– I’m up! Before we begin, I just
wanna say thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring this video and sending me and my
friends to Coachella. I told them that I wanted to go to Coachella and they sent me. (cameras flashing) If you don’t know what SeatGeek is, it is an app that makes
buying tickets super easy. They basically put tickets for events all in one place so that you can focus on what matters the most, the experience. I will leave a link in the description box
down below to SeatGeek so you guys can download the app and you can also use the code Alyx for $20 off your first purchase. That’s $20 off your first ticket purchase. Hey guys, how’s it hanging? I’ve previously mentioned I
just got back from Coachella. Coachella! Coachella. Like everyone else attending Coachella, I inhaled a lot of dust. Oh wait, that’s not what I meant to say. I dressed up and took photos of myself ’cause that’s just what you do when you go to Coachella. So there’s a video that I’ve seen going around YouTube and I’ve
really wanted to do. I wish I could tell you
who started the trend, but I actually have no idea. Paying people to Photoshop me hotter. Last night I picked a bunch of profiles on this website called Fiverr
where you can pay people five bucks to do anything for you. It’s also kind of a lie,
it’s like the dollar store. It’s not really a dollar,
it’s like a 1.99 or 4.99. (exhales) I picked a bunch of profiles
on this website called Fiverr last night of people
that I’m going to hire to edit this photo of me from Coachella. As you can see, it’s
a very mediocre photo. I look kind of uncomfortable,
a little awkward, but that’s good because they’re gonna have a lot more to work with. I would send them something better, but they wouldn’t even be able to edit it. I’m pretty souped. Should we just start? The first profile I chose
says I will retouch/edit your picture/Facebook profile/timeline and will make you sexy/hot on Photoshop and as you can see, they did some work on this girl here. She honestly looks like a
doll in the second photo and I’m not saying that complimentary to the photo editing skills. It doesn’t look good, but let’s see if they can do
a better job with my picture. Seven dollars, service fee my (beep) ass. Whatever. Type my message here. Please edit the attached photo to make me look
significantly better, please. Please, I’m so ugly. Send. Next person, I will edit
your Instagram pictures. I’m just now realizing
they are a level one seller and they have no reviews, so that’s good. Please make me look a lot better. I want people to think I’m perfect. Also, if you could please
make me a blonde, thank you. Start order. This next profile says I will edit a beautiful
picture photo editing. This offer is for you which is very cheap and does
not leave the job good. (laughs) Wait. I hope your photo
editing skills are better than your marketing skills
because (laughs) continue. Could you please make me
look as hot as possible? I’m looking at his
advertisement photo on the side, and there’s a funky ass
background, so I want that too. Please take out the background and replace it with something cool. I just want to look hot
and awesome, start order. (laughing) This person writes I will manipulate or edit your pictures the way you want. Just tell me everything in detail, I can do any kind of
manipulation or photo editing as I have a vast experience in Photoshop. I have high expectations for this person. Hi, please make me look
super hot in my photo. Also, you say you can
manipulate pictures in any way. I would like you to manipulate my photo to give me friends. I am alone in this photo,
please change that. Further, please make sure no added friends are
better looking than I am. (laughs) Boom, next! This person charges $10, not $5, $10. So this better be (beep) good. Their profile says I will edit your picture with amazing effect. Look at this (beep) photo of
this girl as a water human. Oh my, I want that, I
wanna be a water human. Order now, please. Hi, please make me look hot. Also, I want an amazing effect
like your water girl picture. Please do something incredible. (laughs) I have no idea what they’re gonna do, but it better be incredible. This person charges
$30 for an editing job. I will say though that the examples of their photos are pretty cool. Like what even is this? Are those sushi lips? Hello, please make me look
as beautiful as possible in the photo, fix my
skin, my makeup, my hair, my weight, and whatever
else you think looks ugly. So harsh. Also, I would love the photo
to be edited in a sci-fi style like your example photos. I’ll leave the creative up to you, but I’d love to have some
animalistic features. (laughing) (coughing) Start order. Now that I just spent $100 on
pretty much nothing, we wait. And we’re back, so, it’s been 72 hours and I think all of the
