Learn How to do Low Light Night Landscape Photography without flash | GMax Studios #1

hello and welcome back to GMax Studios
today we’re going to talk about how to shoot in low light. That’s a question
that a lot of people have been asking me and I have really not had the
opportunity to go and address it in full so I decided to take the view right out
of my window and show you how shooting in low-light is done. So let’s take a
look. So this is the view outside my window
and as you can see that there are a lot of festival lights apart from the usual
lights in the buildings and since I’m shooting video right now I’m shooting at
1/50th of a second at f2.8 at ISO 2000 but when we are taking a photo we will not be using
these settings because while taking photographs we can go for extremely
long exposures and therefore we don’t have to boost the ISO so much and yet capture the
picture. So I have my camera and the first thing that you need to do is
shooting in low-light while capturing cityscapes or landscapes is to keep the
camera on a tripod. So that having been done I’m using a 17-35 lens which is set
at approximately 24 mmm and I’m using an aperture of 5.6 because most
of the people that use kit lenses will have this aperture available to them. So I
am at 24mm on my 17-35 lens at an
aperture of 5.6 and just by prior experience I’m going to shoot it at the
very lowest ISO which is ISO 100 and do manual shutter speed of 20
seconds so let’s do that subset the focus point do almost
infinitely because the huge landscape outside cityscape outside and I am going
to rest the shuttle now I have got it on dying so that I can shoot and move my
hand away and the shutter weekly after 10 seconds selectivity creation from my
hand when I take it off or something they see so we have twenty seconds and
yes I think this picture’s major town are pretty fine because prior experience
tells me that five point six so i’m good at a 20 second exposure is pretty good
to expose a lot of stuff so let’s see there is and yes pretty impressive F 5.6 20 seconds at I saw hundreds a
great place to stop if you feel that it would just be bribed you can of course
cut down the exposure to 15 seconds ten seconds or if you feel that the pictures
still dark and you would like to have a brighter than you can be increased
exposure down to thirty seconds or maybe open up the aperture of it said that’s all from GMAC studios do
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