LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY in Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve | MAASTIKUFOTOGRAAFIA Alam-Pedja looduskaitsealal

Good morning! Today I’ve come here to Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve and today I’m going to the swamp. It’s getting bright already as you can see behind me. So… today I’m gonna shoot the landscapes with my drone and we’ll see what can we get. Just few moments ago as I arrived with my car, a moose cow went across the road with two calves and it was so awesome! And… when I parked my car here, then I head some real cracking in the bushes on that clearing. A bear or a moose. Don’t know which one it was. I waited a little bit, but didn’t come out. So yeah! Okay, let’s go to the swamp. The sun will rise soon. It’s not so dark in the woods, so I don’t need my headlamp anymore. I see some light already, so we’re not very far from the swamp. Quite nice and cool primeval forest is here behind me. So yeah! I’ve been here in this swamp before, but I’ve always used another way to get here, which is longer actually. I looked the map and found another road to here. A shorter one! And closer to the bog pools. So I thought to try this way. I’ve never used this track and it really is shorter! A few hundred meters more and we should arrive to the swamp. I have arrived to the swamp now in the Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve. The sun will rise very soon. Already painting the clouds in front of me. It’s really really beautiful! I’ll try to take some shots here now and move on! I want to use this nice sky, because this beautiful ruddy clouds will always improve the shots very much. You see this? Sun is painting the clouds and the sky is so beautiful and red! Absolutely amazing! And there’s some mist too! So awesome! So great! I’m so happy I came today! Haven’t been in the swamps for a while, because the weather hasn’t been so great or just busy with work. Today I finally came here and already get this stunning sunrise! Super! Okay, I’ll move on a little bit! It’s absolutely amazing morning today! I like it so much! The mist is getting stronger too. So cool! Actually I’m little late! I should have come here about 20 minutes earlier. I was checking the forecast in the night at home and thought about where should I go to. Should I go to the Endla or come to Alam-Pedja here! It’s so nice morning anyway! Okay! I’ll move on, trying to use this play of colors here on the bog pools and I think we should soon fly with the drone too. So I’m trying to take off the drone and let’s see how it all looks like from the air! I don’t have smooth and flat ground here, so I have to take off from the hand. We’ll see what happens! Anyway… here we go! Got it! It was really awesome! The mist wasn’t very big viewed from the air, but still nice anyway! I’m gonna pack my drone now and walk around the bog pools here and take some photos. The sun came more out from the clouds now. And after that I’ll get some nice place where to sit down, drink some hot tea and just spend some time here. So… I’ve now finished the shooting for today. It’s time to take out my hot blackcurrant tea and enjoy the idyll! It’s the end of August, the season of deer flies. These deer flies are very annoying! But there’s nothing to do! Have to accept them! Luckily there’s not so many here. There’s more in the woods where I came from in the morning. There are some signs of autumn here already. As much I’ve been in the nature during these years, I’ve noticed that autumn will arrive sooner in the swamp then other places. While it’s all still green in other places, there’s not so many greenery in the swamp anymore at the end of August. There’s yellow and brown tones around quite a lot. So yeah! The autumn is close! It is so nice to be here in the wild nature in the swamp with no one around and sit here at the bog pool and drink some hot tea and enjoy the nice morning. I thought should I come to the Alam-Pedja here or go to Männikjärve swamp in Endla, but… I’ve been in Endla so many times already and I feel that it’s not so interesting to me anymore. And second… it’s more like tourist swamp. There’s so many people there and if you… like to have… some privacy and enjoy the silence, then it’s not the best place for that. So I thought to come to Alam-Pedja and take some photos here and spend my morning here. I haven’t been here for a while. Last time was in June. It was also a nice morning on that day. Usually I don’t come here very often, but today I came. And it was great to see the moose in the early morning. It was too dark for taking a photo and they quickly went across the road in front of the car, but it was still awesome to see in the car lights, how the moose cow went across the road in the dark from one woods into another and two calves with her. So yeah! Awesome! There’s plenty of wildlife here. I’m gonna finish my tea here and sit for a moment and I think that’s it for today! I’ll take my backpack and go home. It’s quite hot days now. There’s about 25-26 degree during the day, no wind and it’s getting hot. So it’s nice and refreshing to be in the swamp early morning before the sunrise. So… I’ve come from the swamp into the woods, arriving to my car soon and I guess I’m gonna end now. I’ll see you again next time in the woods! Feel free to like, share and comment my videos and also start following me on my channel if you’re not already! This way you can always see my posts and follow my actions in nature. Okay! Bye!

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