How to Pose People Who Are NOT Models! 9 Photography Hacks!

It’s not about hiding what you have and not embracing it, it’s about just enjoying your photo moment Something bad is going on… (watch the entire video) Today hey guys, it’s Ally today. I’m here with Ann Le. One of my most frequently asked question for Ann is, how do you pose for pictures? And how do you feel comfortable and confident in your photos? Be sure to check out our collaboration on her video? I shared some of my favorite fashion hacks and tips and tricks on how to maximize a travel wardrobe Yes, I get asked a lot about like how I posed to look natural instead of super Posey. Yeah Well, I have a lot of insecurities, you know like I feel like my waistline is just not there and my legs look short and Sometimes my hair is so flat in terms of Maia securities. I’m a hairy girl Okay I Have to like go and shave my arms to make sure they weren’t dark I grew up with really hairy Arms, and people used to tease me all the time about it. But now I just like I don’t care It’s natural it’s how I look and I just let it be we all have insecurities Mia and we have a lot of Tips and tricks in this video that I think you guys will find very helpful. So without further ado, let’s jump into this video As you guys might know I’m only five two and three quarters So I’m considered a shorty and I used to really hate wearing flat shoes I felt like flat shoes just made my feet that are size 9 Even bigger and I just look really short and kind of scum feet in photos so I Really try to avoid this I’ve learned a few tips that I wanted to share with you on how to pose if your short and To make you look longer and leaner So it looks really good is to separate your feet and to put one foot in front of the other this really creates the illusion of longer legs and barista So I don’t feel comfortable showing like my Stomach mostly because I’m a mother and my body went through a lot I have some stretch marks here, and I have a little bit Skin, that gives me a little bit of a muffin top depending on what I wear so this part for me is always like a trouble area and I get a little shy when it comes to taking photos sometimes so I definitely learn Different angles when I turn my body at an angle it works better so let’s say I have like my shoulders twisted and My hips going the opposite direction That really helps accentuate your waistline a little bit more if you can see what I’m doing here And then you just kind of like what’s your ab muscles? Yeah at the same time not sucking it in might mean you suck it in It gives off like that people can tell so you just want to like work out at the same time you’re posing it’s like flex that adla so and then just twist your body around that’s a trick that I usually like to do is kind of Turn a little bit on the side and like, you know kind of play around with that angle. I Really love this rug and my arian feet look at how many rocks are in here 1 2 3 4 And I think there’s another one. Oh five six, oh I guess there’s only six right? I feel like potato because I’m so tiny and just like scrunch and looking not very confident So if you have your friend just stand up at a higher angle It actually creates a longer leaner look and if you cross your leg over like this, you can look even taller So you turn to the side to at a 45-degree angle it just looks so much better So I just ate I’m feeling like a blob and sometimes when you’re sitting down and you’re trying to take a good picture Some of that some of that squishiness can come out to play So there are a future tips that you can do when it comes to taking photo and hiding that Extra goodie So if you’re sitting on the side You can use your arms to cover the side of your waist and just use it as a support here Or here just play around with it, you know? And you also want to straighten your back too to give it that nice elongated look You don’t want to get in like this because it’s gonna look very unnatural you just want to strengthen that how’s this Mmm, no Yeah, I like the pose in the front cover the mermaid That’s the great thing about Instagram is that you can practice as much as you want Take a whole bunch of yours in the comfort of your own home, you know Have a friend help you out because no one’s there to judge you Yeah, like if you have just your camera and a tripod you can take all these photos by yourself and practice with whatever you have It looks like I’m in some really exotic place Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s like I don’t look – Posie. I’m comfortable Hello welcome to Ali’s cooking show I feel like a 1950s housewife Cutting through just bought these fruits from the market this morning, you know, it’s summertime. I’m Show off good produce because I love eating healthy Leave the greenery on just eat the cut one side wash And you know these are organics Great what do you think? It matches your outfit perfectly. Yeah, thank you. That looks so pretty. Oh My god they’re chase so something that Ali and I like to do is we’d like to go out to cute little cafes whenever she’s in town and You know, we would order some Acutes mastic this right now it’s snack time and she put out this beautiful display right here you know, we tried to make it into a moment and take a lovely photo while at it and something I want to share with you today is how to position your arm because many of us, you know, sometimes we’re just like in the moment we forget and The arm can look twice the size on camera And now it’s my turn to try and tips because I always tend to kind of Leave my arms really close to my body