How to Repair and Colorize Old Photos (Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial)

Hey what’s up you guys it’s Premiere Gal
here and welcome back to my youtube channel here on this channel I make
Premiere Pro tutorials on video editing as well as After Effects tutorials and I
also produce just general video tips and tricks to make you a better video
producer but I like to think of Premiere Pro as my hub right and off of that hub
I have spokes of all the different software I use to achieve my final edit
so I use Photoshop Illustrator Audition a whole bunch of different Adobe
software to achieve my final edit so in this tutorial I’m going to be showing
you how to restore an old photograph in Photoshop and also bring it to life by
colorizing it so this would be a great technique to use if you’re producing a
documentary and you have some older photographs that you want to bring to
life after you colorize it you can do the before and after with like a
parallax effect and it’s a lot cooler than just using the standard Ken Burns
effect to add motion to still photographs so I have this photo here of
my grandpa from 1950 on his wedding day and I’m going to show you how to restore
it and then colorize it so let’s go ahead and jump into Photoshop and I’m
going to give you the play-by-play Hey you guys so I have the image here of my
grandpa inside of Photoshop CC 2017 and I have the first layer here of the
original image called original and what I’m going to do is copy that and hit
command J to copy it and I’m just going to call this by double clicking I’m
going to label that restore because we’re going to restore the image here
and get rid of all of these scratches and blemishes that are on the image from
just being old I mean this was from 1950 right so we’re going to use a
combination of the patch tool here as well as the clone tool to get rid of
some of the blemishes here so the first step that I want to do is just crop the
image to get rid of some of the border issues and we can just use the clone
tool to then fit some of the leftover element so let’s
just crop first of all and let’s just select this area here just to get rid of
some of that torn to fix that and then let’s hit the checkmark so now we have
the cropped image and they’re still areas that we need to fix let’s start in
this upper right hand corner here let’s just zoom in here for a second use H for
the hand tool to move it in place so we’re going to use the patch tool to fix
this go ahead and select the patch tool and then we’re just going to draw a
lasso around this area and then come back and then close it off and then what
we have to do is then click and drag this area down and what it’s going to do
is fill the area that we just got rid of with with the selected area just below
isn’t that pretty cool so then what we can do is just use the clone tool to fix
that so go ahead and select out of the selection area here and then we can use
the clone tool if you guys have never used the clone tool before it’s
generally better to increase the brush size so it’s less noticeable and also
keep the opacity a little bit lower to forward like this around 50% it’s okay
to go above but let’s increase the brush size to about 150 is probably good for
this so what we’re going to do is hit alt and click to copy this region and
then we’re just going to click over this area to fix it up see it’s
looking a little bit better and now we can clone overtop this part as well just
click until it disappears so that corner is done I’m going to do the exact same
method here just sort of cleaning this up so I’m just going to fast-forward
through this bit as I clone so then this area down here gets a
little tricky because of the shaded lightness on the left and the darkness
on the right so what I can do is just quickly reduce the size of the brush
really quickly and fix just these blemishes here but I don’t want to clone
all of this because it’s going to look kind of funky to sort of have to copy
and it’s a lot of work to have to copy the different tones so what I’m going to
do is use the patch tool here and actually draw a lasso around this entire
area like so and then I’m just going to click and move it over to copy the area to the
right and then that’s fixed so if you click over it looks pretty good and then
down here we have another issue we can do the exact same thing but first let’s
use the clone tool really quickly let’s increase the brush size just a tad and
let’s go ahead and alt-click that area and let’s just get rid of this crease
here by cloning that that looks pretty good
great and now let’s just get rid of this area here using the patch tool let’s
just go ahead and lasso around that area like so and then let’s click in move
that over like so and now that’s fixed and just to finish this off here I’m
just going to use the clone tool again alt option click and then just click and
cover up and now let me just show you what it looked like before and now after
so there’s still a few more blemishes I’m just going to clean up so I’m just
going to fast forward using the clone tool to do that all right so that’s looking pretty good
here so now if I click the eye off on the restore layer you can see what it looked
like before if I click it back On you can see that it’s nice and cleaned up
now the last bit of restoring that we have to do is actually create a smart
filter to remove any last-minute dust or scratches from the image so to do that
you first have to right-click on the restore layer and convert to smart
object and then up to filter select noise dust and scratches and here you
can indicate how big you want the radius of the dust to be removed keeping it
around one and two is safe otherwise you’ll get some distortion and threshold
we can keep that at thirty just hit OK and that’ll get rid of any dust or
scratches in a radius of around two so now that that is done now we need to
neutralize the color tones so to do that first you need to go down to adjustment
layer and select black and white and now the colors are neutralized in black and
white now we need to add some contrast between the white and the blacks in the
image so let’s add a levels adjustment layer and then using this graph here for
levels you’re going pull in the blacks to make it a bit darker and pull
in the whites like so to have some contrast so that’s looking a lot better
now you can see the lines on the edges a lot better here great so the next step
