LED Studio Lighting Kit – Adorama CL1144R Review + Discount

If you’re looking for studio lights and specifically
LED lights then stay tuned, watch this video as I review the Adorama FlashPoint CL1144R.
Hi there, David Walsh here, once again, from DavidWalshOnline.com and in this video I am
going to review a LED lighting studio system. Specifically, the Adorama FlashPoint CL1144R.
Now, a couple of weeks ago we received an email from a company called Adorama who liked
our YouTube videos and wanted to send us a lighting system. So, we replied back and thinking
that they wouldn’t actually send us anything because they’re based in the US.
Well, a few weeks followed and they send an email saying “Hey, we are sending the lighting
system to you”. And two days later Mr FedEx delivered a big box of stuff.
So, we’re going to do an unboxing of the CL1144R and show you what’s inside.
So, here we have the box itself. So, we’re just going to pop this open. So,
what do we get? Inside we have a very nice, indeed, carry
case. So, we have a case for our light. As you can see it is a circular light. CL stands
for Circular Light. And the 1144 stands for how many LED lights there are on it and you
may have guessed correctly; yes, it does have 1,144 lights.
So, let’s pop open this bad boy and see what’s inside the case.
So, we open up. So, we have our electrical chord which we’ll come to in a minute.
So, let’s get to the meat of it. And here we have the light itself! So, as you can see
it is circular and it has 1,144 LEDs in here. And we can see we have , actually, a dimmer
on the back, as well, which is very nice and we’ll come to that in a minute, and we also
have a DC in point. So, it fits your standard lighting tripod
on there. I didn’t get any because of the little customs thing since they were sending
it for free. But that’s fine since there are plenty lying around here, anyway.
And you can adjust it. Put it in that and that will adjust right there. Very nice indeed,
very sleek. So, let’s have a look at the little doodadies
that come with it. So, here we have the electrical doodady. So, this is very long.
And, one of the things I have a problem with, with studio lights is that they tend to have
very short leads or cords. So, we can see this is long, indeed. It’s about 5 metres
or so. So, that is very long and we’re using one
right now. It’s actually over there. And it’s, actually, very welcome that the cord or lead
is very long because sometimes it is an issue with having to get a lead, plug that into
that, plug the lead into something else… Just to get some lighting into your subject.
And we, also, have a lead that goes into that, and that again is about another 5 metres.
So, you’re looking at about 10 metres in total or about 30 feet for your connections to your
light, which is really, really good especially in a studio.
I’ve been in lots of studios with lots of professional lights. The leads are typically
short and it’s a problem and a nightmare when you’re lighting a subject on a shoot.
Next we have our little user manual. Our little user manual, in there, which is quite good.
The other thing that it comes with is a little diffuser sock.
So, we have a, it’s not a shower cap but it, actually, is a little sock that fits over
the light. Now, it can be a little bit fiddly. We have put one on the light that we are using.
It can be a little fiddly. In my view it could have been, maybe, an extra half an inch or
an inch longer just to make it that bit easier but if you stick with it you will, actually
get this on here. I’m not going to demonstrate it because my
fingers are far too big for this operation. Now, the temperature on these is 5600 kelvin.
There isn’t an option to change that temperature but for the use I’m using it for that is fine.
Other features of the light as well as that, it does come with a holder for an umbrella
so if you’re doing photography you can pop an umbrella on there and diffuse the light
a little bit more. Now, another thing that this kit comes with
is an LED controller. So, if we open this bad boy; we can see we have the controller
here and, again, this is about another 5 metres length or so.
If we open that up, boing, boing, boing. So, nice and long so you can have your light,
especially if you’re doing self-shooting, you can have your light pop this in, do a
little twickie – twickie and you’re good to go on there. And again you just pop it in
the back, like so and you’re good to go. It actually is a really good piece of kit.
Now, one of the things I was wondering about is about portability and, especially if you’re
out and about doing your shoot and stuff like that. Now, it doesn’t come with an option
for a battery pack. I did give them a call. They said there is
a battery pack but they couldn’t find it. So, as of this moment I haven’t found a portable
pack that you can use with this. I am sure there is somewhere.
If you’re very creative and have used systems like this before you probably have something
that you can use. But there isn’t an option to plug in a portable battery on it so you
would probably have to be creative to get that.
If you are using it in a studio, this is phenomenal. It’s really – really good.
Zero heat off this. I’ve been using the one here and there is zero heat. I do have some
other lights in here and it’s actually getting a little bit hot and that’s from those other
lights rather than the LED one that we have here.
Now, what I can do is show you, actually, the dial in action. So, we’re about 35% right
now. So, if I dial this up you can see that is throwing a lot of light. So, that’s gone
up to 100% and I can go all the way down. So, that’s 10%. So, it goes from 10 to 100
percent on that, on the dial there. It’s not a slider, so those people who prefer
to have their own specific one, this does have notches on it so you have to fiddle with
them. But other than that it’s actually really – really good.
Looking at the website a lot of the reviews say that there is no flicker. Using this one
we have, actually, experienced flicker but it’s typically when we have the controller
plugged in. Once we unplug the controller the flicker disappears.
So, if you do experience a little bit of flicker just unplug the controller and it will, probably,
go away for you. So, there you go, that’s the review of the
Adorama FlashPoint CL1144R. I got the jewelled kit. It also comes in a
single. It also comes in an interview kit, as well, which will give you two of the 1144s
and also a 500R as well, which is 500 LEDs on that. And, also, comes with 3 stands as
well. It, also, comes with a bendy one that you can prop up for your 500R.
So, those are your three options with this particular lighting system.
Adorama have kindly given us a discount for you to get 10% off the lighting system. The
code is in the description below. So, go ahead if you are looking for a lighting
system I would highly recommend this one. We are not being paid for this. They just
send it over and we are highly impressed with this particular system.
So, if this is something you are looking for and you would like a discount then pop in
that code. Again, the link is in the description below and you’ll get this sent directly to
you. Shipping is very fast. I didn’t expect Adorama
to actually send me anything because we’re based in the UK. But they did. They FedExed
it over and it was here very – very quickly. So, their shipping, I can attest to, is very
– very good. Now, if you are using the FlashPoint CL1144R
or 500R let me know in the old comments below and how you are finding it.
If you’re not already a subscriber make sure to hit the subscribe link on this video right
now and, also, click on one of the other videos that are on here, as well.
I want to thank you for watching this video all the way to the end.
I look forward to seeing you on another video very soon.
Bye for now.


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