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Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com. Today we’re testing the LG 32UL950 which is
also advertised with a dash W suffix to denote the white color. It is a 32 inch 4k monitor with an IPS panel,
and it includes some neat features like FreeSync support and a wide color gamut for HDR although
it only has a 60Hz refresh rate. In this review we will start by looking at
the design and inputs of the monitor, and then move on to the picture quality. We will also look at the motion handling and
input lag. We will be closely comparing this monitor
with the Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q, as well as the ultrawide 5k monitor from LG – the 34WK95U
and the gaming Acer Predator X27. So we’ll start with the design. Like most other LG monitors, the UL950 has
a metallic crescent-shaped stand. It supports the monitor well, with only a
relatively small amount of wobble which is good. The stand also has some ergonomic adjustments,
as you can adjust the height, rotate the monitor portrait, or tilt it from back to front. Note that you can’t easily swivel it from
side-to-side without moving the whole stand. There is also a quick release to remove the
stand to access the VESA 100×100 mounting bracket, which is great especially for those
who plan to mount the monitor side-by-side with another. The borders are also thin, which looks good
without much gap. The build quality of the monitor also feels
good, with a solid stand and no loose parts around the monitor’s plastic exterior. The monitor does include a 19.5 volt power
brick, which plugs into the rear of the monitor. It is quite large, so you may need to consider
the placement of this if you care about a tidy desk. On the rear of the monitor close to the power
connection is a good range of inputs including a DisplayPort connection, HDMI and two USB
C thunderbolt 3 ports. One of these USB 3 ports can daisy chain a
4k 60Hz image to a second display and the other supports power delivery up to 60 watts
which is just enough for most MacBook pros. The controls are located under the front of
the display. The single joystick is easy to use and provides
good tactile feedback. We’ll now look at the picture quality. Like most LG monitors, the 32UL950 has an
IPS panel which provides accurate colors when viewed off-axis. This means that the sides of the screen remain
accurate when viewed from directly in-front, which is good for a uniform and accurate image. The vertical viewing angles are also great
and shouldn’t present any issues. Now onto the brightness. A high peak brightness in SDR is useful to
overcome glare in a bright room, and this monitor is one of the brightest we’ve tested
which is great. With local dimming enabled some smaller objects
in dark scenes get dimmed, which we’ll talk about later. When sending an HDR signal the monitor can
get the whole screen a bit brighter at almost 700 nits, but this is only sustained for a
few seconds and is likely just to reach VESA’s Display HDR 600 spec. On our real scene test pattern, the brightness
of a small object is closer to 400 nits, which is decent but won’t really make HDR highlights
stand out. For those in a bright room, good reflection
handling is important to avoid distracting glare. The performance of this LG is good and is
in the same ballpark as most other monitors so is unlikely to be an issue. Now for those in a dark room, a high contrast
ratio is important to deliver deep dark scenes. Unfortunately, the 32UL950 only has a decent
contrast ratio so blacks do appear gray. This is typical of monitors with IPS panels
and is in the same ballpark as these other comparable monitors. Now, this LG monitor does have local dimming
to improve the dark scene performance. Unfortunately, though it doesn’t work well,
as the zones extend vertically across the whole screen. This means that whole vertical columns of
the screen need to be darker for local dimming to have any effect so the contrast ratio measured
on our checkerboard pattern doesn’t change. Another important factor for those in a dark
room is the uniformity of dark scenes. This is often known as backlight bleed or
flashlighting. This does vary between units depending on
manufacturing tolerances, but the monitor we bought has very obvious flashlighting near
the right-hand side of the bottom edge. If you buy this model then please do let us
know how yours is or send a photo. Now for the color accuracy. The monitor is fairly accurate out of the
box, but none of the default picture modes including the sRGB picture mode follow our
sRGB gamma target very well. This is strange, as the monitor does come
with a factory calibration report but even our color temperature measurements differ
from the factory report by about 400 kelvins. Overall, this is fine for most people, but
for those who care about really accurate colors the Dell U3219Q is one of the most accurate
