I’m in a good mood today I do my entry walking back, I’m a gangster so . I asked you on twitter what you would like to be or who you how you would like to be to realize your dream! namely transform you like that For example, if you dream of being Brad Pitt I can make you become Brad Pitt of course. Of course using a software called … Vegas Pro. AND NOT PHOTOSHOP * weird laught * Everyone in the youtubegames makes fun of me because … I am the last man alive using Vegas Pro to his editing 100% of people go to Adobe Premiere Pro and me I .. I stay in the past unable to evolve ok Enough with the jokes So she wants to be a balloon Well, it’s easy we will start by finding a wonderful picture of a balloon not? Wait, but I don’t know if the head is big enough yes it’s good, it’s good * Laughs * *Music* very good, I just spent 9 minutes trying to make someone a balloon * Laughs * Ah, it’s disgusting I like it enormously Im warming up myself, I admit it is not super good, but Im warming up myself Well I’d love to win in street cred Hey guys it’s hot here Wait I know what we will do, we will type gangsta on shutterstok Well ok, no need to do photo editing, it looks PV Nova This is fine, its good he will not break my balls good that’s done I always dreamed of being able to move with a Hand Spinner custom phew! Oh no ! But Germain, this position doesn’t go at all don’t do that Well I’ll realize your dream So ,we ae starting with isolating you * Mouse noise * I’m the only guy in the world to clip the hand You know about Photoshop you have the tool that cuts out alone, then BOOM its magic. I’m here with my f**king hand like a giant sh*t, that’s a scandal So now that Germain is isolated and we can do what we want with him From this small Germain And you know what, I’ll make you move on your own Hand Spinner buddy ah see, are we perfectionist now or not Hop, I believe, I’m not sure, I just might realize your dream And now, Germain that flies on its Hand Spinner is beautiful Tonight, opening your window at 2am because it’s getting super hot You’ll see maybe Nozman happened like that in heaven We do not know Maxenss who tell us: I would love to look like Mickael Jackson. And being on stage, thank you! Putin guy but there is far from Good base already, it just her face isolated Little face there, little face but not small nose! Ooohhh! * Laughs * He will smash me for saying it could * in Ok, no no no, do not believe that it is a joke and I cuts out a penis, this is done on purpose You’ll see For now it looks like that, but you will see later, it will be exceptional Haha! Oh yes, this one is good! This one is perfect Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for welcoming Maxenss Jackson on stage * Beat It by Michael Jackson * Amazing, outstanding, your dream has become reality Maxenss thank you. It’s magic, it’s magic! Well what else, what else, it was a bit easier eh! I always dreamed of being a Donuts, Chocolate! Wait, all youtubeurs they take advantage of what they let go! We YouTunes was our Donuts, there are more than to mix the two! Ah give me détrourer end of this boy, I arch hungry! It is 1:28 p.m., I still eat, it drives me crazy! In this summit was planned from the beginning, he knew that I had to eat, he just wanted to put me a huge slab Well done buddy, but you will do less evil when you have a hangover Donuts! Good guy I admit you did not become a Donuts but you had a stiff neck, you took what you had on hand to cure, this sorry YouTunes This is my boyfriend and me, you can ensure that it is Captain America in his place stp thank you In truth it has everything your boyfriend Captain America I would even say it’s Captain America but when he is dressed in superhero So that you may find it more attractive, I just have to add the Captain America mask And this is like a superman, it is recognized as soon as he has his mask Ok you are not satisfied I understand, if you want I can possibly add yourself Captain America’s eyes So, you really think it makes the most beautiful? You really think it makes it nice to have a look around? So love your friend as he is, and stopped fantasizing about what Putin Captain America Besides Iron Man is stronger What else, what other swindlers I love being bald stp Well there are lots of people who are bald and would like to reverse But hey if you want So you want a bald head, no worries, I find you this cushy Bald it’s everywhere man, including Google We will put you the bald head of a guy who made a photo shoot for pranks and jokes site it makes no sense what I’m doing Well I have a little trouble with this skull, he asks me trouble No, but here I prefer to tell you, but it’ll do *Music* Well here is what you would look like with a bald head and pieces of scenery behind you who disappears we do not know why, it’s not my fault, I know why maybe he had hair in the front seat and I was not sure how to fix it so I made the sea * e we do not know We’re going to compromise a guy, you can not say I want to be bald, like that it works I like this must be balanced if we remove something, you put it elsewhere the small blow solution I propose you, your hair will go here quite simply you can not remove the hair like that, they have to go somewhere otherwise it is impossible Well, according Give me the Totally Spies And yes !! With marfly, MARFLY hahaha Dude I fucking hungry Here a true question is, which is what girl? I’ll be Sam, because Sam is a little wisdom That’s kind of what I’m not finally In truth the real reason is that I was in love with her when I was little I was a fan, completely fan, I send letters and all TF1 To say, tell Sam that I love I’m Sam, this is done Great Carlito Oh, I think it is Jerry ridge is not at all … Dude, it’s too Carlito in older guy! Very clearly, and very white because he is near death Oh, Jerry careful approach Carlito Jerry-well on which the head because he realizes at that moment it has no pectoral And now, the totally spies It’s not bad, totarlito Excellent! Oh Mcfly! Makes us younger than you !! Ok, ok guys, ok ok ok I know your age you many complex we will immediately solve this problem together, today! Macfly, I found a picture of you when you were a baby instantly on google, I typed baby I came across macfly this image here resembling outright then after hard work Macfly it’s done, it’s good * laughs * Macfly became younger than me, missing more than Carlito attention and BIM, I think the guys there, I could not do better I hope you live better your thirties crisis thanks to this photo In any case I feel old already by seeing This one I have to print it and that I foute there like that when I feel bad I will watch it will get better Want athletes body! Ohlalalala, it’s terrible, they are irretrievable it’s two boys! I think it will be much simpler than it appears you will see This one I’m going to put only 15 minutes to do instead of 36! *Music* Well I have to work on this photo You thought it was unfeasible, but friends are watching we will spend a body that undergoes a little life to the beautiful shelves of chocolates! yeah and this assembly is well done! This is the first that I can do well, what’s going on buddy! As against what is his comrade Frankly it is quite muscular like that! I think there is not much to change anything Then we move on! I want Maurice, my cat takes me in his arms, stp Boy, I’d like to also my cats take me in their arms again they caress me, they feed me, etc … I’ll put good guy, I will realize that dream! Friends, I spent 20 minutes this photo For a moderately satisfactory result! * Clap * Yeah, it’s not crazy, well … And now friends, it’s already the end of this video feel free to love you if it has more I do not know if it will be short or not, but I think so because I no idea it was going to take me much time to the guy photoshoper images! And I will never again! I realize in height that I downright sea skill * e! I’m stronger than geography photo montage! You realize it or not? Yet on my thumbnail I’m doing well Look, here I am out to me, then I am quite slipped my finally I’m doing everything on my miniatures quickly A little !! Go, we still made 6 or 7 happy today with these wonderful fixtures was fulfilled dreams, and for that, we can be proud of us! I mean, get a balloon is still a chance! And everyone is not so lucky See you soon *Soft music* * Music * ET the extraterrestrial Generic * Music *


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