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This video is made possible by Skillshare. Hi guys And welcome to CineBattle, a weekly series where filmmakers Jordy and Yannick battle against each other to see who is the better filmmaker. At the end of the video, you can decide who is the best one. It’s me. That’s probably me. It’s me. Whatever. We’ll see about that. Okay. So for today, I have a special assignment for you guys. It’s a new animation. Yeah, that’s the thing that you’ve been working on for the entire week. It’s me. Yeah, this is me. Jordy and Yannick, someone is challenging you. Work together and challenge Zach King with your own effects. [curses] Jordy I told you I didn’t want to make the effect. I told you. I didn’t knew about this. [laughs] [groans] He’s insane. No, it’s impossible. This is impossible. Like you have to watch this video like a little bit further because it loops. You know? It keeps looping. Yeah. But at a certain point, something changes within the loop. We’ll leave a link to the original one in the description below. Just check it out because after two or three loops- After two loops. Or two loops He stops the guy who’s walking into the paints. So the loop changes. Yeah. It continues afterwards. So it’s like Loop-ception. Loop-ception. Exactly. It’s insane. So, we have to work together now? Yeah, ’cause you guys are huge fans of Zack King. That’s known fact, right? Okay, so now you guys have to work together and make a cool video with a cool effect to challenge Zach King. I know an effect. We can throw a ball into a tablet and loop it. Wow. Oh, yeah, we can do that. We can do that. We’re done. So guys you have one hour to create an effect And challenge Zach King. You can make it really easy Or you can make it really difficult. And the audience have to choose? Who’s the best? Cinecom or Zach King? Can we lose, like, right now? We already lost. We already lost. Let’s do this Yannick. We can do it. Let’s go! Let’s cooperate. All right. What are we gonna do Yannick? Probably looping? Maybe do something with the ladder? Internet Yannick catch, like, you throw the ladder at me. I catch it, I set it aside You again throw a ladder at me. Okay, so I throw a ladder at you, you catch it, you set it down and I come to the to the ladder where you place it down. I take it again and you throw it again and it’s that infinite loop. But what if, like, the ladder stands here. You throw it, I catch it, I walk back and place it- But then it’s not really- [laughs] That’s just too simple. You go up and then you’re like “Oh, I forgot something.” And you turn, and in that turn, you can do and cut. Yeah. And then, you’re like back here and you’re like, “Oh, I forgot something.” Yep. Yeah, then it’s just the cut. I wonder how does Zach King come up with his ideas. One: He thinks about it, like, a whole week or a whole month, or a whole year. Not one- Hour? One hour..and he has, like, an entire crew making it for him. We have to do something with masking like a little bit of post-production Viewer, keep in mind Zach King have, like, a whole month to make this video. We only have one hour. Vote for us. But we’re gonna make it good. We are team now. Side note: Team Blue – three. Team red – two. Yeah, that’s why I want to win. What if we win! We both win! So while Jordy and Yannick are figuring out what to do, I’ll give you a better tip. Head over to It’s an online library full of classes and courses and even workshops where you can learn everything you want. Whether you want to learn something new about film making, audio, animation, or VFX, there’s always a course on Skillshare and it can help you out. So I want to learn something more about animations in After Effects, And recently I discovered the classes of Jake Bartlett. And they helped me out a lot. He has a lot of course on different styles of animations. From hand lettering to creating a paper cutout look. That was one of the courses that I followed. There’s all of that you saw in the beginning of this video. I showed it to Jordy and Yannick together with their assignments for today’s CineBattle. The works by Jake Bartlett aren’t that long and that’s really good because I don’t have a lot of time between editing all of those Cinebattle. And that is what makes Skillshare so good. They have long classes and they have short classes. Now if you can’t finish your class, no problem You can always play it back. Did you know that Cinecom also have some classes on Skillshare? That’s right. If you want to learn something new about After Effects, Premiere Pro, or filmmaking, then give us a follow. Now let’s say that you have a question about something that you saw in the class. Well, no problem. You can just contact a teacher