Keith & Becky’s $3,000 Junk Room Makeover • Try DIY

– DIY Not! – Did I make man bear Keith? (laughs) (table saw wiggle) – You have a microwave. (electric drill)
– Oh – That’s how it is now. It’s done. – The people have been asking, it’s finally here. (high energy rock music)
– [Ned} Welcome to Try DIY. The show where we transform
our friend’s forgotten spaces, into beautiful new interiors, using the power of of DIY. Ariel knows what she’s
doing and I’m her husband. Why DIY Ariel? – [Ariel] It’s cool to be
able to do something yourself, also rewarding. – [Ned] And it saves money. Each episode, we’re gonna
listen to what our friends need and set them up with the DIY project that will help them save
money and be awesome. – [Ariel] Right. This show is about making
our friends awesome. – [Ned] First, let’s go
meet Keith and Becky. – Well you know Keith and Becky. – You guys know them,
but you know it’s like we’re trying to make it like- – Show, – Like one of those HGTV shows. (jazzy guitar music) (knock on door) – [Group] Hi! Hello! – Come on in! – Hello, good to see you. – [Keith] So this is our apartment, we’ve been here for about three years. We brought a lot of
IKEA furniture and then over the course of three years, sorta replacing them piece by piece. It actually started
with this coffee table. So this was given to us by a friend, then we were sorta like happy with it, we thought “Oh we should get more stuff, that looks just like this.” – [Becky] Yeah. (laughs) – [Ned] Nothing but dark wood panel. – [Keith] This is actually
not the problem area that we need help with. – [Ned] What’s the problem? – Problem is the room, you’ve never seen cause
the door is always closed. – I always thought that was just a closet. – No, well it is.
– That’s one way. – Yeah actually is a more
accurate description. Today, we are redoing our shame room. Affectionately known as Keith’s room. – [Keith] It is a room
that only has junk in it. Early on it was just Keith’s junk. More and more and more stuff
get- get in put in there, and now its just sort
of nobody’s happy place. – I grew up in a house that was very very clean all the time and very well decorated, so having something
that I look at everyday that is not clean and not decorated, it’s like the Catholic guilt comes on and I’m not even Catholic anymore. Through here! – Oh my god.
– Oh dear. (tense suspenseful music) – [Keith] It’s kinda
like going to a Goodwill. – You have a microwave. – [Ned] You’re telling
me that if you need to microwave something
you walk into this room and use that one on the floor. – Yeah, you sit on the floor. – Check this guy out. I sewed this myself. It was supposed to be an
octopus but it ends up looking a lot more like
an octopus made of dicks. I mean they’re pretty good
dicks, (Ariel and Ned laughs) they’re not the worse dicks in the world. – [Becky] Keith’s room
is culmination of Keith taking the joke too far. Everything that’s in there is
at one point a joke (laughs) that Keith had and he took it too far. – A beautiful piece of horse art that was purchased at gas station. – [Ariel] It’s signed. – Yeah, cause it’s art. – This though, check this out. This is a Mount Futurmore. – That Futurama (laughs)
– [Keith] It’s beautiful! – It’s so big, but it’s so
funny (laughs) I love it. My best friend made it. – I do like the really big
picture of Keith going like this. That’s probably my favorite thing. I think his face is cute, if you wanna do a full wall of his face I would be more okay with that
than the Furturama poster. – (laughs) See he’s gonna take it too far and he’s gonna actually do it. – That’s great! – All of my accolades before. – This. Naked Keith – Having real accolades. And then in this dresser, its just full of like Frisbees
and juggling equipment. This one’s not even opened. (laughs) – Wow. – When was the last time you
played with a Fresbee sir? When was the last time? (laughs) – I know that this room
causes them a lot of conflict. – Yeah strange amount of conflict. – And if we can transform this it’s gonna improve their relationship. – We’re gonna save their marriage. – Whoa. – We’re gonna save their lives. That’s what this show is about. – This show is about saving lives people. – This show is about saving lives. – What is your vision for the guest room? – I think it could be a fun flip to make it more of a Becky’s room. – I do my makeup in the
bathroom and our room where we do not use the shower. So we shower in one place and do skincare and
makeup in another place and do our hair in another place. – Wow. – I’d be nice to do
everything in the same place. – [Ariel] Okay – [Ned] That really seems ideal – Did you guys find that you need space apart from each other? – There are definitely times where – [Becky] There are not.
– Becky has her friends over to watch ‘Vanderpump
Rules’ or something else I don’t really want to be apart of that. – Somewhere else Keith
can play his video games, – I’m fine with that.
– That’s not the main area. – We also want that to be a guest space. I’d like it to be more
of a multipurpose room, I don’t think we want a bed. – We’re not making a hotel room here. Like a TV room. – [Off Screen man] Den!
– A den! – Some storage that makes
sense in there would be good because we don’t have a lot of closet. – So what is you style? – Becky changes her mind a
lot about what she likes. She loved every piece that
we put into this house. Everything here except for
the coffee table, Becky chose. She chose where it went. She chose when we got it. It was Becky’s choice and then she’ll stand there and be like “I don’t like this.” Well we bought it. – I wouldn’t say that
I change my mind often, but I would say I change my
preferences often. (laughs) – Oh look at this. How cool. How chic. In two years, Becky
will hate this. (laughs) – I have an idea for what we’re
gonna do in there already. – How you know? – [Ned] So how we’re gonna
turn it from Keith’s room into Keith and Becky’s room? – Well they want to do