and I just feel like it’s a more Protective pose I think if I just angled my arm out a little bit like this am I doing it, right? Yeah You got it. Is that looks good? So another one of my insecurities are my eyes So I feel that I always have really small looking eyes when it comes to being photographed And that insecurity really just comes from this photographer. I met in Hawaii where he photoshopped my eyes bigger. What? Yeah It was just really awkward because he kept telling me open your eyes like look straight up. I’m really trying my god I look – and I’m Asian like yeah, I’m sorry. My eyes are naturally small, but you know, I screw him Yeah, I love my eyes. I think they’re just part of who I am and I think there are different ways that you can Pose in a picture to make your eyes look bigger Yeah, I mean definitely work with what you have at the same time You know when you’re out you can squint and this can happen to anybody. It just makes your expression looks a little bit off So wherever you can keep it more natural as possible then Go for that, right? All right, Ally embrace what you have How you doing? Sometimes what I want to make my eyes look bigger I like to look up like look and towards the Sun so that the light hits my pupils Look super cute. I Like to rest my hand on my cheek. I think it looks really cute, too Enjoying a strawberry. Sometimes I even like to cover an eye That’s how I like to pose to make my eyes Okay, another tip is Like using a big flower like this. I think it’s really fun switch out the clip if you like put in your hair That’s a nice like tropical feel No, you’re on vacation back in Hawaii Yes this time embracing it. So Ali. I don’t know if you have this problem, but with me and Indication culture they look down on a prominent jawline. And so that was something an insecurity I had growing up, you know Whenever I take photos my jawline looks a lot more prominent and I felt more on the masculine side and I’ll get criticized for that or people laugh at me because they think that it’s less feminine So when I take photos, you know sometimes if I feel like it’s to enhance Then I would just use my hands to do this like just to cover a little part of my chin Yeah yeah, and that gives more of like the look that’s why you know, it is like a Lot of Asian cultures and they take photos and they do that kind of enough because it’s looked down upon for a more prominent Jawline, you know sometimes when you look at stuff that you don’t like and you look at something that reminds you of an insecurity Mm-hmm, it can really play a toll on you and it can remind you of something negative So it’s not about hiding what you have and not embracing it It’s about just enjoying your photo moment your photo taking moment So when you look at your photo, you can enjoy what you love about yourself. That’s so true I think so much of us focus on the parts that we hate Yeah, we don’t think about oh what we love. Mm-hmm and there are certain things that you can do just start weeks You know, it’s not like you’re cutting off a chunk of you in Photoshop or anything like that These are just little tweaks to do for fun So another arm trick that you can use when you’re standing sometimes when we are out, you know We’re in the moment taking photos. We do this, you know, we’re holding something holding somebody hugging somebody and our arms are squish against our body which kind of like emphasize it a little bit more because you know, You’re pushing all that GoodI between your body I mean on your body a trick that you can use to make it leaner is just to tuck it behind your body so Next to someone use them and put your arm behind them What models do is they kind of like push their shoulder out a little bit to do this and it just looks like it’s like a nice whole arm I Hope you guys enjoy today’s video. Thank you so much to Ann for sharing all of her amazing body-positive tips And you want to see more of her be sure to check out our collaboration on her video I shared some of my favorite fashion hacks tips and tricks on how to maximize a travel wardrobe. Yes so We’re gonna share with you different ways on how you can wear what you have when you’re traveling and different ways on how you can maximize these items and I hope you guys are left with this feeling of positivity and Self-love because at the end of the day you only have your own body and why not just love yourself even more Yes, take these tips as it is don’t just think that these are to hide what you have embrace what you have but also You know focus on what you have to be grateful for and not everyone is a model I think the in definitely not me. Yeah like on a model in any sense, but you know apps like Instagram and YouTube are great platforms to share yourself and You know The more you share yourself the more you become more comfortable with the way you look. Yes and the more You know about yourself – and what you like? Calm down below and let me know what other videos you want to see from us And be sure to give this video a big thumbs up subscribe if you’re new, and we will see you next time Something bad is going on The fashion police are coming I’m hungry Ended up ordering myself some salmon po ke from my favorite place, which is sweet fins You know, you just like sit like this ouch Already sit like this nice louse. You can see some of that good eat Flattering, right I’m such a weirdo and I picked a flower so I can have a romantic lunch with Nope this isn’t non-alcoholic shoot perfect horse juice. Hmm. They’re coming for you now


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