Lensbaby interview fashion photography with Kale Friesen

I firmly believe that inspiration is
best found in the things that you know and love. When I began taking pictures in 2006, I was shooting street images, architecture, and abandoned spaces
in France and around Europe. I still to this day have a very deep
adoration and respect for architectural lines and structures. But I was first inspired to shoot beauty
and fashion when I was introduced to the work of Cecil Beaton, Edward Steichen, Sarah Moon and Helmut Newton. Immediately I was obsessed with shooting
the human form. So, I spent countless hours on the web
and in books researching their work, studying their lighting and composition
in their images and reading about them as photographers. The first time I saw a tilt-shift
landscape image I was immediately thrilled by the possibilities of
shooting fashion and beauty with this effect. Something I find incredibly powerful is
being able to choose and manipulate the zone of focus on my subject – to draw the
viewer to a certain area in the image. That really excites me when I’m
experimenting. It just gives you such a different way of
approaching each shot and I think another huge plus is the full manual
controls of a Lensbaby system. It makes for a type of spontaneity that doesn’t
exist with most lenses. When I shoot the Edge 80 straight on
I get super sharp images with a really beautiful look that I think is unique to
this lens. And when I tilt the Edge 80, it gives me a seamless soft gradient of focus to that gorgeous slice of sharp focus. And in the end, I think that the Edge 80 has helped me create pictures I don’t think I could have with
other lenses. There’s something really special about this set of controls for me.

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  1. Masha Mocalova March 24, 2013 at 9:31 am

    beautiful pics!

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