a lot with this room. That makes it pretty
easy to chose furniture. They need some very specific pieces. They need a really good pull-out couch, something with drawers that they can keep whatever they need to, that will also be the TV stand. We need to create a little vanity space, but the vanity needs to
work as a desk because Keith wants to work from home in there. So instead of having a desk chair, we’re gonna do like a decorative chair because they want all of this furniture to travel with them to the next place. We’re gonna get two of the same cause what are you gonna do
with one decorative chair? They can take these
chairs to the next place and maybe use them at the
end of their dining table. – Maybe be symmetrical. That’s a good tip. (upbeat funky music) – Alright, Keith, Becky, its time to clean out this junk room. – Oh boy.
– Exciting. – I’m so excited for you. – Go!
– Yay! (lighthearted fast music) – Is this an old drivers license? – [Keith] Yeah, (Becky laughs)
what do you do with those? – Coming through.
– [Ariel] Wow. – Excuse me.
– Oh boy! – [Keith] We’re making real
quick work of a lot of relics. – [Ariel] All right,
we’re gonna take these and decide what we’re
gonna put on the wall. Don’t keep too much. – This whistle was the
whistle that I used every show when I was in ‘Mission
Improbable’ (whistles) Wow. (playful guitar music)
– Let’s take apart this thing. You know we could put
some of that in a frame. – What’s in this box? – Oh what’s in that box? – Look at all these! – I know. – Look at all these! – Look at them.
– We have to just use these. – Yeah. – Should we open one now? – Yeah. – Something that I like to do, is that if you have
memorabilia that goes together, you can put it in a frame together so here’s one of the
postcards you wrote to Keith when you guys were living apart, which is so sweet. And here’s a bunch of the other ones and I’m just gonna stick them
on the back of the frame. – Now this might just look
like an ordinary table saw. (plays table saw) Are there ghosts in here? – Whoa. – There’s something under this. (laughs) – What is it? – I dunno, I must have like repurposed it. – Let’s see. – It’s Keith. – [Together] As a man-bear! – Oh cool! You made that for me. – I did make this collage. – [Keith] So you put that there. – I don’t remember man-bear Keith. But this does look like my handwriting. (spooky music) Did I make man-bear Keith? (hearty piano music) – How’s
the day going so far Ariel? – The day’s going great. We are getting rid of so much stuff. – [Ned] Yeah we’re giving a lot away. – [Ariel] I also didn’t know
how much stuff was in that room – [Keith] There’s just so many memories, I don’t get rid of them. If I don’t have the physical
item to remind me of the time, what if I forget. – He’s crazy. He keep everything. He doesn’t throw anything out and he wants to throw out
beautiful gift from my parents. – Like these. – Adorable – What do we do with these?
– Kim saw them and thought, – Becky. Keith. – Burger. King.
– Becky Keith! My ma gave that to you. So we can have it together. – So we’re about midway into the process and we actually haven’t gotten
into any of Becky’s stuff. – Well, we threw away her
mug and she stole it back. – [Ariel] Right.
(mischievous laugh) – Wow you have a lot
of cool stuff in here. Oh hey Ariel. – What are you guys
getting rid of in here? – Well stuff cause
there’s a lot of keepers. – [Ariel] Is that right? You know, my other rule is that, if you haven’t used it in a year, it goes. – [Ned] How are they doing with your idea, that they’re only going to keep the things that will be displayed. – That went out the window immediately. We had to create a
memory box full of stuff that could not get displayed but was not going to be thrown away. – You said that, that
was you special whistle, is this also a special whistle? – Nah that is just some
other fucking whistle. – Garbage. – [Ariel] Where’s your special whistle? – This one. – [Ariel] THey’re doing so well
at being emotional about it and then being like “now
we’re getting rid of it.” and I’m impressed. – Keith, it’s time to get serious. We need to start throwing things away. – Okay. This is garbage. – Let’s throw this away.
– Garbage. – Oh wow that was sad. (laughs) (fast-paced guitar music) (vacuum humming)
– Oh she’s working hard. – [Ned] Oh my god, it’s a different color. – [Keith] Wow look at it. – Guys, this room looks awesome. – I can’t believe it. It has not looked like
this for three years. – There’s only one thing left. Does it fit in the memory box? – Yeah, Ned, yeah.
– Yeah. – Squish it down. – If we put a book on
top of this we’re good. – Then we can keep it! (cheers) – Keeping the cocktapus. – The cocktapus lives another day. – Now that the room’s all cleared out, you guys ready to start the DIY project. – DIY not! (lighthearted music) – What are we doing Keith
and Becky’s DIY project? – The story behind this DIY is that Becky really wants this vanity she
found at Urban Outfitters. It has a half circle mirror
with a shelf underneath, so we’re gonna make one for her. – How much does that cost? – $400? – Okay. – And this is a $50
mirror and and $20 shelf. Step one, you want to screw the shelf into the wall, you want to make sure it’s level. – [Ned] Step two, install the mirror, what’s step three? – Enjoy it. – Whoa, two steps? – Everything has to be level, and one thing we’re gonna throw at them is we don’t have the desk yet so, – They’re just gonna have to measure. – They’re just gonna have to measure where the desk is gonna go. – So on the rear wall, you
guys are doing a gallery wall. – Yeah. – Which, you can actually
watch on Try Wive Wine Time. That project was so fun that Ariel and Becky did it themselves. – We did, we opened a bottle of wine and decided to this
very complicated framing and hanging project by ourselves drunk. It was fun. – That’s her. (light energetic music)