photos have arrived. View all orders. Okay, just kidding. Five out of six came in. One person didn’t give a (beep). I want my money back, am
I gonna get my money back? So I can cancel the order now? How do I do that? Cancel please, how do I cancel? How? I’m pretty sure the website’s hiding where you need to go to cancel an order. They are not making it
easy to cancel this. (snorts) Let’s just see what we do we have, and I will deal with this on my own time. We’re gonna start with the
first person I ordered from. I basically asked them to make me look significantly
better, and that’s it. So let’s see what they did. Whoa! This is very clearly
edited, look at my stomach. Boom, boom, ba. My knees look a lot better. I will say damn, those knees look good! But shit, you got me hating my
body over here, look at this. Oh my God, oh. (gasping) I don’t think it’s physically
possible for my body suit to look like that because it’s striped. Something just doesn’t make sense with what’s going on here, but I will say I wish I was
that curvy and delicious. Oh, I didn’t realize this video
might hurt my self esteem. It’s already happening. Let’s see the next one. This person I asked to give me friends, and to give me friends that
were not better looking than me. Oh my God! (laughing) No way, no way! This is good. This is exactly what I asked for. I can tell that I’m the
odd one out in this photo. I’m voguing and no one else is. I’m also weirdly shorter
than the rest of them. I kind of look like a Bratzs doll. I look very condensed, but I asked for friends
and she gave me friends. I just feel bad for the other people in this photo because they’re
not as good-looking as me. (chuckling haughtily) No, but it was kind of a weird thing to ask for now that I think about it. It was funny, but that
I’m staring at a photo with people, I just feel
like it was a harsh request, but a fantastic final product. Let’s move on. This next order was $12 and I asked them to make me look a better
and make me a blonde. Let’s check it out. Okay, alright, yeah. Same deal. I’m glad everyone thinks I’m fat. Just kidding, it’s fine. I pretty much asked them
to do whatever they needed to make me look better, it is what it is. I’m a little boxy. I can see they tried to make me blonde. That’s not blonde, not blonde! Who the (beep) waist is that tiny? I look like (beep) Dolly Parton with those titties and that waist. Not with the hair, they
didn’t make me blonde. Alright, mediocre job. Mediocre job alert, mediocre job alert, moving onto the next. This next one was $12. This person I asked to make me look hot and to give me an amazing effect like your water girl photo and they did exactly what I
asked for, I can already see it. I’m trying not to look too close ’cause I wanna download it to see it. What the (beep)? Oh! First off, I can’t even
tell if they made me hotter because it’s just an
entirely different photo. I gotta say though, this is
fine, it’s pretty neat I guess, but the other water girl photo that they have on their
profile is significantly better and cooler than mine, like what? Look at that shit, look at that, and then look at this. It just looks like they
sort of, I don’t even know. Turned the opacity down
on my photo, made it blue, and I have no idea how they did this. So I guess that means it’s good because I don’t know how to do it. My eyes are terrifyingly piercing. That’s a scary water lady. This was not the right pose or outfit to become a water
lady, it just doesn’t work. Something is off. The belt doesn’t help. I’m wearing (beep) sneakers underwater. This is a very bizarre photo. Okay, so we have one photo left, and I asked this person to make me look as beautiful as possible. Edit me in a sci-fi manner
and potentially give me sone animalistic features. I really hope I have hooves. Whoa! Okay first off, where the (beep) are my animalistic features? I don’t see any, do you guys? I don’t. I mean, but this is pretty cool. I’m straight out of Harry Potter. I like the coloring, but where
the (beep) are my hooves? Where are my hooves? Wow, it behooves me to see this photo. I don’t know if I used that correctly. It is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something. No, it behooved them to give me hooves and I didn’t get my hooves. Hooves is not a word anymore. You know what, (beep) it. I’m gonna give myself hooves. Let’s Google hooves. Okay, I think these could work. (gentle music) Boom! (Laughs) It just looks like I’m wearing
(beeps) weird ass shoes. Like the furry ones that people wear to EDM concerts. There I am, hoove lady. Wow. Well, clearly I can’t
do any better of a job. Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure
you give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below. Let me know which one
of these edited photos is your favorite and subscribe ’cause I upload videos
almost every Thursday, bye. – [Everyone] Bye! (upbeat techno music)


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