How to remove anything in the photo in photoshop With content aware

hello friends today I am discussing about the content aware technology in Photoshop tools simplifies retouching and removing of unwanted objects in the photo using the lasso tool select the unwanted
objects in the first image add the loak to edit in the top menu apply content aware choose content aware in the use menu and click OK apply content aware fill multiple times to the area or the part of the area open
approves result it takes time while processing choose another object that you don’t want to keep in your photo I am selecting a small part of the tree to move with the content aware fill same with another select the patch tool in the tool panel
found under the Spot Healing Brush tool in the option bar choose content aware
from the patch the select the destination patch and move the source
area and drag wow! great use another area with the same way destination to source drag and remove use the content aware move tool in this
image let the content aware move tool nested under the Spot Healing Brush in this option bar select move from the mode menu I am repositioning the hut to the left yes gentle selection just gentle selection over the hut at gentle complete the selection drag the hut to the left to see how it
blends with its new surroundings Looking great before after same here you can see I am moving in the left and increasing his size and so playing wih another object for this landscape image Tree objects select the content aware tool in the in the option bar select Extend from mode menu I am selecting the tree here I want to extend more trees Shift right increase size and add one more tree with the same blend Before and after before and after in this image select the Spot Healing
Brush into the tools panel in the option bar set mode to replace and type the
content aware click and drag to remove the first portion of wire then
repeat to remove the other end of the wire with the help of shift tool drag on first portion then use Shift key and and drag at the end of the portion before and after before and after

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