How YOU Shouldn’t CREATE

so in this video I will show how I created
something in Photoshop, well at least I tried to create something and it came
out a little bit different than I hoped for The things you see online are
usually the final result of work that people are proud of So in this video I want to
show you how I create something in Photoshop and make editing mistakes myself,
so you don’t have to make these mistakes This video is only four minutes long, so
try to stick around until the end so you see the whole process itself and see the
final result of it Alright I found this photo on a stock website and wanted to
create something cool with it, so as always I got rid of the background with
the pen tool, but let’s just skip that part Then I apply the unsharp mask
filter to make the quality even better Now I wanted to edit the colors to make
them better, because this lion looks said already and desaturated colors give the
image even saider look, after that I moved the levels around to adjust the global
contrast of it, created a 50% gray layer on top of, it to use the burn tool.
You can use that to get more texture and details in the image you edit to improve
the overall creation of. It it also helps to create some depth in this image, so it
doesn’t look flat. Once I did the highlights I switched to the mid-tones
to make them darker. Right now you can see it gets red on the right side of his
head, this is a sign that you used the burn tool too much. Eventually I carried
on with lighting up the eyes to make sure they are clearly visible. If the
burn tool didn’t make it dark enough which it did, I continued with adding
curves to create shadows on the opposite side of my lighting, right now this line
started to remind me of scar from The Lion King but with a sad face,
which doesn’t make sense at all I also brushed the fur on the edge to make it blend better with the background,
at this point I started to notice this doesn’t look natural anymore, it looks
like CGI, how can I fix this? Instead of continuing with brushing and trying to improve this dirty looking image I should have taken a step back and chill
on all the brushing and editing here but I threw in another curves adjustment
layer to create more contrast in this photo, there was another problem here, I didn’t have a vision of what I was going to create, my brain was thinking:
“Am I joke to you” If you don’t have an idea of what you want to create most of the time you
end up with wasting time on things that don’t improve your work.
But what about light effects? If I add some awesome light effects, it will
probably look pretty cool and nobody would notice the flaws in this work,
so that’s what I did, trying to lead the viewers eye away from parts that don’t
look good, then I also started to add some blur points. With these blur points I
was thinking, all right I can hide all these flaws to make them blurred out,
when I blur things out you can’t see what’s going on there. This really
started to look like some CGI thing, well if it looks like CGI, maybe I should just
continue to make it look more like CGI so I threw in a background from The Lion King to go all in on CGI, started with adding
different gradient maps to see which one would improve the colours, to blend the
background and lion better together right now the image started to look
dirty and weird. I started adjusting the colour so it at least would blend in nice
with this Lion King background, at this point I was thinking “I really messed
this up”, but what about rim lights? Maybe those would improve it somehow, so I added some rim lights and brushes some parts away to get it all right as it’s supposed to
be. Usually I try to make my work look realistic, so when someone is watching it
that person needs to think “Is this a real photo? and this one you can clearly tell
this doesn’t look real anymore, I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but I
always like to fix things, and make the best out of it, I can’t give up on this image,
it needs to be fixed, so I did some editing tricks again here to give it a
last shot, to make this better I made the reflection in the eyes lighter to
give it a more of a CGI feeling, I also started to edit his eyes a little bit
more, to get more colour in it, and maybe it will look better, but that didn’t help
at all. Then I started to notice that this is useless, I’m better off with
creating something else. Once I was done, sort of, it looked like this and I hate it!

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  1. Jimbo February 23, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    Great video👍

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