How to use Aegisub (Esther)

Hi everybody, My name is Esther Today I am going to
introduce a new software called Aegisub. This is a very short tutorial
of how to use Aegisub to subtitle your video. Now first let’s have a look at our outline. Today I am going to cover
how to download this app, how to operate it,
how to save the file, and in the end we will
watch what we have done. Ready? The first step is downloading the software. Whenever you use a software
the first step you need to do is downloading it Right? So it’s very easy. You can directly go to This is the website of Aegisub, at its home page it writes
Aegisub is a free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles. And this is also the reason why
I am recommending this software to you. And then you click downloads, and you can find it provides
different versions for different platforms. If you are a Mac or Windows, you can find a suitable version here. So you don’t have to worry about
whether the software work or not on your platform. Click full install and then install the software in your computer. The first step is done! It’s really easy, right? Since this is only a very short tutorial, and it’s only about 10 minutes So I am going to teach you
the very basic function of this software to get you started. Once you know the basic functions,
then you can explore it yourself. And you will realize how
efficient and easy to use this software. OK. The second step is the actual operation. Since it is hard for me
to do a live mock operation in class, and I am afraid of there
might be some problems with computer, I made two short videos
on my computer ahead of time, and it is much more clear and easier to follow me
if I videotape my instructions. OK. Now in the first video, I am going to introduce you
how to prepare for subtitling, then how to type in the script,
and how to adjust the timing. After you download Aegisub we can start our actual operation. The first thing you need to do
is to choose a file that you want to translate. Now you click video,
and open a video I am going to translate La La Land. and this is a trailer,
and I downloaded it from Youtube. Now the video is here. This thing here is called sound track. This is the sound of the video. If you only open video file then sometimes the computer can lose its sound. So after you open you
video file, you also need to add audio. OK, from here choose audio,
and open audio from the video. and now… our preparation is done. Since the source text has
no subtitles and it is an English version, so the first thing
we need to do is to type in the script. How you are going
to do it is… this is the selected area, and first you need to play it. Click play. [music] This… this blue line here is the end of the selected area. This is the starting point. So you can adjust it
according to how long you want to type. [music] [Typing]… Ok, this is where you type in your text. [Type] After you write it,
click shift+enter to save it. To save this line. The first line is done! Now click enter to have our next line. Then just repeat what you have done before. OK, now, these are the first three steps. And then in the second video
I am going to introduce you how to check typo mistakes,
and how to check visual display. After we type in all the script,
we are going to check the mistake in it. The first things you can see here are two red lines. When something is red
it usually means there are some mistakes in it. Let’s zoom in to make it bigger. You can also see from here.
The second line is showing even before the first line. and the ending time of the first line
is behind the starting time of the second line. So there is a conflict in timing. So what we are going to do is selecting the two lines, and click make time continues you can either change
the start of the time or the end of the time, in this case,we’re going to
change the end time of the first line. Now it’s fixed! And there is no mistake in typo. After checking the typo,
we are going to check the visual to see if the visual works well. So first we are going to zoom in the video and play. As you can see here,
the font and the size of the subtitle is too small it’s hard to read
especially for old people or short-sighted people. So we are going to go back and change the font. Here, you can see here. It’s edit. Click edit. Now we can change the font
we like and the size of the subtitle. Let’s make it bigger. 40. Ok. Now, let’s check it again. Now it works well. OK. So we have finished editing and checking. Now the next step is saving the file. It’s really easy. You just need to click
save and name your file. And click save it. After you save the file the form of the subtitle is ass. Then you need to put the subtile file and the original mp4 video file in one portfolio. Then it can show together. If your computer is windows then you don’t have to download any other player. You can directly play this video and the subtitle will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen. But if you are a Mac,
then you need an additional step. Yes, same name, same place. If you are a Mac,
then you need an additional step for Mac. This is a software that I found is free, and it is really small, and it also works. So I also recommend this
if you are using a Mac. These are my references and the last step is to actually watch what we have made. OK? You just directly drag the file into the software, and then the subtile will be automatically shown. OK. This is the end of my presentation. And these are my references. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Nisa Akkok June 8, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    I saved it as a ass, but i can;t get it do to anything else. I want to upload it to youtube.

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