How To Setup Scenes in OBS Studio

in this video I’m gonna show you how to
set up scenes in OBS YouTube’s simplified hi and welcome to Creator
fundamentals. My name is Dan Currier and it is my mission to Simplify YouTube so
you and I can grow together live streaming on YouTube is an excellent way
to grow your channel and OBS is a free tool that allows you to not only
livestream but also improve the look and feel of what you’re presenting to your
viewers in this video I’m going to show you how to setup OBS scenes which allow
you to create multiple views that you can share with your viewers if that
sounds like something that’s interesting to you and you would like to learn
exactly how all OBS scenes work, stay tuned because that’s coming up alright. So we’re in OBS now now when you first open OBS this is probably going to be
what it looks like one of the things that I recommend if you’re going to be
doing live streams with OBS in the lower right hand corner there’s a button that
says studio mode definitely want to spend most of your time in studio mode
this provides you with two different panels the right one is the live panel
that people on your live stream will see and the one on the left is kind of a
staging area where you can look at different scenes without actually making
them visible during the live stream so what you can do is if you want to
transition between different screens you can actually put one here and then when
you’re ready to just transition that from your staging area to live and it
happens seamlessly without missing a beat so just want to let you know about
that the other thing one of the common mistakes a lot of people make with OBS
is this guy down here the mic a lot of times you’ll have people that come on
their live streams and you can’t hear them so you definitely want to make sure
that first that the volume is not muted like this because if it’s muted nobody’s
going to hear you the other thing you want to do is click in settings go into
properties and make sure that the device you’re using for your mic is the one
that’s selected because if you’re using your headphones and the built-in mic but
you have a separate mic that’s set up in here then nobody’s going to hear
anything you’re saying so you definitely want to make sure that that is set up
the way that it should be and people are actually going
here you during the livestream alright so back to scenes so we are going to get
rid of that one we’re gonna create a new scene okay yeah we’ll let it you can
call it anything you want we’ll leave it a scene too now probably the first thing
you’re going to do so a scene is basically you know think of this whole
space as a scene the entire presentation that’s going to be visible during the
livestream when you transition it over to the right within that scene you have
multiple sources different elements that are going to build the look and feel of
your live stream that goes out there so as you can see you have a selection of
scenes and we’ve just created a new one so now we have to add sources probably
the most common source you’re going to add is video capture device that is your
actual webcam or whatever other camera you may be using to get what you’re
going to be presenting to people on your live stream so we’re gonna click on
video capture device you can call it whatever you want to I’m gonna call this
one logitech because that is what kind of webcam I’m using and as you can see
when you click that it brings up your webcam now if you’re not seeing the live
video view from your webcam in this window there’s a chance that something
might not quite be right so you want to make sure that that happens you also
have the option to do any tweaks and settings I’m gonna leave these all the
way they are for now and then we can go ahead and click OK so as you can see it
pops up this source each one of the items in this list is a source it pops
it up in here and as you can see by default it’s kind of small but you can
actually drag if you click in the corner you can actually resize these and what
you can do is drag it till it fits the whole window and then maybe tweak it so
you are actually in view okay so one of the things you might want to do is
change what is in or what is visible in your view from your webcam one of the
ways that you can do this you’ll notice that around the edge of the image you
have these little red lines the red lines represent the absolute edge
of the whatever’s being captured now if we hold down the “Alt” key and we click on
one of them and drag it you’ll see it turns green green means that that edge
has been cropped in some way so what you can do is you could take an image like
this and you can hold down your Alt key and click on the middle thing the middle
circle there and crop the bottom a little bit maybe crop the top and maybe
we want to bring the side in a little bit and then once you take your finger
off the “Alt” key and then you go to the side you’re gonna resize based on those
new borders that you’ve given it now you can always go into these and click alt
and go back if you don’t press alt though it’s going to resize so you
definitely need to press the alt to actually crop the image and it’s not a
permanent crop it’s just for display purposes so now that we have this shape
we could actually stretch this out and make the entire thing fit in here I have
kind of a tight angle here so we might come up with a different some additional
things to add to our scene one of the things people commonly add to the live
stream scene is the live stream comments and I’ll show you exactly how that works
all right so you see a lot of people who add their live comments to the live
stream and perhaps that’s something that you want to do there’s a pretty
straightforward easy way to do this you know there’s definitely some additional
things you can do to it in terms of formatting and whatnot but for the
purpose of this video I’m just gonna show you exactly how that part works so
what we would actually do in that case is if you open up your live stream setup
and you’ll notice on the right hand side you have your live chat now this is the
way that I typically do it I found it just to be easier that way if you click