monitors we’ve tested out of the box. Now on to the HDR color gamut. This LG monitor also support HDR 10, which
is good for those who plan to game or watch movies in HDR. A wide color gamut is useful for HDR, as the
HDR10 format allows for a wider range of colors so the monitor’s gamut should be as wide
as possible to display them accurately. Unlike most monitors, the 32UL950 does support
a wide color gamut which is good however at about 77% of the DCI-P3 color space it isn’t
as good as the 34WK95U or Predator X27. Another important aspect of the picture quality
is the gradient performance. Smooth display of gradients is good for those
working with photos or videos, and for gamers that want better picture quality free from
banding. Thankfully, the LG offers excellent performance
here with the ability to display smooth 10 bit gradients. Now for the motion handling. Unfortunately, the 32UL950 is limited to a
60Hz maximum refresh rate, which is low for gamers. It is fine for editing documents or watching
videos but does result in a higher input lag and more persistence blur as we’ll see later. This monitor does support FreeSync variable
refresh rates though, which is useful to reduce screen tearing when gaming. Unfortunately, it is limited to a range of
40 to 60 fps. We also tested the variable refresh rate support
from our NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card and found that it does work, as long as FreeSync
is set to the ‘Ultimate’ range. You can see more about our tests of FreeSync
compatibility with NVIDIA graphics cards at our link down below. This monitor has a fast response time, so
only a short blur trail is seen behind our moving logo. Note that most of this blur trail is from
persistence, due to the refresh rate of 60 Hz. These slight duplications in the logo image
are a result of the PWM flicker of the backlight, which is unavoidable for this monitor when
reducing backlight below maximum. This may be a problem for those who are sensitive
to the 240Hz flicker or find it distracting. We measured the response time of the four
different overdrive settings which can be found under the ‘Response Time’ option
in the monitor menu. Off has no overshoot but is a bit slower resulting
in a bit more blur. Normal has a faster response time for less
blur, but again with no visible overshoot so is our recommended setting. The ‘fast’ and ‘faster’ settings each
add more overshoot which can be visible as a slight halo around fast moving objects. Overall, this is a very good result but isn’t
as good as the Predator X27 with no PWM flicker and faster response time with less motion
blur. Now, as mentioned before the input lag of
this monitor is limited by the 60Hz refresh rate. This is because the image scans from the top
to the bottom 60 times each second, so the bottom of the screen is refreshed about one-sixtieth
of a second after the top or about 16.6 milliseconds later. We measure the average input lag at the center
of the screen, which is theoretically limited at 60 hertz to about 8 and a half milliseconds. This monitor only has a small amount of processing
on top of this, resulting in our input lag of about 9 milliseconds. This is still very good and shouldn’t be
an issue for most people, but competitive gamers will prefer a monitor with a faster
refresh rate and lower input lag like the Predator X27. So overall, the 32UL950 is a very good monitor,
especially for office use or working with photos and videos. It offers a high-resolution screen and accurate
colors at an angle, and if you’ve got a laptop that supports thunderbolt 3 then you
can use a single USB C cable to charge your laptop and drive two 4k screens. Compared to the Dell U3219Q, both monitors
offer very similar picture quality and overall performance. The Dell has a slightly better stand which
allows it to swivel, but the LG supports daisy chaining the video signal to drive another
display. If you don’t care about either of these
features, then go with the cheaper one. The 34WK95U is an ultrawide monitor with about
5000 horizontal pixels which is sometimes called a 5k resolution. These two monitors do offer similar performance
otherwise though, except that the WK doesn’t support FreeSync. Go for the 34WK95U if you like the ultrawide
resolution, or the 32UL950 if you prefer the traditional 4k UHD format. The Predator X27 is a high-end monitor with
more gaming-oriented features. The design reflects this, as well as the higher
refresh rate and lower input lag. If you’re a gamer and can afford it then
the X27 is a better monitor but it comes at a high price. So that’s it! What do you think of this LG monitor? Have you bought it, and if so how will you
use it? Let us know in the comments. You can check out all of the measurements
on our website. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel,
or become a contributor. Thank you for watching and see you next time.


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