How to Take Moody Photos: Camera Settings | Sony Alpha Universe

My tip is how to create moody images. Now, what I do is I specifically shoot underexposed every time. I shoot at a low ISO, a high shutter speed
and a wide aperture. I set my ISO at about 50, the shutter speed is gonna be pretty high, so depending on the light that’s outside, it could be anywhere from 200 upwards. And then what I do to compensate that is my aperture is wide open because I love shallow depth of field and I love bokeh. So it could be anywhere between 1.4 and maybe 4. That’s the highest I’d go. If you use those tips and shoot underexposed, you can definitely get your images as moody as mine.

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  1. indieTHI3VES January 1, 2020 at 1:56 am

    @so.shauna 😩😩😩 been following her for a while!!! Beautiful ART ∴|∞ ΰ₯ ☸

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