over here and it says pop-out chat and what that does is it makes the chat its
own window so when we come back into OBS and we add a new scene one of the
options is window capture now in this case we’re gonna do chat comments
if I could actually check comments I’m gonna put a space in there alright and
then we are then going to be given an option of open windows to select from
and normally the one that you’ve just opened is going to be at the top in that
case it is the chat window that we created and you’ll see over here that
now we have a window with the chat in it now we just want to we’re gonna click OK
we want to clean that up a little bit we maybe don’t want to show the header and
everything to people one of the other things you might want to do is get it to
fit better in the available space that you have here so one of the ways that I
have found that that works pretty well is if you pop bring that chat open will
bring it over here and then as you resize this window you’ll see that the
it resizes on the screen as well and we’re trying to find a good a good shape
for it to fit in our in our window so what we can do is drag it up here a
little bit we’ll make it a little bit bigger I
usually take my name out of it and I want the the URL out of it as well so
we’ll stretch that a little bit just so that’s hidden just so my name is hidden
but we get all the chat content all right so we can put live chat right
there and then make sure everything looks good there so what happens is when
you go live and people start chatting and then people watch the playback
you’re gonna be able to see the conversation from both sides which is
kind of a nice thing because if you’ve ever watched a live stream replay where
somebody’s interacting with the comments and you can’t see the comments it kind
of loses something and that may hurt your audience retention there’s a couple
different options in here like I said images are pretty straightforward you’re
gonna browse to an image same capabilities of resizing it and cropping
it also text I mentioned text let’s take a look at the text to do a scrolling
marquee we’re going to do this text scrolls and it’s in white now once you’ve added text and this is
actually – on a different scene and we go in to filters now filters are where
you can apply a number of different things to your sources so in text
filters will click on add and then there’s a scroll option well maybe it
can be called scroll and then there’s a speed here and as you can see a couple
things you’ll notice this is how you know how the scroll works so we’re gonna
make that a little bit slower so people can read it and then we have to fix a
couple things based on how we see now that it works so we hit close and
there’s our scrolling marquee and that can be anything so when you go in here
and you click properties that’s where you’re gonna be able to edit the actual
text but the one thing I want you to notice on this scroll is you’ll see
where the the scroll text ends this text Scrolls it immediately starts over with
the beginning of your message so you want to make sure that you build in a
little breathing room there after that and you can do it with a cup with some
spaces so if we come in here and we put in a bunch of spaces then it’s a little
less cluttered and it’s much more palatable for people to watch so that’s
how you can do that and you can apply that to the bottom you can even what we
can do here is we transition back to our other one and you’ll see that it moved
the one that was staging to the right so that would have gone live but what we
can do here is if we wanted to take our image and maybe we want to move that up
the good thing about sources is once you’ve created one they’re available
they’re saved and you can add them to other scenes so now that we’re back on
our original scene we can go in here and add a text source you’ll see that add
existing is down here and you simply click on the one you already
and that’s going to bring it to our window and then we can take it we can
resize it for these particular needs like so and we can create ourselves a
scrolling text all right so the one last thing I want to show you is how to add
graphics to the screen in this case we’re going to head into sources and
click on the plus and go to image, a image we’re gonna call this border cuz we’re
gonna try to put a little bit of a border on here make it look a little
cleaner just something basic so it pops up that window and it asks you to browse
to the actual image that you want to do in this case I’m just going to use a PNG
with the centre removed just to create a nice neat little frame around all this
and click open looks pretty good we’ll hit OK and then we take a look here now
we just want to clean this up a little bit now the one thing that you’ll see is
we’re not seeing the text and that’s because the these are layered in the
order that they appear in the sources window so what you actually want to do
is drag that border or that scrolling marquee up over the border so now we
have a nice clean display the one thing I might do is click on we want comments
probably above Logitech here to make sure they appear good and I’m wondering
if maybe our thing is tweaked a little bit here they seem a little wide we want
to get those nice and framed up whoops when I actually click on the actual
comments there we go and position them nicely in the window
and there you have it so we have in this video we have gone through and added of
the live chat live comments we’ve also showed you how to do the video capture
so your webcam is displayed on your live stream we looked into creating text and
scrolling marquee text and now we’ve just created a border that we can throw
on there just to clean everything up give it a little bit cleaner look and
you know there’s so much more you can do with that I hope you found this video
helpful if you would like to continue to receive notifications about videos that
help simplify YouTube make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and you’ve
clicked that Bell notification icon so you don’t miss a thing that’s all the
time we have for today my name is Dan Currier and you’re watching Creator
Fundamentals thank you


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