Jak tworzyć napisy do filmów w pliku SRT

I warmly welcome movies, I will show you how prepare subtitles for the movie on youtube the houses also have a full transcript of the whole content of 45 elements to excel is entered the number of elements they are made with web speech api demonstration which it on the film next to the movie transcribes from this on a regular basis what’s up in a virtual audio cable for the text but returning to my mother methods we have 3 minutes 49 seconds The 45 elements we wrote are you day seconds in total seconds on average element with plus a break in seconds and it’s all elegant substitute formulas that are where it is I am interested in asking for information I will be happy to share such a bootable file and we have 45 elements that that we buy to notepad and I already I have such a clean element ready in where life is just subtitles and writes to the srt on file it keeps the format suitable for youtube we do control c control v we have copies we exchange for our inscriptions in Polish and you can just as easily wearing our language subtitles convert Polish into any other language google translator on can see backlight and often used, we paste our text after Of course, this one is divided into 45 elements not the one we dig into drop out and choose English from we immediately have the translation right away we are archiving enough good enough for ourselves here Polish language at the end and we move English to the beginning and from we can substitute the subtitles that we have very simply in a few moves he copies it’s definitely gone and the safe is already there the same is the name itself file name to keep formatting clean heart to be control c control v and change to English subtitles and these two files too we import ourselves to youtube subtitles so in the edition we will enrich the film o subtitle sign was test by checking we can overwrite it, replace the file of course I choose the method a little bit earlier of course youtube nicely divides here all according to how he speaks we have it would really be very long and to our short ones instructional videos can be done the most to use these subtitles from the machine made rigidly green I choose with English and we send it the same way with subtitles for the editor on here transkribus synchronizes but we choose ours fixed segments 5 seconds and seconds less than a pause, we choose our mother already broadcast live you have published and so You can add a lot of languages ​​to recommend quite a good solution and here already is the end of our broadcast


  1. Kpt Ackbar June 12, 2019 at 8:04 am

    Wszystko spoko, poza tym, że ludziom doradzasz żeby do google translatora wrzucać napisy??? xD To tak na poważnie?

  2. Leon Karpinski August 14, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    XLS można znaleźć tutaj:

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