– All right, here we go. Got the tools! – Oh wow, that’s a big tool bag. – Oh this is still here. (sad violin music)
– Bye Mount Futuremore. Bye Bender. – Goodbye.
– Bye Fry. – Bye Professor.
– Bye. – Bye Dr. Zoidberg. – Oh no, you’re not keeping that one? (Becky laughs)
– I’m gonna figure out a way. – You guys have a super easy DIY project. The only thing I could think of is that you’ll get it off center. – So we hung this picture over our bed. – We hung it, it was not level. I drilled a new hole and then I- – I had to drill another hole.
– There were a bunch of holes – There can only be so many
holes that close together before the hole rips apart
and there nothing on the wall, so that’s how it is now. It’s done. – I’m scared. We’re just gonna leave you guys
to it and be back in a sec. – Okay.
– All right. (playful music)
– Can you get a piece of tape? Oh my god Becky. – It’s fine. – She’s dropping tape on the floor. Just put it above and
then we’ll put it on. – (laughs) I’m trying. – Okay is it centered with the blue tape? – No. – Tell me which way. – I dunno. – You gotta know. – What is this? – That’s just where she
put the tape initially. – Why’d she put this here?
– Take it off the wall if it’s bothering you. I didn’t put the tape there. I don’t know. – You guys look like you’re doing great. – Oh we feel great Ariel. (drills)
– Do it. – Is it supposed to make that noise? – No you gotta push in
harder on the screw. – Oh yeah I’m gonna take it from here. – Oh I binked it. (intense music) – There’s a shelf on the wall look great. – You did it. – Let’s check the level. – Yeah
– Let me shake this man’s hand – We did it. – We did it. – Isn’t it worth $100 to
pay someone else to do it? – You’re doing great. Look you put the shelf up. You are worth $100. – Uh huh that’s so little. (drills) – That is a commitment in the wall. – That’s how you hang stuff. – That is a commitment. – That is how you hang stuff, you gotta hang it. You gotta put a hole in
the wall and hang it. – I can’t see anything. – Now I can’t get it off. – Well, we’ll let you get frustrated for a little bit longer. – Great. – And then uh come back and
check in with you in a sec. Water? Coffee? Tea? Anything? – Maybe water. – Some water. Okay you got it. – There’s gotta be someone
who’s gotta invent a way to even see what you’re fucking doing. Yeah, it’s just too wide. – Oh no, that’s how we
had with the picture. – I know but I measured it. – I’m not saying its you. I’m saying its the house. – I know, well it’s clearly me. – Our holes are too big, we gotta get them a
little smaller together, so we’re gonna move it
up all about a half inch and in about a quarter inch on each side. – Member when your whole bit was, “you guys figure it out
yourselves.” (laughs) Okay. – Here we are. – That was our bit. (drills)
Yes Keith. – Yes Keith.
– Yas Keith. (playful music)
– Found the stud. – Hey. (vacuum hums)
– Normally I’d make a hilarious joke
right about now. (Becky laughs) – All right, let’s hope it fits. I think mines on. – It’s not level though. – You know what we could do? Let’s put a piece of tape and
it’ll lift it just that much. – Hack. – That is pretty good. We did it. – I think now that it’s in, we leave it forever. – Great I would love if you would apply that philosophy to everything in our home. I appreciate your help. I’m sorry I got frustrated in the process. – Can we all hug and make up? I feel like I need a hug. – I think we all need a hug. – I’ve never seen Keith quite that angry. – Think about it this way, it was a day of frustration
to replace daily – frustration. – Frustration. – Let’s get some furniture in here! (cheers) (funky music) – Here we are back at Keith and Becky’s. We’ve got the furniture delivered. It looks awesome, with the makeup mirror, that Keith and Becky did. – They did a great job. Now we’re gonna have Keith and Becky leave the apartment and
Ariel and I are gonna put on the finishing touches
and then surprise them. Nice haircut by the way. – Hey thanks. – It looks great. (lighthearted funky music) – [Ned] The room is all done. – Let’s get them in here. – Let’s get them in here. Okay, I’m excited. I hope they like it. Okay guys, come on in.
Keep your eyes closed. – You got to put me somewhere. – Keep your eyes closed.
– They’re still closed. – You can open your eyes in three, two, one. (Excitement)
(energetic techno music) – [Becky] It’s so bright. It’s just calming to be in here, like I wanna get my book and read. – [Keith] A clock! – [Becky] We can tell time! – We don’t have a single
clock in this house. – We don’t know what time it is. – Oh my goodness. I’m so excited for Keith and Becky. What a transformation. – I’m excited for us, I’m going to spend a lot of time in this- – I’m going to be spending
time in this room too. – [Keith] It feels much
bigger than it was, it’s probably a seventh
or an eighth of our home. – Yeah that we just never used before. – I’m excited when people
come over to be like, oh look at this room. – Oh people are gonna be shocked, we’re having a party in here on Saturday, having this extra space
to like funnel people in, it’s gonna be so awesome. – The DIY project, I know
was a little challenging, but it looks really great. – I’m really proud of them. – What if I put my feet? – Yas. – Then I can be the table. – You’re the table. (cheers) (high energy music) – [Zach] This unfinished
room is just this like, nagging little thing in
the back of our brains, that I know upsets her. – [Ned] Zach is going to redesign this entire room with our help, you’re not going to be able to see the end until it’s all done. You’re just gonna have to trust him. (high energy funky music) – I feel like it’s missing just one little something.
– No. – Look he matches the decor though. – No. – What if we hide his dicks? (laughs) look at that! – Maybe he’ll sleep in a drawer away. – We’ll just put him here for now. – Maybe he’ll sleep in a drawer. Yeah – We’ll just leave him right here.


