Intermediate Photography Lessons : Online Photography Course: Types of Body Shots

Hello, my name is Chris Conklin on behalf
of Now again we will talk about different type of body shots. Now they
include the center, we have a left lean, a right lean, we have the sitting position or
the standing position, plus we also have a kneeling position. We have positions of laying
on the ground in various aspects, on the side, on the back, on the stomach, depending upon
how the head and everything is positioned in that regard. Then you have your action
shots could be the same way, somebody is sitting in the bleachers, they are cheering for their
team or they are showing unhappiness that their team is losing or disgusted over a bad
play, those are different types of action reaction type shots. Then you have the candid
verus posed shot; you do not want somebody posing that they are upset about something
or posing that they are happy about something, because it is going to come across looking
fake and cosmetic. So when you are looking for the reaction, actually capture the real
reaction. Now you can get a posed shot from people that are actually excited about what
they are doing and going “woo hoo,” you know things like that, and it is that what
you are looking for in the plan. Make sure that you have a specific plan to tell the
story with your vision, cannot say that enough, have a plan of what you are going to shoot,
what you are after, before you start, have the story that you want to tell, and the vision
on exactly what it is that it is supposed to look like.

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