is to select a color mode we’re going to select it to CMYK also smick as some
people say because you’re good after you select it you’re going to select merge
and it’s going to make one layer the reason why we change it to see CMYK is
because not only is it better for printing but it blends better when we
start adding the color so now we’re set to begin adding color to this image so
the way that we do that is we actually create a solid color adjustment layer
for each color that we’re going to paint on to my grandfather here so we need a
skin color we need an eye color hair color
tuxedo color let’s see what else this rest
it’s probably like a dark brown color and the background which I don’t know
the original color but I’m going to guess it was probably a gray so let’s
start painting so to do that you’re going to select this adjustment layer
here it’s like solid color and here we just are going to guess on a skin tone
so it’ll be a lot darker because we’re going to apply a soft light blend mode
so let’s do about that and now we’re going to change the blend mode to soft
light and then you’re going to select this mask here and hit command-i to
convert it to black and this will enable us to start painting in the color which
will appear as a mask in this box so make sure that white is selected because
this enables you to paint and click on the brush tool or hit B and then we can
zoom in hit C to zoom in and for B back to brush we can adjust the brush size to
be a bit bigger and now I can just start painting in that color like so and
notice the overexposed area here on his forehead that is not going to get any
color just because it’s overexposed but that’s ok and it’s just gonna work
out to be seem more natural because in the original image it’s also blown out
so then you just go ahead and paint here I’m just going to fast forward as I
finish his face all right so his face skin is starting
to look a bit better you can always change the color by going back over here
clicking on the color and adjusting it until you feel like you get the right
skin tone again we can go back in and add some blush to it as a final touch to
really get that sort of warm skin color so this can be a look feel a little bit
more you know less alive at first cause we can add more
color as a different layer later on but this is pretty good for now so you know
all we have to do now is just continue to carry on and create a new solid layer
like we did before I still have to paint in his hands but let’s just go ahead and
make a new first let’s go ahead and rename this to skin color and now let’s
go ahead and make a new solid for let’s say his eyes a new solid color let’s
make the eyes blue because he had blue eyes like so and we’re gonna change this
to soft light like before and then click on the white mask and hit command-i on a
Mac its command its control I on a PC and let’s rename this eyes and I’m going
to create a new solid color for his tuxedo which will be black change it to
soft light command-I and so I’m just gonna fast forward as I create all the
different layers here all right so I have a layer for pretty
much every color now from background skin color eyes black tuxedo black
tuxedo all the way up to lips and gums and what I’m going to do is just select
the color that I want to start using and start painting so I’m just going to do a
time lapse as I select the color remember you have to select this bit the
mask part to begin painting and then you just have to hit B for brush control
click to adjust the size and to to the size that you want and then begin
painting so let’s just go ahead and start painting his hands here so I’m just adding some blush to his
skin to make it seem more natural here and again it’s set at a 35 percent
opacity if I increase that it’s going to look like too much right so I’m just
gonna set that and around 40 and it looks perfect
so the blush makes it just seem more natural all right on to doing the eyes
and other parts of the body I’m just going to do a time-lapse here
of this if you make any mistakes at all you can
always switch these colors so now it’s a black color and then you can erase what
you’ve done so I’m just a switch so I’m going to switch back to white to begin
painting again so that’s a really nifty tip I’m just changing the color the
background so it’s easier for me to see when I’m painting in I’m not actually
going to keep it blue so now we can change the background
color to anything that we like let’s change it back to here this darker gray
color hit okay and now it’s time to fill in his tuxedo color let’s go ahead and
click that and hit B for brush let’s make it a bit bigger and let’s begin
coloring that in all right it’s almost done here we’re
just gonna fill in this armrest here below and then we may be able to do a
before and after let’s go ahead and zoom in to this armrest select the color here
we may have to change the color later on and then we have to do the ring and some
touch-ups so let’s just zoom in here select the mask and let’s make the brush
bigger now let’s begin to color this armrest kind of darker brown color all right let’s zoom out here this is
looking pretty good I like it and because there are some blotchy areas
that’s just from the original image some of the damage I mean we can clean that
up and I want to make this pant leg just a
little bit darker so what I’m going to do is rather than create a new solid
color I’m going to create a new layer bring this up to the top here and on
this layer I’m just gonna paint black so I’m going to switch back to black here
make the brush a little bit less hardness increase the size a bit say
about there let’s make opacity around 61 and then I can just paint black over
this area so it’s not as white and it looks more natural and so this is pretty
much done here I think I probably just want to add a bit more color to his skin
so I may click on that color and probably darken it up a bit actually
lighten it up a bit just to bring more color in let me bring it down that looks
a bit better though he doesn’t look so pale and so to pull up a side-by-side
here what it looked like before and after let me just pull this out you can
see here on the left the damage is there it’s Sepia tone and on the right it’s
coloured and restored so Thanks so much for watching you guys if this video
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much for watching and I’ll see you all very soon bye you


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