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what’s going on everybody Cam with monument limited we print t-shirts if you’re new here welcome to The Print Life In today’s video we’ll be sure and sui I got two packages in sup point this is going to be a blog today will actually be two different reviews first thing on the list is the pc the front there LS photo studio pro like it really a portable light and you get through all of them and they’re also led so this should last a long time you’re not like the highest quality things you can make do with three average equipment still make things look good then using LED fault as a weird-ass light bulb traditional light socket male thing this screws and rear with bond or move this out not a bad rig the best part is super affordable 24 like 70 bucks now we’re just going to test the actual light output pretty much couldn’t use this angle right now with the light on whoo yeah before after yes this is on amazon link in the description for like $79 for two of them first off the things that I like about this thing price and the overall quality is actually pretty good for that price you know this is metal the barn doors are metal those LED light bulbs some shirt are pretty expensive if you buy them into this individually that’s a pretty nice kit there’s nothing exceptional about the lamp shoes but it’s obvious it will get the job done there are some of the things I don’t like about it this fitting is plastic it feels like I guarantee if this thing did luck did drop not only with a light bulb break of course but this would probably break off the light head so make sure you don’t drop them the biggest complaint I have is the length of the of the cord total length is maybe five feet you’re going to have to have extension course got to utilize it which is fine but i wanted to have these I want to have these dedicated office like I’m not going to be moving around a lot so would have been nice to have the cord maybe 10 feet that’s my like a point though I wish there was another five full accord on this is the absolute biggest benefit of his kids a surprise 79 bucks can’t beat it check the Lincoln amazon i’m not affiliated with this shit or anything obviously I don’t have the subscriber follower count to pull something like that off you’d like cheap flights LS photo studio pro on amazon check my thumbs up subscribe and turn on notifications thanks for watching my review video jockey next time pieces


  1. LongviewGarage February 17, 2017 at 1:38 am

    Don't want to be notified, I'll just find it organically.

  2. Exit2 Designs February 18, 2017 at 6:06 am

    Hey man I came across your videos by chance and had to reach out and say good work. Keep crushing it. I'll be watching. ??

  3. Fabio Gutierrez Jr June 23, 2017 at 2:56 am

    dont worry muchacho, you'll get to that 1 casey neistat level one day… especially with the quality video yours pushing out

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