How To Photograph Food | Quick Tips in 5 mins

What’s up beautiful people? It’s
your homegirl, Ms. Shameless, all up in your building
with another TECH TALK. And in this video I
break it down with you on how to photograph food. Oh so yummy,
beautiful, glorious food. ♪ ♪ This video is
sponsored by Thrive Market, which is one of the
largest online retailers for non-GMO organic options. And they make healthy
eating easy and affordable. And you can get
everything from chips. I’m going to use
this in the video. Coconut chips,
vanilla granola, all of it. It comes packaged
in recycled packaging, and they have everything
from food to household items to pet supplies to
cleaning supplies, all of that. So if you’re looking
to save money, time, you don’t want to use gas,
you want to deal with parking, you know lug your
groceries all up the stairs. That’s right, check it out. Without further ado,
let’s get into these tips now. How to photograph food? The first step is all
about styling and props. Textures like this
home accessory are perfect. Fabrics – which can bring layers
and personality to your photos. Even a chopping board. I also love textured backdrops, like this that I made
from a black foam board that I got from
the $.99 cents store, chalk and a good rubdown. And this technique
looks great in photos. Also, there’s your
traditional backdrop paper. You can get this at
your local pro camera store and there are tons of
colors to choose from, as well as tapestry. For flat lays I do
recommend getting these tiles that you can buy at
your home hardware store. It’s a good trick for
faking a marble table especially if you
don’t want to dirty yours up with nuts and fruits, which are also perfect garnishes which add a stylized
element to your shop. I also do suggest
using smaller plates, that way your food
fills up the space easily. It’s all about
fiddling and having fun. So keep doing that
until you get that shot. Get that lighting right, boo.
Get her right. I like to use natural lighting. So I have my table
right next to the window. And I actually have a curtain which is acting as a
natural diffuser for my shot. Now the point of this is to
make the shadows less harsh. So by diffusing the light
it makes it nice and soft, and it gives the
image more range especially in post
when you’re trying to edit. But, again, depending on
what you’re trying to get you can go over that bam shadow. Which I’m doing here for a more
dramatic evening dinner shot. That I achieved
with an LED light, and I’m using an umbrella to soften the
already harsh shadows. I got this from a home
hardware store for $10 dollars, info in the info box below. There’s no right or
wrong, it’s just what you want. What are her angles? Get low to get the shot,
especially for drinks, if you’re pouring milk
into a coffee, that’s cute. Overhead shots.
I am using a C stand, and I use a camera
bracket on my C stand, and that’s how I
get the overhead shot. This is just the way I
achieve it, there are others. Now, if you don’t
want to spend money you don’t need any of this. What you do need is a
tripod. Get you a tripod. You don’t need a C stand,
you don’t need a lateral arm, you can get a
lower back problem. If you do too much stress trying to get that
shot with your back. If you act as the tripod. You don’t have to
do all that work. Get your tripod out, make
your tripod work for you, okay, that’s why you bought it. I highly recommend a remote. So you don’t have
to shake the camera once the camera is on a tripod. Foam board, yes, get
you some foam board. Foam board is great,
it’s a natural bounce, you can bounce light off of it,
you can fill-in shadows. Now this foam board I got from
the $.99 cents store, perfect. And, finally, if you’re using your iPhone
to capture food photography, which you absolutely can, use the AE lock, which
stands for auto exposure. Press and hold, and drag
the slider either up or down. Boos, I hope you
found that video helpful. If you did, make
sure you thumbs-up, also, turn your notifications on so you know when I
upload a new video. And, again, thank
you Thrive Market. For those of you that are
looking to save money, time, you want to eat healthy, you might not have those
options at your grocery store, get you on Thrive. There’s a link in my
info box to save you 25% off, and they already have 25
to 50% off retail prices. Thank you again for watching. Turn your notifications on, so you know when I
upload a new video, and if you do take photos tag
me on Instagram @mayasworld, and use the hash tag
#mayatechtalk, okay. Until next time, remember to do
you, be you, and stay true, boo. Be shameless. ♪ ♪


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