Low Light Portrait Photography Iphone Challenge! (Tamtastix)

guys welcome back to my channel in this
video I’m doing a photography challenge series in this first challenge
we are doing a…Keziah a photography challenge at night
using an iPhone so the gear that I’m using today is an iphone 8 plus and I’m
using full-on portrait mode without using any external apps. Alright guys, since we’re shooting at downtown and the light situation is really dark at night so the
best thing you can do is find a light panels like this. Like a LED light panels
that exudes a lot of lights coming out so you can use that as your main…as your key light to light a subject it’s gonna make your…your iPhone photos look really nice in low lights so let’s have you like… I know I know it’s kind of
dirty but just kind of like place your hand here and then lean your face on it that’s it beautiful hold up this is
kinda like run your hand and brush it through your hair down down down put both hands on your jacket all right
and turn the chest facing the light a bit more to the chest facing the light turn
turn turn turn turn turn and turn your chin facing me
chin chin chin chin to chin keep going right there hold that and turn your chin facing the light a little bit more, and chin down yass and one hand up in the hair it’s kind
of like put it on top right here all right this shirt is so tight
oh yes yes turn your chin facing the light again chin facing the light hold that beautiful, hold that so here we found some overhead lighting and they’re casting a super bright light right now on Eli’s face and then we’re just gonna have him bring his chin up and I’m gonna take a super close up shot of Eli’s face. and I’m gonna blur out the background and it’s gonna look really nice okay so now we found this light panel again
it’s from the last video if you guys haven’t seen it check it out right here
so that is light panel is casting a super nice soft lighting right here again so
we’re gonna have Keziah stand right here hi guys so we found this construction site
with a really cool tunnel. We’re gonna place Keziah down and take some cool photos and looking at the left looking at the
light facing the light a little bit more alright guys that’s the end of the challenge I
hope you guys enjoyed the low-light photography using an iPhone
thank you to my friend Keziah and Eli who have been filming and modeling this whole
time make sure you subscribe hit the bell button like and comment on the video
and I’ll see you guys next week


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    yaaaaassss love it! I’m gonna play with my phone for now on!

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    Get it fwwweeenddd

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