How To Use Photoshop for Sublimation Template PS Clipping Mask – Designing for sublimation printing.

I wanted to make this short video for
someone who had made a comment that they were a little frustrated on how to put a
graphic into a sublimation template so I thought I’d just share how I do it and
I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination I started out in Photoshop
Elements which is actually like a light version if you will of the Photoshop suite from Adobe Adobe also makes
Photoshop Elements 2 but it’s just much more condensed and there’s no
subscription it’s a one-time fee of about 70 dollars I want to say right now
and you can find it on Amazon I think version 15 right now is without but
basically that’s what I learned and then it’s about six months ago I came over to
the Photoshop full version if you will and that’s what I’m going to do the
video on today on in that version so I knows a little whole whelming so I’ll
try to go slow and maybe too slow for some but I I know in the comments um
several people had said to please go slow so this is for like beginner
beginner so up so I go over here to file and I open go to open and I navigate
over to where my sublimation templates are and I actually have them all grouped
and by bender and and today I’m gonna be using this one from sublimation and more
the group by template they provide you know us the templates and and for the
group buys and so I’m going to get the seatbelt one they all pretty much work
the same all templates um they have a two areas basically the background well
if you go over to these eyeballs you can turn off the different this is called
layers turn off the love different layers
so if I turn off this eyeball to the safe area which is like the print area
if you will you can see the background which is also the bleed area so you
always want your graphics to stay in this this case green area and what I
like to do too is go over here to where it says opacity and I like to like lower
the opacity and I’ll show you don’t understand why in a little bit but I
just like to put it down so that I can kind of see through it and then I’m
gonna go get my graphic my digital paper I’m just going to use digital paper
right now but you would go get your design and let’s see here I and so now
this this is the tabs up here this is where our template is this is where our
graphic is and I just kind of like to float my tabs and you do that by
clicking on it like that and see how it’s highlighted and clicking on it and
and you drag it down and that and then you kind of let it go and then that’ll
make it float which means it just goes down and then you go to the other one
and you do the same thing you click hold and drag and then it’s floating also and
you can go right here and make this bigger make it smaller and I am actually
on ie I should have let you know I’m actually on the move tool so there’s a
little these are all your tools basically that you can use and there’s a
little way to toggle that here and make it more condensed or spread out I
particularly like it to be more condensed and so this little one up here
on the left top left is called the move tool and that’s the one that needs to be clicked
so there’s other ones here that if anybody wants to learn how to use I know
how to use a couple of them I mean not every single one but on this particular
one you’re gonna use mainly the move tool for a lot of things so that’s like
the main tool I would say oh so you’re gonna go over to where the paper is see
this is highlighted here that means if you go to the layers that’s that’s the
one that’s that’s on right here and so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
click it hold it and you’re gonna drag all the way over here to the other side
see and now it kind of made a copy of it put it on your sublimation template and
you can just minimize this because we’re not really gonna use it with this little
– you just minimize it and if you ever need it again it’s it’s down here under
this icon um now you just can open it up see you can kind of open it up a little
bit here by pulling it just whatever makes it easier you want to make sure
it’s over covering the whole black area here and you wanna well I like to do is
I just take off or unclick the eyeball here so that I’m just working with these
two are the ones that are visible and I you have to get the paper the digital
paper that you’re using or whatever picture whatever it is that you’re using
you have to drag it and put it on over this background layer so what you’re
gonna do is the way you know that this is um you select it is see how it’s a
different color and you just right-click it and hold it down again
and then you just drag it like this and then you let go and it moves it and so
now it’s right over the background and so this is a safe area which we’re gonna
use in a minute but right now I just like to turn it off
by taking off that little eyeball thing and sorry I’m not sure about the exact
terminology but yeah now we’re just going to go back over to this once again
you got to make sure that this layer is high highlighted and you’re going to
left-click on your mouse button and and you’re gonna pick what is called create
clipping masks and if for some reason this is not lit usually it’s because you
don’t have this layer selected or something else is going on um so just
make sure this layer is selected left click and then create clipping mask so
when you do that took the form of the template and you can see that little
arrow now change that wasn’t there before and now it is and so if you um
just put it on top of this layer once again left click clicking map well now
as soon as we release it but that’s fine you we can do this you see you just
released it and then if you do it again you go to create clipping mask so it’s
okay to practice doing that what you can do now is turn on the safe area and you
go ahead and check that let’s say you have words on here or something
you would want it to be within the green area of course not into your bleed area
so that when you sublimate it everything that’s pertinent is in this area in the
green area but when you are gonna save the file now to to print it you really
don’t need this green area because if not then the greens in a print so you
just want to take it off and and go to save it as a different file so you want
to say you don’t want to mess really with the original file here so you want
to go back up to file and then save as and you want to name it something
different because you don’t want to mess up your template because that template
is something you’re always going to go back to and so I just um I’m just gonna
put diamonds in and save it as a PSD which means a Photoshop file which means
it keeps it in these layers over here which you can also print when you sub
when you’re printing it to sublimate you can print from PSD if you want to save
it under a PNG is down here a JPEG those are the most popular ones
so yeah did you just go ahead and then you push save and I thought that box
just basically says you want to save it I guess in the max resolution um and I
always select that yes so and that’s it and it’s right now see if you go up here
it’s a different name so you you still can go get that other file which is just
template and now this is the new one and and then you can send it
print and yeah that’s that’s about it pretty much all templates work this way
they’ll just be a different shape hopefully everything was clear if by
some reason something was not clear or you have additional questions I’ll be
happy to try and help and and just leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can
do to clear things up for you like I said I’m not a pro but I can at least
try to help thank you


  1. Jus Me Design January 9, 2018 at 4:41 am

    thanks this was very helpful

  2. Razia Shah January 25, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    Where I can buy photoshop from?

  3. #whitedragondrone May 21, 2019 at 11:21 am

    After so many videos… finally found one that is what i needed! Many thanks.

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  5. Rhonda G December 11, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    Prior to full photoshop, were you using Photoshop Elements? Can I purchase Elements and create designs to sublimate? Last question…What made you decide to switch to the full version?

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