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  78. Binyu Wang August 7, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    I really like the sofa!!! Could I know what it is called?

  79. Alexia August 7, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Becky, Keith
    Burger, King
    Hotel? Trivago

  80. jennifer barnes August 7, 2019 at 11:40 pm

    becky: its keith as a man bare!
    keith: oooo! cool! 😀

  81. Ryllie Burke August 8, 2019 at 1:47 am

    No one:

  82. tOmAtO jAy August 8, 2019 at 9:32 am

    Can we just take a moment to talk about how pretty ariel is like damn I wanna look that good when I’m older now I know why Ned always talks about her

  83. Iedin Draws August 8, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    cough cough Keith is the definition of a cough cough hoarder.

  84. Elyika August 8, 2019 at 4:33 pm


  85. Greenly31 August 8, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    Were can i get myself one of those memory boxes from?? Ariel your amazing!

  86. Magic Ocean August 8, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    When it said try diy and Ariel and Ned turned around bed had me dying

  87. WhatLenaLikes August 9, 2019 at 6:36 am

    “Ariel knows what she’s doing, and I’m… her husband!”

  88. The Dark Pearl August 9, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Ariel did not come here to fuck spiders but Ned 100% did

  89. Christy Tran August 9, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    i keep on trying to close the intro banner because i think its a pop up ad

  90. Hedda Holberg August 9, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    “You won’t play frisbee with me” why does Keith sound like a sad puppy?!

  91. Bamsie August 10, 2019 at 3:45 am

    Becky: can we all hug and make up? reaches for keith
    All: yeah yeah let's hug
    Keith: reaches for Ned

  92. arnelia lie August 10, 2019 at 5:54 am

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    Me to my bf… ALL. the. time.

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    He should have called the octopus that looks like dicks, Cocktopus.

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