How to simulate Infrared photography

So today I’m going to show you how to simulate infrared using Lightroom and Photoshop So welcome to my channel, my name is Noealz and if you know me, you know that usually I take pictures with an infrared camera so this is real infrared and this is simulated infrared now If you want taken in for a picture you normally need an infrared camera a Full-spectrum camera with infrared filters or you can use a real filter like the hoya r72 infrared filter . However for the filter you need to use a tripod but anyways today we’re going to take a regular picture like this Which was shot on my iphone and we’re gonna try to simulate The infrared image like this now I just want to point out that inference works better when it’s lots of lights and For example here we have shadows and it’s much harder. So When you take this picture? Try not to have many shadows like this. You want it to be nice and bright so anyways First step reduce the highlights all the way increase the shadows and the blacks to try and get rid of these black areas We’re going to try and increase the whites but not clip them See once you start to see this red. That means you’ve clipped just Just a little bit Now we’re gonna go down here to the yellows. We’re gonna increase the luminance Same thing for the greens and this is just gonna make it much easier for us to edit later on so all the way Next step we’re going to open this in Photoshop so edit in Photoshop Edit with Lightroom adjustments Here is our image we’re gonna make a duplicate layer so we’re gonna go to image adjustments first we go to channel mixer and we’re gonna go down to the greens and We’re gonna change the greens and the red. So we’re gonna put 0 for the greens and 100 for the Reds Now that should have gotten rid of all the greens and we are left with yellows Next up image adjustments hue and saturation Go down to the yellows and here is where you can change the color however you want Now I prefer kind of a pink look So we’re gonna go here more or less something like that Go that looks fine and we want a little bit brighter, but not too much So it should look something like this and that’s fine Now we’re not done. We’re going to save this and we’re gonna open it again in Lightroom So it should look like this as you can see The dark areas are not colored If you were using if you shot a picture with lots of light it will work out perfectly But if you have shadows we can fix that so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna take a brush and We’re actually gonna have paint in some color So choose the color that you used and I’m just gonna paint this really quickly I mean this is just as an example you guys go in there and you paint carefully and it’s gonna take some time but Right now we’re just doing this as an example So let’s just do a quick paint Okay, that’s looking not too bad so from here, all you want to do is go down to the HSL panel and You want to tinker with the colors the way you want I prefer the pinks and It looks something like this increase the luminance And Maybe change this here We do saturation. There we go, something like that Now what you want to do is you want to match this color that you just painted in there So we’re gonna have to play with the HSL to get it exactly the way you want it to look Go And it’s getting there you just need to play around a little bit with it If you’re having trouble adding these areas that you painted in just go to your brush and You can change the color or you can change the saturation it’s to your liking as you can see It’s a lot of going back and forth now you should have something Something like that But we are not done Actually, let me fix that. Let’s see More pink. There we go Now you want to do something about the sky because usually the sky is more to a turquoise color that Something like this and Once again, this is a little bit too saturated. So I’m gonna make another brush and I’m actually going to reduce the saturation there Remove this And just remove a little bit of saturation There you go You can increase the the Shadows – And it’s looking Much more like an infrared picture. So this is kind of like painting, you know And We have a pseudo infrared picture although to be honest is not complete because when you look at this infrared picture there’s kind of a glow in the leaves and We don’t have that glow over here. So next step You’re going to open a new brush And we’re gonna simulate the glow with reducing the clarity Just like that Okay and I’m gonna increase the vibrance a little bit Now from here, like I said, it’s just a lot of going back and forth You want to play with the colors until you get the balance just right? Not too purple There you go Okay, so that’s more or less the way I had it here Obviously I spent much more time on this picture than this one But it should give you an idea of how to simulate infrared So if you guys have any questions, please be sure to leave a comment below I will get back to you there you go fixed and Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I know a lot of people like him for it, but don’t have an infrared camera and that’s why I made it but anyways Please be sure to subscribe leave comments like and if you want more infrared pictures, I’ll do them for you See you next time You

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