Long Exposure Photography Tutorial | WHY, WHAT and HOW to take Long Exposure Photos

i’m cooking, some pasta, and Then i will take you to the ocean and we will do some long exposure photography today, we are going to the ocean and we are going to talk about long exposure photography i will tell you why i do Long, exposure photography, what do you need, to take long exposure shots and also i will tell you What is my workflow, so how to take a long exposure photography, we are going to martins beach martins beach is just South of half moon bay so if you’re, not from north california, i will tell you this is an hour An hour south of san francisco so it’s an hour and a half About an hour and a half from where i live which, means that i’ve been here quite a few times and i will show You, some pictures that i took here before What is special about martin speech, is that it’s a private beach so there is a gate at the entrance on the Highway, so you need to leave your car on highway 1 and then you need to walk down one mile To get to the beach, which Is great because most of people don’t do it especially at sunset it’s gonna be very secluded Last time i went there were a couple of whales just Enjoying the bay all for themselves maybe i will i should send some drone shots right now Unfortunately today i don’t see a single cloud in the sky but you never know it’s six o’clock We are possibly 20 minutes away sunset is at 8:28 today i don’t have a lot of hopes but that’s not important we will enjoy the experience Anyways, by the way the pasta Was really really good and Here it comes, my very first tip for long exposure photography before going out just make sure that you eat a very good, bowl of pasta that’s, what i do i strongly recommend So this is the gate and this is the road they will take us down to the beach let’s go Why, do i like long exposure photography Well i think that long exposure photography helps me to create very minimalistic compositions I love seascapes i love the water and i feel that the waves Can be very disturbing it can be an an element of distraction and with long exposure with very long, exposure i’m able to smooth the water and create a very serene Atmosphere very serene mood and that’s for me is The beauty of long exposure i also, like the idea of creating An image that our nude eyes cannot see Martins Beach is great for photographers and Surfers and here we have one Hello, mate how are you I like long exposure, also because it helps me to create a Non descriptive image of a place meaning that the long exposure helps to create, this surreal Atmosphere this surreal image that doesn’t really exist when you look with your own eyes i think, we need to fix the exposure here better all right unfortunately i Still don’t see clouds beside those two up there That will not help a lot At sunset but, we’ll see i think this place is beautiful and You will love it i’ll see you down it’s 6:52 so, we have a Little more than an hour and a half Plenty of time to decide the best composition for today but, also to tell you How to take a long exposure and before what, do you need to take long exposure So first of all you will need a very sturdy Tripod without a tripod there is no long exposure then You will need of course a camera either dslr or mirrorless That will, allow to take exposure with the bulb mode especially if you, want to take very long exposure then, you will need the remote shutter release and The very last thing of course You will need neutrall density filters as a tripod i use a very robust Really, right stuff That’s the name of the brand tripod Which is a brand from california fantastic product i will write somewhere Which model i’m using is i don’t remember and i use this? Really dry, stuff ball head BH55 i believe all the links to the products i use will be in the description below This is super sturdy great For a dslr like the nikon d810 that i use to take, my long exposures I usually scout around the location With, my, camera before placing the tripod in order to see what, is the best composition that i can find of course i will place my, my tripod and Especially where i have sand i will make sure that My tripod digs in into the sand quite a bit i don’t, want the waves eventually to move it at all The second thing i will do of course I will place my camera on it then i have this little pouch where i have all my filters and the filters holder That is very handy to have it placed right here because then i can attach my Remote shutter release, and place it right in so nothing will move Everything is secure safety first So i told you, why i take long exposure photography And i told you what you need Now i’ll tell you what is my workflow and how to take long exposure photography the first thing i will find my composition i will set My camera on aperture priority i’m using a 20 millimeter lens 1.8. Which has the sweet spot so the The best aperture possible at f/8 where where is a very nice sharpness throughout the image so that’s what i’m doing i’m selecting f/8 aperture priority and i will just see Putting the lower, ISO possible and with the nikon d810 is iso 64 i will see what is the shutter speed that i have in this case right now an hour before sunset i have one 125th of a second this will give me an idea of what kind of filters i need in order to smoothen the water Make sure that these very rough waves will become super smooth and in my experience you will need at least 3 or 4 Minutes to do so so i will need to use a an Nd filter that is the least 15 stops i know that Because i’ve been doing long exposure for many, years but there are many apps that you can Use and i will put some links in the descriptions where you just select the shutter speed That you have without the filter and you will have the the resulting Shutter speed that you will need to use Selecting the appropriate ND filter that you’re using now i will take a picture without, any filter and focusing on the rocks All the way there of course, you, want to focus before putting the, nd filter on I want to make sure that my histogram is right in the center no peeking on the right or on the left now That i know, my shutter speed and the histogram looks good i will put my camera in manual mode i Will keep of course the same aperture f/8 and the same ISO 64 i will Make sure that the focus is on manual because once i put The filter in front of the lens the camera if it’s on autofocus will not be able to focus at all and You won’t be able to take the picture i will close the viewfinder In order not to let, any light pass through the viewfinder during the exposure and i will also Select the mirror lock-up because I don’t want to have any shake during my exposure grab my filter holder this iss the nd filter 15 stops and because my scene is super dark in the bottom and very Bright on top i also use a graduated neutral density filter this is a Three-stop soft which means has a soft edge between the darker part and the brighter part So these will darken the upper part of my scene I will place the filters in front of my lens, i will put the shutter speed on bulb oh The countdown has started I got my third, wave in the meanwhile My feet are completely wet and now, we just wait Something like a lot about long exposure photography is also that i’m able to Really, enjoy the scenery, while my camera is taking the photo It’s going to be fine i’m very happy with, my last exposure i think it’s a perfect representation of long exposure photography Unfortunately there is no clouds there won’t be crazy colors at sunset because sunset is actually right now and And this is it i hope you like, this video hope you enjoyed this kind of content if you have, any Question write me in the comments thanks for watching and i will see you in the next video One very last tip before going if you’re taking long exposure photography By the water and you’re, also making a Youtube video, maybe bring an extra pair of shoes


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  3. Mike Brownhill December 30, 2018 at 6:59 am

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    while shooting?

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