Lekcja fotografii z Tadeuszem Rolke

Photography Lessons with Tadeusz Rolke Learning patience with an analogue camera I would rather choose
to buy a simple, cheap analogue camera. And using such a camera,
using an analogue camera, can teach a sort of concentration
and observation. We have film – let’s assume
that it’s a miniature camera – we have 36 pictures and
we go on holidays and there are places and events
which we use these 36 pictures for, and maybe we get another
roll of film from the bag… And now we want to take more
photographs, get better results, so we buy a digital camera. But we already have experience
with an analogue camera. Observing reality and searching for its geometry There is a method that is based on
walking with the camera – in this case it doesn’t matter
if it’s digital or analogue – we observe the reality surrounding us… but what do we pay attention to? We search for the geometry
of this reality… We look for places, it’s easiest to do
in urban areas, with walls, houses – tall, short – traffic signs. And we look for… we try to present
this reality in geometric figures. So we search for… here, for example,
we photograph a square window, just a window, aware that
we’re photographing a square. We see a chimney sticking out
of the background of a wall… We see a geometric situation there: that there is a triangle, we photograph
what seems to us to be a triangle. Somewhere else we have a rhombus. We have the first exercise
in noticing the reality that it’s not a window but a square. And the road sign is not a ban
on entry but a triangle. And this is one of the ways of
entering the world of photography. Photograph people in natural situations May I photograph you with children? With people, it is necessary to overcome
their fear of being photographed – whether it is an aunt at a party
or a situation on the street – we have to have such
a relationship with the aunt that she won’t cover herself
with her hand, won’t say: ‘do not take my picture because
I’m not wearing make-up today’. We have to be in such contact that
she will say ‘take a photo of me now!’ There is a good way of photographing
so-called unphotogenic people, to photograph them when they talk, not face to face with us –
the photographer and the person, there is this falseness
and embarrassment… However, when someone talks about
something very important to them, and the conversation is a conflict! There is a difference of opinions and they forget at some point
that there is a photographer nearby. Observe, wait, predict situations There are situations when you wait… when taking street photography
there can be situations in which what is going to happen
in a while can be predicted, somebody approaches someone… And a photographer with some
experience takes a photo, non-posed! He does not directly intervene – he doesn’t say ‘move
two steps to the left’ – he sees a certain situation between
people, but those people move, and you can predict that this
person will move to the right, and when he does he
will be near the person who is standing and picking his nose,
and I am waiting for this situation because that person picking his nose and that person who is going
to appear next to him – it will be an interesting photograph. It is also – I’m talking
about street photography – it is also an interesting method,
because it gives huge experience. Will this waiting work for us? Will this person turn
at the last moment and there won’t be a photograph? Can we put away the camera?


  1. NIEDZWIEDZ May 27, 2017 at 10:48 am

    czekam na więcej materiałów o fotografach 🙂 są świetne

  2. Tomek Kaminski April 10, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Mądrość taka życiowa bije od Pana Tadeusza. Słucha się z szacunkiem i skupieniem

  3. Lukigol001 May 24, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    Ten facet to legenda Warszawy

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