and they’ll answer you right away. And because Skillshare is sponsoring today’s video, I can give you an exclusive two months for free which you can get by clicking in the first link in the description down below. Oh, and by the way, the good thing is after those two months, Skillshare is super cheap. Now let’s see if Jordy and Yannick already found an idea to beat Zack King. I think that Zack King also does is, like, using fake perspective. You have to start a video here, where you turn, then you go to the false perspective part. Let’s do it. You’re our camera. I’m the actor. Okay. Shall I take a small paint bucket or a big one? Let’s take the big one. We don’t have a cabinet. All of these are fixed to the wall. We’re screwed now. This here, now we can use this here, like, use these two And then the paint bucket sits on that thing. Yeah, okay. Hey Yannick, catch! No! No! I hate ladders. [mumbling] Come next. Down. Teamwork! Team Blue! Like, boom! Super, super smooth. Okay, come to- little bit..a little bit..a little bit..a little bit. Come on. Woah! Too much! Now up..up..up. Yeah, hang on Yannick. We have 25 minutes left. We’re not gonna make it, guys. Come on. Come on. Come on. Why are we doing more than just a cut? It’s already exciting enough, Jordy. We’re making it ourselves hard. We only have, like, 20 minutes left. Abandon this idea. Like this, and then, like- Oh but wait your entire background changes. That’s what I told you. Your background changes because it’s not the same frog perspective. Oh yeah, it’s true. You know what you can do? What? You can do it in front of a black wall and it never changes. We figured out it. We can use a big green screen- Green screen everything. Use tracking markers on the green screen and place the fake wall on it. [upbeat music playing while montage plays] Off to the editing room! So I’m the visual effects supervisor now, so I can just sit while Jordy do everything. No, you’re gonna do either the keying or the tracking and I’ll do the other thing. What about that? I’ll do the tracking. Yeah, you’ll do the tracking I’ll do the keying. Yeah. [upbeat music] Leave Mocha P ro. Start animating it manually. We have like five minutes left. Exactly. You can’t animate that manually. You can animate it. You can. Do it. You do the first ten seconds, you do the second ten second. No. I do the scale, you do the position. No. Yes. It doesn’t work like that. Yes, you gotta first do the scale and then on a pre-comp.. You do the position and, in a pre-comp, I do the scale. But your position depends on your scale and vice versa. Okay, you know what? Yannick, you do it. I’m gonna grab a coffee. You got it saved? I got it saved. You combine? Yes, I’m gonna combine yet. Combine everything together. Come on, Jordy. Jordy. Press Control+M Can I press Control+M? I haven’t done it yet. Okay. Export. There we go So guys, how did it go? It was quite hard working together Yeah, I think because we both have ideas and need to cooperate to find an idea that we both like This time it was a little bit harder because we had the time limit but it went.. I think the most problems you guys had was with the time management, right? Yeah. But we managed. We finished it. We finished it. I did mean..there was one problem that we couldn’t track it, even though we added tracking marks. I mean we could go into Mocha and all that kind of stuff but we would just lose too much time. So eventually we have chosen to just animate the background layer separately. You guys will see in just a moment how that looks. Manually. Completely manually. Completely manually. I think that it came out pretty well. Okay. Well, let’s have a look then. Yeah. Here we go. All right, so yeah this is neat. Not exactly King level. But we only had one hour- One hour guys and I think it looks good. It looks good. It’s just not a super great amazing illusion like Zach King. He had an entire year. I looked it up. Yeah. He has an entire year to make a video, we have an entire hour to make a video. Okay. So Zach King, the challenge is yours now. Recreate this effect in one hour. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Guys can everyone, like, tweet Zach King or send him a message to tell him. Yeah, he needs to see this. He needs to see this. We want to challenge Zach King and lose very hard. We want a real steamy battle with Zack King. Yeah. He makes one, we make one. All right. So let’s leave it with this. Thank you Skillshare for the support. Thank you guys for watching. And as always stay creative. Can you do that? [shouts] What happened? What happened? Did you, like, pull out..armpit hair? My armpit hair were stuck to my shirt. [snickering] Okay.


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