to bring it all together. Then of course the watermark. Moving onto the next photo. Here’s the base image that I started with. Little bit of Curves. Little brightness and contrast here to brighten up the water in the foreground. Little touch up on the face- I had a couple blemishes, and a little bit of bump on the tail right there that just kind of annoyed me. A little bit there, and little bit on her face, we got some smudged eyeliner, and little bit smudged make up there as well. Clean that up. We have my hair- I didn’t like that it had a the gap right there. So just kind of touched it up, also down here little bit, little bit of stray. Clean it up a bit. Then we have some tail fixes. See here I kind of made the water look a little bit natural, where I had fixed this bit earlier. And this down in this area. Then on her.. a little bit of a tail fix there. Just taking out some wrinkles. We have highlights- here you can see kind of brought the highlights down. Gave the water a little bit of that texture back. Made it nice. Then shadows. If you look, it’s little bit under her neck, on the arm, side of her body, side of my body. A little bit up here, I think a little bit on the tail. Brightening up those shadowy places just a little bit We have some brightness and contrast for the shadowy bits as well- kind of brightening things up, making little bit more contrasted as well. We have bit of a dirt smudge here, a little shadowy bit here. Not very flattering. Just gonna fix those up a bit. Little bit of vibrance. Saturation for my abalone. Then some general vibrance and saturation. Here we have a bit for the rock. Cause I was like, that’s a lovely rock- that shouldn’t just all be in shadow, we should bring out that lovely rock. I don’t know, I just liked it! So I brought it out a bit. As well as the skyline. The skyline was a bit dull, I mean all that lovely trees and the greenery and everything. Bring those out a little bit. This is the editing on my tail again, to help the colors that it really is come out better in the photo That’s that extra layer to help the purple pop. Then we have a little bit for the fluke right here, because it felt like my tails was kinda stealing the show, and hers was underwater. It didn’t have as much saturation as her tail did above the water. So I just kind of gave it a little bit more. Not much, just a bit. Again wight he dodge and burn- fix some of the make up here. Eyebrows, some of the eyeliner and everything. A little bit on my face as well. Then finally the watermark. This is the final image that I will be showing in detail. Here’s the base image that I started working with. First we did some curves to help with highlights and shadows and color. Then some highlights and shadows here. There’s a lot of work with the shadows in this photo, because the sun didn’t want to come out for us. It was quite dark, and the lighting was just kind of difficult. So a lot of touch ups with that kind stuff. Here we have some more shadow brightening. It’s mostly right here on her face, and on her face as well. Brighten those up. And here we have the edits- – little touchups on the faces. Mostly reducing under eye issues. Little bit of smudged makeup, a lot of smudged around here as well. Then we have her hair. You can see see it kind of bunched up. It had bobby pin there. Thought I’d take that out. Whenever I did that.. the water of course, whenever you do something like that, it disturbs whatever you’re doing around it. So whenever I do something like that, I have to reconstruct it. It doesn’t look perfect, but if you scroll out… like you can’t notice it with all the rippling everything. You can only really notice that kind of thing if you’re really looking for it. Touched her hair up to just make it look a little nicer. And we have some brightness and contrast. There was a lot of- as you can see with all the grey and everything here- I blacked it out up here, so that way we can still keep the lovely clouds, as well with a little bit here, so we can keep that skyline. Get it from being too overexposed. Exposing the areas where it needed it. Some of the water it needed it, some of it didn’t. That was very much.. whatever needs it put it in, blackout for the rest. Llittle bit of vibrance, Vibrance for my abalone. Nothing bit, just subtle Then the dodge and burn layer- as you can see on both of our faces. Helps just kind of clean things up. Same here- both of their faces. Here we have my tail edit again. To help it look like it does in real life. And again with helping the purple pop. Then we have a little bit of selective coloring for Mutiny’s tail, because it was very much in shadow. You can see it was just kind of all left out and in shadow. And I was like you know what, I need to fix that. So a little bit of selective color. Little bit of brightness and contrast. Here is when we have the final layer to really help that tail out. It was mostly shadow fixing. There’s a little bit here as well. And a little bit on her tail. That just really made that tail pop, and look pretty like it should. It’s a very pretty tail. We have some final contrast and brightening, just to help all of the models pop out of the water, rather than being kind of mucked up because of the sun not wanting to come out. Just put a little sunshine in there for us! Just the tail bulges- right there and right there Just kind of bump them down a little bit. So yeah! Before and after. And just to show you real quick- and after that I straightened the photo out You can see the horizon was tiled. So just a straightening, and cropping just to get it all even-keel, and looking nice! That’s a quick glimpse into some of my abilities and a little bit in-depth with my editing. If you would like to commission me, for some photo editing, the rates are going to be in the description box below! Thank you very much for watching! 🙂

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