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hello everyone welcome to illphocorphics now today we’re starting another exiting Adobe Photoshop tutorial today I’m
gonna show you how can you put your text behind the subject and create awesome
blending composite in Photoshop so see till the end of this tutorial and learn
how can you create this awesome text composite in Photoshop and if
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tricks and tutorials for you so without any further or do let’s jump to our
Photoshop now we hear the magical water for the shop now I’m going to use this
image to show you how can you create this awesome composite to do that first
I would like to use her text and you can see this awesome tail image now go to
the tab tool take this one this is the type tool horizontal try to take this
one then click here- . type tool and you can use any kind of text as you like in
this case i would like to use smoke bomb and you can use any kind of text as you
like to and i would like to create another one has in my channels name it
i think to create this one you oh poor face now this is great the next thing it
does i would like to keep this one around here and something like this one
about that and i think this is great the next thing I would like to make this one
of the bigger then this is let’s call that type here you can find this
properties you can also just if you don’t find it here let’s go to the
windows and you can take this one that corrector it will fight you will find
that one the next thing I’m going to make this one is a little bigger around
200 something like that just 200 and I think this is good just bring back this
one and place it over over here and I think I’d like to make this one’s
a little bit downhill and this is great now we just put our text in the image
the next thing we need to really go composite this one we need to create an
effect so that is look it’s behind the subject to do that first angle you can
use the non-destructively but in this case i will really prefer you to use an
ngon this tact give way in my case I do let’s try to walk on this technique and
I always prefer you to walk non-destructively so do that just select
a layer and apply mask now we just apply the mask and the next thing we need to
take the brush and if you’re working in a mask you can use the brush to remove
or add this again now if you select the brush you can see this for ganar
background color in the same press D to come up the default then change it to
black because black remove color in the mask you can see is removing the color
let me show this big capacity and you can see it’s removing the color and if
you change it to white it will add that color so this is a very good advantage
of Port non-destructively and work on masks so others try to you I prefer you
to use on masks and often on this technically not still it the brush it’s
in the fog in color and then remove this first area this make this brush is a
little bit bigger and remove first first to remove this one whatever this area we
like to remove in this case this one you can see we can add it in later but just
first add remove this one so that you can see whatever the area will have to
remove and whatever the area we need to bring back and how about this one
and this is okay the next thing you need to bring back this area remove this one
we need to bring back and make the composite more realistic to do that and
just change the for Gonzalez to white make the brush is smaller and go closer
and then paint do the same thing just paint it over here you can see each back
again and do the same thing all over this one wash area now we just did our force text you can
see we just put it behind that the last the next thing we need to do the same
thing on the this layer this sticks now to that is let me show you something
tell you something for that you can adjust your brush size like that if you
press it all throughout front then right but on your mouse and you can lift and
if you try to lift it is smaller if you drag it to right it will make it bigger
so you can adjust this one and you can also adjust this for gainer background
color to room this one if I apply this one just select the layer this layer and
apply the mask it should show that this is the Forgan color is now white you can
press X to change this one then remove you can add this one to again and adjust
your opacity and flow you can do the same thing so do same thing as I do now we just create our blending takes
effect now the next thing we need to match this one with the background
because I choose my text in the smokey effect and you can see the smokey if you
would don’t overlay the smoke on this this takes it is not going to look
realistic so that’s why we need to blend this image with the smoke so that it’s
looked more realistic to do that first in this case I am going to work on this
check not going to work on this tablet of Lee and but I’m going to take a new
blank layer and put this one first I’m going to work on this first layer then
take the brush and this time go to this brush sitting if you’d find don’t find
it here just through the windows and you can see brush setting it will come up
that the brush setting the next thing we need to take a brush that is Smoky brush
if I go down I have already downloaded my smoke brush if you want this upward
you can check the link in the description I’ll put that so that you
can download this one now I will use a lots of brush in here to make this
effect to do that first I’m going to try try out some of this words work on for
my project now just make the brush a little bit bigger than this one and is I
think this is okay the next thing I will collect the sample from here now you can
see the color over here a black elder to change the color silly the color to
select the color you the brush is let me just piss alter option it will collect
this one to color sample color job then collect the sample over here now apply
this one over here now we can see is creating awesome this one a blending
effect with this one the background now adjust the brush size over here you can
see you can enter this one the angle over and tint angle over here now do the
same thing a little bit here and make this a bit bigger and I think how about
this one you can add this one as you like to add
but in this case I just happy and make this it’s a little bit smaller then just
match the background with this one and how about this one and take the sample
from here and there and do the same thing are all over
this area culling the sample and just paint it over here change the brush
whatever brush you set that perfect for your image and do the same thing now we can see we just create our text
blending effect you can see how it’s looking now if I see the before and
after one you can see this one this is the beef run and this is the after on we
create our text effect we just put our image in behind and we just match with
the background you can see we just it create some of the effect smokey so that
this looks more realistic so this is the way to create your text effect and put
your checks behind the subject and create this awesome blending append just
do the same thing what I did just take the brush and you can also use this
eraser to remove this area some of this area you might need to remove you can
use the eraser to remove this one and take the brush it’s not brush and create
this awesome effect do the same thing is step by step what I did in my industry
tools just watch and do the same thing on your own portrait you can use any
kind of image as you like but you don’t need to be used this is Smoky image if
you have a simple image you can do that just using brush and using masks you can
easily do that and you have a complicated portrait like that’s one
this is Smoky is a very complicated one and you
can do the same thing as I did so I hope you like it and just if you like it
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see you next tutorial till then bye and I was reporting guys I always say do
keep learning


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