Insta 360 One X Action Camera 2020 Review

Alright, guys! I’ve reviewed a ton of action cameras! But here’s the best and the cheapest 360 Action
you can buy in the market right now! This is the insta 360 OneX! And without any furthers delays lets quickly
get into the unboxing so we can start reviewing this thing! And the right of the bat you can tell this
thing can shoot 5.7K which is some crazy video quality but inside the box. The first thing right here is the action camera
itself! Let’s put that to aside and see what else
we got in here! And here we have a protective pouch, paperwork
obviously and some wires to power them right up along with the battery! Now lets quickly put the batteries in and
start things right up! So we have a power button right here and a
very simple digital screen to help you navigate! Now I’m not gonna spend too much time talking
about the menu system and how exactly to work through this camera because it’s very very
simple to use! So ones you have this thing in handle you’ll
be able to figure it all out in no time! Now, body-wise we have a very nice rubberized
texture all over the body! With an obvious camera on the top. And the exact same camera on the backside
as well! So pretty much 2 180Degree cameras that are
that this camera is able to process and stitch it all together into a 360-degree image! On the body itself, we have a mounting bracket
right at the bottom! So u can mount it to a stand of a selfie stick
like this one! Besides that just one port to charge it up
or connect to a computer! And that’s about it! Now talking about the features and what thing
can do! That could be a whole video by itself! because
this really small is capable of doing quite a lot! I’m gonna run through some of the highlighted
features! From the box and then well get straight to
shooting and showing you some real-world examples! So
obviously as I mentioned before it can do 5.7K videos at 30fps or you can get 50fps
at 4K or if you want even more you can most it up to 100fps at 3K resolution! Now the Imagine quality you’re looking ta
right now is downscaled to 1080P for this video! But besides that, we can shoot 18Mp pictures
and all of this footage you can access and edit right from your smartphone by downloading
the Insta 360 App! Which is just crazy! And makes using this camera very user-friendly
and convenient! And of course, if you want to import and edit
the footage on your computer that is always available! And the best part is you can just turn on
the camera and shoot and then go into editing and then make the technical decisions of how
you want the image to look! There’s honestly a lot of ways and style to
use the 360 imagine but there’s so much you could do that would just be a whole another
video by itself! So let me know if you wanna see that in a
comment down below! Another feature I really like is the invisible
stick! Where artificial intelligence is able to remove
the camera stick completely from the frame without ruining any pictures or videos at
all! And this feature works incredibly! The battery life itself
is also fairly decent for a camera of this size they claim 1 hour of battery but constantly
using the cameras your able to get at least 30-45 min for sure! So overall who exactly is this camera for! Well anyone who likes the portability of this
small package with the convenience and the easy of use! And because this thing is so small and 360! Your able to do some crazy things and capture
shot you were never able to before! These guys also offer ton accessories for
underwater, bullet time, drift shots and just opens a whole new world of creativity! And ya guys that would be it for today! If you have any questions or concerns let
me know in a comment down below and ill try to make a separate video to answer that and
don’t forget to subscribe to Royal Tech for more videos like this and as always thanks
for watching!

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