How to use new YouTube video editor 2018

If you want to make small edits to
videos you’ve recorded for YouTube and you don’t have any additional software
that allows you to do that the great news is that YouTube recently brought
back the ability to edit your videos within YouTube. Here’s how it works
Now to use this feature you do need to enable the YouTube studio the new
version so where it says YouTube studio beta you click on there and from the menu
options you select videos. I just want to look at one of the ones that’s not yet
published so if I go down a little bit Now if I select to edit the video there
that’s great you’ve got all those options but if I actually click on the
video itself to open it up you’ll notice on the left hand side the option editor
appears. So if I click on that we come through to this view of the video. Now
across the top you’ve got a couple of options. Here basically you can play
the video nobody goes to reporting tools on how you get it on Twitter you can
pause the video you can step back to where you were go forward a
little bit but what I want to show you is just
quickly how you trim a small section of the video. So first you click on the trim
click to where you want it to start and then select split and just drag to the
point that you want to remove and then we can say preview to see what that will
do. . So the video will play from this section and then it will skip over the bit that you trimmed out. So obviously as this is just a demonstration I’m not going go into the details of it but you can
see the abilities there now to edit the videos whilst you’re in YouTube
instead of having to download it make changes in the software you might have
used to record it which isn’t always easy and it’s not
necessarily something everyone has readily available,. So I think it’s great
that YouTube have brought back the video editor let me know your thoughts. I’m Paul
from PRWilson media your social media personal trainer. Cheers.


  1. House Station Live .com October 12, 2018 at 12:52 am

    very helpful video indeed ! thank you paul !

  2. I have no life so i play minecraft November 3, 2018 at 4:37 pm


  3. Nurse Sarah Barker November 13, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Paul we met briefly this morning at the networking and I'd love to chat to you more, my daughter has a youtube channel and we would like it to be available on Youtube Kids, however, we still cant find it on there? Can you help? Sarah

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