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hey guys it’s jeff from fillmore welcome to my kitchen in this episode we’re going to touch on time lapses preparing any recipe takes a long time and it can be pretty boring for your audience to watch all of it so how do we make it more interesting to watch one technique we are going to show you today is an overhead time lapse stay tuned so for this dish it’s going to be an intense amazing amount of color and activity right here on the table and the perfect idea to shoot that is to do an awesome overhead time lapse so I gotta set up for this time lamps that means physically having the tripod and camera on the table looking down for the whole entire shoot and that’s what I plan that’s what I want so let’s try and set that up I’ve already got the camera right here on the tripod and we’re at the right height for it and so literally I want it right here in order to set this up I really gotta hop up we’re looking a straight down as possible we’re tilted up just a bit so I don’t see the legs i’m also using the tamron zoom lens so i can work a few millimeters tighter so that can also eliminate shadows from my tripod but we have some lights here here and behind me and that’s working really well to keep that entire space nicely lit and now I’m just framing it really setting this as tight as perfect as possible working out the focus to and then again the flip screen will also help a lot with this does I’m going to have that there and I can make minor adjustments if I need to before I start alright so now we’re set up with this for this time-lapse to really look really cool we have the lighting setup with a three point system so we have our fill light right there coming down this way we have our key light which is the main light that’s setting us this space coming that this way and then we have a backlight coming down through the back we got to prepare just a little bit of safeguard it won’t ruin my time lapse I’m just going to tape the tripod legs just in case I accidentally bump the camera perfect now I’m said I’ve got the right setting aperture you can see my hands right here and then I’m okay to just roll on this as long as possible so we’re just gonna hit record and then we’re going to take 40 minutes to cut up all this sushi so let’s do it right guys all right guys so we’re now working in film aura and we’re gonna take all the clips that we just shot for the sushi and we’re going to take a couple of them and we’re gonna speed them up and show you how we did a time-lapse using femoral so let’s get to it right now we have a clean slate as our timeline we have all the clips that we shot we’re gonna work with this cucumber one we’re going to show you how we did that so let’s drop it down into the timeline it is a long long clip in fact i zoom all the way out it’s about 12 plus minutes long and I can see from the little pictures here that I can see where we’re at we’re cutting cucumbers then we’re cutting avocado and that’s where it stops so let’s just concern yourself with the cucumber’s we need to select where we want to start the clip and end the clip for the cucumbers and I’m gonna do that by dragging this and as we drag we can watch in the upper right corner here all the shots as we dragged through it so we want to bring it all the way to the beginning of the avocado right there let’s stop it right there that looks like a nice clean slate that’s the end of the of the shot now let’s bring the start of the shot kind of halfway through the middle I think think right there it looks pretty good all right so now we have our main clip that we’re going to speed up in order for this to look really good I like to speed ramp a little bit which shows the beginning of the clip just normal speed and then it jumps right into the time lapse in goes a lot faster so if I play this right now edge is gonna play it for normal speed and I just want a second of that in the beginning so we’re gonna earn a zoom in here and we’re gonna go to about a second maybe a second and a half so lets you notice I’m looking up over here 1.08 I’m gonna move it to about Yeah right there that looks about good we’re going to cut that there so there’s our first part of the clip which is just normal speed alright and then this rest of this clip is going to be a let’s make it 10 times fast so you want to do is go into the editing tab right here and we’re just going to the speed right now it’s at regular speed one time we’re going to make that 10 * notice how it trimmed it down and sped it up so if I hit play alright so we’re going to export this right now we’re going to export format at mp4 the settings 1920 x 1080 because that is what we filmed it at and so we’re gonna keep that okay hear that noise alright let’s go find that target alright guys we’ve got the exported file into our project this is our entire project right now that has the sushi promo and we’re missing in that hole the piece that we need to put in so let’s put this in your dragging it down and right in there and it fits right nicely in there so we time to write and let’s give that a play right now awesome alright guys so there we have it the cucumbers are set and now we just want to repeat that process for every single one of the time-lapse clips that we put together so let’s check them out right now alright guys hope you learned a lot stay awesome hey job that’s Jeff look in my kitchen dan dan you


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